• May 22, 2024

Top 10 best biomes for survival in Minecraft

If you are not afraid to take on a new challenge to prove your skills, then you will definitely like this rating.

Survival in Minecraft is not the most difficult thing that a gamer can face. However, for a more comfortable game, it’s best to research in advance which biomes are good for a given mode.

10 best biomes for survival in Minecraft

Over the past few years, Mojang has released several major patches that add a large number of interesting locations to the game’s world. Some of them will be player-friendly (taiga, flower forest), so the early stages of development will seem like an easy walk. Others (ocean, desert) are the most unfavorable for the game, and survival in them is like a hard marathon.

10 – Swamp


Many Minecraft players will say that this biome is the ugliest of them all. The color of the water and the grass is a real disgust, so it is unlikely that most people will want to camp here. However, you should not make hasty conclusions about the swamp, because it literally teeming with tons of useful resources:

  • wood for construction;
  • stewing mushrooms;
  • sugar cane, etc.

In addition, the swamps will breed a huge amount of mucus during the full moon. So for a novice player, the biome can be of great help in survival, especially if the gamer does not have a lot of experience playing Minecraft.

9 – Bamboo jungle

Bamboo jungle

One of the most unique classic biomes that many players love and know well. Main advantage jungle is that they are quite easy to cleanpreparing a place for a house. In addition, the location boasts a pleasant green landscape that perfectly matches the spirit of the survival mode. If the player plans to build a bamboo farm, then he will definitely not have problems with resources in this place.

Bamboo is also a valuable fuel that cannot be grown in survival mode with seedlings.

However, in the jungle, you should be on your guard all the time, since it will be rather difficult to notice the approach of monsters due to the dense vegetation.

8 – Twisted Forest

Twisted forest

After the release of patch 1.16, players have the opportunity to open unique biomes. One of them is the twisted forest – a beautiful and truly cool place in the underworld that’s perfect for Survival mode. In addition to the fact that a lot of wood for construction will be found in the location, sometimes there are also Endermen (however, they do not breed here). Also, the presence of a large number of mushrooms will scare away any Hoglinov… If desired, the player can even create his own food farm with funny cattle – the possibilities are almost endless.

Most importantly, do not sleep in bed.

7 – Birch forest

Birch forest

One of the most common and friendly biomes for beginner players… The location is a huge green field dotted with white birches. Trees are a useful resource, and they also don’t make it difficult to spot dangerous zombies like vines do. Although still seeing the skeleton on a white background can be problematic.

In general, such a simple biome, which does not have pronounced advantages, but also does not have significant disadvantages.

6 – Dark Forest

Dark forest

This location is home to a huge number of dark oak trees with dense foliage, which creates a large number of shadows in the forest. This can make it very difficult for the player to navigate the terrain, as well as spot dangerous mobs.

However, the fact that oak trees are so tall makes it possible to build houses right in the air.

There are also many mushrooms that serve as a food source. Moreover, this the only biome in which you can find the totem of immortality… In general, for lovers of forest mansions – the most it!

5 – Savannah


Savannah is a vast plain with sparse uplands and a small amount of acacia. In such natural conditions, it will be very easy for the player to spot hostile monsters, since they are almost always in the sun. But the most important advantage of the savanna is that llamas, horses, sheep and cows spawn here. Players often form caravans here for trading purposes, as well as build farms that can be seen from afar.

The biome’s only drawback is the acacia tree with its branches spreading to the sides.

4 – Jungle


The jungle is a real paradise for the player who prefers survival mode. There is not only a large number of incredible rare resources, inaccessible in other locations, but also a large number edible berries and fruits (grapes, melons) that can be grown in automated farms. True, lianas can be difficult to spotalthough the parrot-shaped “detection system” makes life a little easier.

The main source of the jungle’s wealth is the ancient pyramids with lots of traps and puzzles.

3 – Plains


Do you want to start your own farm and start raising livestock? Then the plains will be the best biome for you. Due to the fact that the location is vast fields, defending a settlement from monsters becomes a trivial task

All evil spirits will burn in the sun with the arrival of the morning, because there is practically no shadow here.

Well, for traveling across a large territory, the developers have added donkeys that can also transport your items. Sweet lovers will be able to master the profession of a beekeeper by building several hives. The only drawback of the location is the meager amount of resources (especially wood) for construction.

2 – Snowy taiga

Snowy taiga

Snow biomes can be quite hostile to survive, especially early in the game. However, if you come here a little later, then a lot of advantages will open up to the player. For example, you can collect snow to build your own snow castle, or just play snowballs with your friends.

Also, here you will find many useful resources for construction, and animal lovers will be able to tame wolves.

Occasionally in a location you can stumble upon igloo – small structures made of snow, which will serve as an excellent home for the initial stages of the game. Well, having settled a little in the snowy taiga, you can build a wheat or pumpkin farm and even create several snow golems.

However, if you decide to settle here, be prepared for the fact that water in blocks will often freeze, and torchesgo out

1 – Mushroom fields

Mushroom fields

One of the rarest and probably the most suitable biome for survival mode. In addition to a large number of villages and giant mushrooms, there are also unique animals called Mushrumami – a kind of cows, when milking which you can get mushroom soup

However, the main advantage of the location is its safety. Yes, there are no hostile monsters here at all – neither above the ground nor below it.

The only disadvantage of the biome is the lack of trees… However, after all, no one forbids planting several seedlings in order to then create your own tree farm. However, the mushroom fields have yet to be discovered, which is not so easy.

And these are just the biomes that are best suited for survival mode. It also includes a flower forest, wooded mountains, taiga with giant trees, or ordinary taiga. However, surviving in these places is not so much fun as they hardly provide the player with a challenge. However, if you do not like to strain too much, then you can try.

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