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Top 10 best bosses in Dark Souls

Boss fights are an integral part of the game. It is they who are remembered by the players most of all, causing fierce controversy and long gaming discussions.

Dark Souls - 3 bosses featured in the game

Dark Souls has a huge boss file. Most of the quests end with a meeting with them. Defeating these opponents requires some preparation, as it will not be enough just to use your own skills – sometimes you have to use tricks. It is also necessary to resort to the properties of your own items as often as possible in order to more effectively fight enemies.

The selection below introduces you to the best bosses in Dark Souls. The list is compiled not only by the strength of opponents, but also by the combat mechanics, beauty and design of animated enemies.

Demon of Refuge

Clumsy Sanctuary Demon

The very first boss in the game. Serves as a kind of start for beginners in the world of Dark Souls. Experienced players can defeat him even with a broken sword, but this will take patience and time. You can still jump off the ledge and damage the boss up to 30% his health. So it’s very easy to defeat him.

In appearance Demon of Refuge is a massive, sometimes thorny creature. The boss is clumsy enough in combat. The character should not be afraid of the size of this opponent, as other demons will be much larger in the future.

Priscilla Half-Blood

Warlike Priscilla Half-Blood

Half-dragon. There are two ways to get to the boss, but the most popular way is to kill the undead dragon. Priscilla deals damage mainly with blows and blizzards. Also she will constantly become invisible, which will give the fight significant difficulties. However, combat can be avoided, since the Half-Blood provides the player with the opportunity to leave without violence. However, for the further passage of Dark Souls have to take a fight

There are many theories about the appearance of the Half-Blood Priscilla. Someone thinks that she herself decided to stay in the Painted World. This is confirmed by her ability to easily leave her location. Priscilla is also considered the result of the experiment of the Naked Sith, who was looking for a way to gain immortality. She looks like a ghost, similar to a humanoid dragon.

Black Dragon Calamite

Powerful Calamite

Calamite appears several times in the game. Truth, for a full-fledged battle to take place, a number of conditions must be met. We’ll have to ask Goh for help. This merchant, nicknamed Hawkeye, can knock out a dragon. Then Calamit will not be able to fly and will be forced to accept the battle.

The boss first encounters in the Royal Forest when the player passes the second bridge.

True, you should not relax. Calamite is a large and intimidating black dragon, has many attacks in its arsenal. Also, the boss is completely resistant to damage from magic and, in particular, from fire. Therefore, fighting him is not easy.

Artorias the Voidwalker

Former warrior of light, plunged headlong into the Abyss

The protagonist of the DLC “Artorias of the Abyss”. The boss has a tragic story. His task was to protect the village of Olachil from evil spirits. However, he did not cope with his mission, so the Abyss swallowed him. The only thing: Artorias managed to save his comrade – Seth’s wolf. So do not be surprised that the knight appears before the player in dark armor charged with darkness.

Quite a difficult boss, although it mainly fights right hand only… To complete it, you will need to have many skills, as well as be good at owning your own equipment. Artorias is an excellent swordsman. He possesses poisonous attacks, moves quickly.

Naked Sith

Naked Sith - an outcast and a traitor, a lover of experiments

A traitor of his own kind. Exactly many dragons died because of him, once a large race. One of the most evil figures in Dark Souls. All the hatred of the Naked Sith lies in his defect: he was born without scales. Therefore, the dragon felt inferior, plus, moreover, he had to die due to illness. It is from the defect that the name of this boss comes from.

The naked Sith conducted many experiments on other creatures. From his research, magic was created. The boss himself is a dragon without scales, with obvious traces of genetic modifications. Therefore, he has such an original appearance when compared with other representatives of his “winged”Kind.

Quileg Chaos Witch

Quileg Chaos Witch

A terrible creature (there is no other name) that lives in the southern part of Plague City. She was once an ordinary daughter of a witch, but she received a terrible mutation from her mother. Lower body of Quileg turned into a huge spider… This creature with 8 legs has become an integral companion of this witch, because they are completely connected by common organs and tissues. Therefore, it is unlikely that anyone would want to meet Quileg, even though attractive upper body

The witch has several types of attacks. You should be wary of the spider, as it can spit lava. By the way, he does it in all directions. The witch herself deals damage with her sword. Therefore, attacks should be planned wisely. Also, when fighting Quileg, it is recommended use fire resistant equipment.

Wide Dragon

The Ugliest Boss - Spreading Dragon

A very disgusting boss. Is a voracious dragon that due to his sinful habit, he has grown a whole giant mouth instead of a stomach… In terms of appearance design, perhaps the most ingenious creature in the game.

An ugly and clumsy dragon. Attacks the player lazily. Sometimes shakes in convulsions for a couple of seconds, after which burps… Due to its own obesity problems, it has weak hind legs. Like other dragons, he vulnerable to lightning attacks. Also, do not forget about the possibility of chopping off his tail.

Gwyn the Lord of Ash

Gwynne is the final boss of the game

Lord of the Light, father of at least four children. Many characters in the game justify his actions with exclusively noble intentions. Gwynne and his family are Gods by origin. Therefore he hates undead and dragonsthat he defeated many years ago.

The meeting with this boss takes place in the final part of the game. The main character is waiting for the full story of the life of Gwin, where you can find out many details about the Dark Souls universe.

Four Kings

Four Kings

The desire for absolute strength was the reason for their falling into the Abyss. She ended up absorbing the Four Kings. Therefore, if before they served Gwin, now these lost souls belong to the dark forces… It is difficult to deal with this boss, because he represents several creatures at once.

The texture of the Four Kings is well rendered. During the battle, the boss also looks very aesthetically pleasing.

Ornstein the Dragonslayer and Executioner Smaug

The professional assassin in the world of Dark Souls

The player will face a really tough battle against them, because uhthen not one boss, but two at once. Smaug is a slow and large character, but has tremendous strength. Ornstein is a big fan of fast attacks. Therefore, it is necessary to understand that you will have to fight against two opponents that complement each other well.

Among the gaming community, Ornstein and Smaug are considered to be the most powerful bosses in the game.

But there is an interesting moment in the battle itself. If Smaug dies first, then his comrade will grieve, and then he will try to revive his friend. But the Executioner himself completely different character… If Ornstein suddenly dies, then Smaug will happily devour the body of a combat companionafter hitting it with a hammer. So this very funny mechanic adds a little twist that reveals the true face of these bosses.

To better understand the essence of some bosses, we recommend reading about the TOP-10 secrets of Dark Souls. This will help you immerse yourself in the game universe and fill your passage with new colors.

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