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TOP 10 best films of the 21st century, undeservedly left without an Oscar

Every year, millions of viewers around the world with bated breath await the next award ceremony “Oscar”… Alas, not always a good film can count on a coveted statuette, because there are many criteria by which experts meticulously evaluate a picture.

Best films without an Oscar

Any mistake and tape is immediately out of the game. Shooting Oscar-winning films is a real talent that not everyone has, even cult directors. It happens that a film is shortlisted, but high competition does not allow it to get the coveted Oscar. Often, viewers’ preferences run counter to the verdict of experts.

Today we are talking about the best films of the XXI century, which at a different time and under different circumstances could become the main film of the year. And although the jury left them overboard for various reasons, we do not get tired of reviewing our favorite tapes.

Gangs of new york

Gangs of new york

Director: Martin Scorsese

Genre: Drama

Year of issue: 2002

As is known, Martin Scorsese – a true master of creating a cult cinema. His films are often underestimated and “Gangs of New York” – not an exception. Leonardo DiCaprio, Daniel Day-Lewis, Cameron Diaz could bring the tape an unconditional victory, but the picture gave way in all 10 nominationsin which it was presented.

It’s all the fault of the tape “Chicago”, which did not cause frank delight among the audience. Even the drama “Pianist” looked much more profitable, but the film academics had a different opinion.

Gangs of New York is a movie about the birth of one of the largest cities in the world. Cruel thugs and lawlessness are the companions of that era. Once a local bandit Bill the Butcher (Day-Lewis) killed his father during another showdown Amsterdam (DiCaprio) and now the young guy is obsessed with revenge. But is it worth stirring up the past?

Pan’s Labyrinth

Pan's Labyrinth

Director: Guillermo del Toro

Genre: Fantasy

Year of issue: 2006

An unusually dark tale from Guillermo del Toro made a splash among the audience and today is considered a classic in its genre. The tape was awarded immediately 3 figurinesbut was not even nominated for Best Picture due to its Spanish origin.

Yes and fight with By the apostates – more massive cinema, it would be very difficult, but we got an excellent sample military fantasy, leaving the viewer room for a free interpretation of events.

Ophelia becomes a hostage of the situation – her mother is forced to become the wife of a cruel military man, whom her stepdaughter only annoys. Everything changes when a girl meets Faun and learns about his true origin. To become the princess of a fairy-tale country again, she will have to go through many difficult trials, and the viewer will have to understand where is reality in this story, and where is only children’s fantasies.



Director: Paul Thomas Anderson

Genre: Drama

Year of issue: 2007

Ingenious game Daniel Day-Lewis – not a single share. The actor is very rarely filmed, but each of his roles is a masterpiece. And though “Oil” lost in the fight for the main prize to the picture “No Country for Old Men”Lewis took his Best Actor Statuette and rightfully so.

The film tells us about the tragedy of a simple guy who managed to make a fortune by taking up oil production. Alas, wealth and recognition are not a guarantee of a happy life. The picture is a story about the confrontation between a person and society, which does not like very much when someone stands out from the gray mass.



Director: James Cameron

Genre fiction

Year of issue: 2009

Today it is difficult to imagine that once “Avatar” lost to the film “The Lords of the Storm”, which only a few remember now. However, an immortal creation Cameron at first it was perceived by experts with a fair amount of skepticism. The picture received 3 Oscars in technical nominations and was limited only to this achievement.

Jake Sully – an experienced military man, but now he is confined to a wheelchair. The guy has a unique opportunity to regain control over his body, albeit in the form of an indigenous inhabitant of a distant planet, for which mankind has its own plans.

“Avatar” immediately became the standard of the genre, the picture turned out to be really breakthrough, but it could not reach the title of “best film”.

Django unchained

Django unchained

Director: Quentin Tarantino

Genre: Western

Year of issue: 2012

Many say that Western film today is not a very relevant genre. But such films continue to appear periodically and lead the audience into indescribable delight. Django Unchained – another example of a western, which turned out to be a very self-sufficient and fascinating picture. Battle for the title of “best film” creation Tarantino did not participate, but managed to win two statuettes in other nominations. Winner of that year, painting “Operation Argo”, will never surpass Django in the eyes of most viewers, so the Oscar has clearly confused its owner.

