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TOP 10 best escape rooms in Skyrim

The sixth part of the series The Elder Scrolls officially announced, but the release date is still unknown. And while the world eagerly awaits new adventures, fans have chosen 10 missionsthat simply cannot be missed in Skyrim

The selection can be considered experimental, because quests are issued by NPCs and are added to the diary even after reading books (like “War for Eteria”). Purposes also differ: battles, treasure hunt, detective investigations. There are hardly those who do not have even the slightest desire to return to a familiar universe, and not to follow the familiar path, but still unknown paths.

“Crazy Mind”

The quest is issued a homeless Bosmer named Dorvenin in Solitude. After an unpretentious plot sketch, an entry about the quest “Mad Mind” will appear in the diary, and at the same time a couple of notes immediately hinting at a quick meeting with famous Sheogorath from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. As before, the Daedric Prince of Madness is in no hurry to rid the world of absurdity, but on the contrary – immediately turns everything around upside down and literally makes him become a part of a unique creative production. The madness will last from 20 to 40 minutes. At the end, a bonus is put – the Wabbajack staff, which releases random spells and imposes unpredictable effects, including on the owner of such a valuable artifact.

“Blood in the Snow”

A detective investigation woven into a secondary storyline in Skyrim. Quest issued automatically in Windhelmif the main character is walking near the cemetery from 19:00 to 07:00 local time… Become an investigator at the request of the guard, who once again collided with the body of a young girl.

The passage of the quest Blood in the Snow is mainly focused on finding and collecting evidence, communicating with the characters. Despite the usual scenario for the genre, the mechanics of Skyrim turn events into an almost Hollywood movie with an unexpected ending and interesting rewards, such as “Amulet of the Necromancer.”

“Unforgettable night”

An unforgettable night Skyrim

Almost verbatim a reference to the “Hangover in Vegas” movie seriesbut with decorations in the style of The Elder Scrolls. An unforgettable night begins the moment the main character reaches level 14 and by chance gets to any nearby tavern (the city is not important). But chatting with regulars or the local bartender will not work – the rest in the tavern will be unexpectedly interrupted by a cheerful magician Sam Geven, who, with a braiding tongue, will offer to hold an alcoholic marathon and compete. Dovahkiin did not have to drink at the speed and quantity before, and therefore after the third mug the world will begin to blur, and the earth will leave from under his feet.

After a crazy night in a tavern, the hero will piecemeal to restore the details of the events that took place and search for Sam… The whole quest is accompanied by humor unusual for the TES series and immediately turns into a unique and certainly unforgettable adventure.

“The Awakening of the Wolf Queen”

Atmospheric a reference to the third part of the series, The Elder Scrolls Morrowind. The scenario of the quest is simple: a messenger for the protagonist gives out a letter from Folk Firebeardrepresenting the Solitude faction. He asks for a meeting in the palace and hints at the need to re-engage in business and once again protect the world from the misfortunes around. After a short dialogue, the goal appears – to defeat the “Wolf Queen”.

You have to cope with the goal in a dungeon filled with traps and unexpected obstacles. But it’s not even the battles that are impressive anymore, but the ending of the whole storyrelated to the character so famous for the TES series.

“Lost in the Ages”

Skyrim Lost for Ages

The ruins of Arkntamz haunted many adventurers who risked their lives in search of valuable treasures. But after the collapse, which occurred deep underground, the daredevils became noticeably fewer. Dragonborn is among those who are knee-deep in the sea, and therefore he fearlessly makes his way through the Ruins and meets with Katria, a ghost girl who did not survive the crash. The heroine shares clues related to solving the puzzle discovered in Arcntazm. How to proceed further depends on the chosen strategy and the desired result, but skipping the task is not recommended, if only because of the atmosphere: underground attractions are too ingeniously designed.

Issued after the quest and ethereum reward of your choice: a crown is provided (it will be possible to immediately activate several guardian stones), a staff (randomly summoning a spider or a Dwemer sphere) or a shield (dematerializes opponents for 15 seconds, useful in massive battles).

“Beyond Death”

Main storyline quest from factions Clan Volkihar and the Guardians of the Dawnintroduced in the official expansion pack The Elder Scroll V: Dawnguard. Events unfold in Karine Showerwhere souls, summoned and attached to artifacts and stones, wander without disappearing.

The peculiarity of the quest is directly related to the atmosphere: the other world inlooks really creepy – filled with strange music, inexplicable decorations and frightening opponents protecting those who have been devoured long ago. Such an unusual excursion will definitely be remembered the next time you play Skyrim.

“Beyond the Ordinary”

Skyrim Beyond the Ordinary

The quest “Beyond the Ordinary” presents a new location – “Black Limit“, Which is an underworld with huge shining mushrooms and empty Dwemer cities. Formally, “Black Limit” occurs during the plot narration, but for those who are not up to the main story, fans recommend immediately look into the cave near the College of Winterhold, where Septimius Segonia is hiding – a mad magician who dreams of exploring an ancient Dwemer artifact, supposedly hiding the heart of a god inside.

“House of Horror”

Another quest of the Daedric Prince, issued by after reaching level 10… The plot sketch is unpretentious: they say, in the town of Mararath, Stendarr’s sentinels found a strange house overgrown with cobwebs and long lost its owners. Turan, one of the sentinels, invites the protagonist to follow the house and find out if Daedra worshipers are hiding inside. The task is immediately transferred to the diary, and the players have chance to choose a side – whether to tell the whole truth to local residents, or stay on the side of the “evil”. Among the curious features of the quest is the stunning detailing of the interior of the house – even if horror is not enough, but the atmosphere is impressive right away.

“Call of the Moon”

Call of the Moon Skyrim

And again to the Prince of Daedra, but this time from Mararath to Falkreath. In addition to the change of location, there will be changes in the narrative – the hero, even on his first visit to the city, will meet the funeral procession and the cry of parents who have lost a child. If you pass by, then the hero will not get the “Call of the Moon” quest, which is mainly concentrated around a detective investigation and search for a lycanthrope who transforms into a monster after dark.

As in the case of the “House of Horrors” moral choice. And “Call of the Moon” will make you feel like a werewolf who has lost control of his body. And here’s how – the story ahead will tell!

Barenziah Stones

Header image.  Top 10 escape rooms

Stone of Barenziah – a quest item in Skyrim that previously adorned the crown of Barenziah, but then got lost and scattered throughout Skyrim. The complete set is made up of 24 stones, devoid of strength separately, but capable of giving power to the one who collects the entire collection at once. Before the hero receives the quest “Look behind every stone”, the purpose of the “shiny things” already found will remain unknown.

Why collect Barenziah stones? Purely for personal satisfaction and opportunity brag to your friends. It will take too long to deal with all the searches, and sometimes turn to third-party sources for help.

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