The life of a black slave is quite fragile and can end in any ditch at the behest of the master. However, Django was lucky – he was freed by an eccentric bounty hunter and made his assistant.

Do not forget that this film was created by Tarantino, which means that the branded mess is available. DiCaprio and Samuel L. Jackson play secondary roles, but give the picture a special gloss.



Director: Christopher Nolan

Genre: sci-fi, drama

Year of issue: 2014

Interstellar was so well received by the public that many would have given the Oscar to this fantastic drama… However, at one time, critics were quite tough in relation to the picture and awarded her a prize only for special effects. The tape did not even apply for a statuette for “best film”, but won Birdman – intellectual, but not understandable to every movie.

The essence of the film is simple: gradually our planet becomes uninhabitable and brave astronauts will have to find a new home for humanity.

The picture, despite its simplicity, turned out to be quite large-scale and interesting for the viewer. The tape is characterized by a high level of emotionality and makes you really worry about the characters. Perhaps Nolan went too far on this component, because making the viewer feel sorry for almost three hours is cheap and a little immoral, considering that we are dealing with space adventures.



Director: Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu

Genre: Western

Year of issue: 2015

Every movie lover remembers the story of how DiCaprio could not get an Oscar in any way. And so the American Academy handed Leonardo the long-awaited statuette for not the best role in his career. This caused a wave of bewilderment, but the film itself The Survivor turned out to be a pleasant surprise for western fans.

Hugh Glass was left by his comrades in a deplorable state and practically doomed to death. The viewer will see how an experienced hunter will try to survive in terrible climatic conditions, as well as surrounded by enemies.

The tough, sometimes shocking movie was definitely remembered by the viewer. In 2016, a lot of good films were released: Mad Max: Fury Road, “Martian”, and “Oscar” received a picture “In the spotlight”… However, it is the “Survivor” that remains the top band for many.

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Director: Martin McDonagh

Genre: Drama

Year of issue: 2017

News that the painting “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” lost the main “Oscar” to the tape “The shape of water” became an unpleasant surprise for connoisseurs of cinema. It would seem, Martin McDonagh created a picture ideally suited to the format of the competition, fitting there, tragedy, humor, well-developed characters of the characters and even the “city dwarf”, but the rate did not work.

Francis McDormand and Sam Rockwell received a well-deserved statuette, and the film itself flew past the awards.

The plot of the film revolves around an inconsolable mother, whose daughter died at the hands of a maniac. The woman decides on a desperate act and tries to shame the police through the use of outdoor advertising. This step launches a chain of events that will change the life of every character in the tape.

Rabbit Jojo

Rabbit Jojo

Director: Taika Waititi

Genre: Drama, Comedy

Year of issue: 2019

Many consider this tape provocative for well-known reasons. Taika Waititi touched upon a topic that is not customary to joke about, but did it as carefully as possible. “Jojo Rabbit” did not claim the title of “Best Film”, but received an Oscar for the adapted script.

Small Johannes sympathizes with the German National Socialists and considers the current state system to be the only worthy option. However, his mother is a broader-minded woman who hides a Jewish girl in the attic. Now Johannes will have to reconsider his attitude to what is happening and determine for himself which course to move on.

The film touches upon issues of tolerance, freedom and equality that are very important for the modern world. And although through the prism of children’s imagination, even tragic events sometimes seem to be just a harmless game, we are asked to think about really serious things.



Director: Todd Phillips

Genre: Thriller, Drama

Year of issue: 2019

One can perfectly understand the indignation of fans of the Joker performed Heath Ledgerwho would not like to see other versions of their favorite hero. but Tod Phillips achieved the impossible – made a movie based on comics for a wide audience. Joaquin Phoenix brilliantly played the main villain of the DC universe, making him as human and understandable as possible to a mere mortal. Now the Joker is not just a bad guy, but a character with a difficult fate, who is easy to understand and difficult not to fall in love with.

Arthur suffers from mental illness and society is not very friendly towards him. The guy tries to find himself, but only faces injustice and misunderstanding. Patience of any person comes to an end, and even a sensual loser can turn into a cold-blooded Joker.

Revealing a character that is well known to the public from a new perspective is always a challenge, since comparisons cannot be avoided. However, Phoenix managed to win the audience’s sympathy, and he deservedly received an Oscar. The film itself gave way “Parasites”, but left an indelible mark on the hearts of the audience.

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