• December 1, 2023

TOP 10 best Minecraft servers

If you have long wanted to experience co-op in this cubic world, then our selection is made for you. Here you will find the most unusual and interesting places to get together in Minecraft and have a pleasant while away a couple of evenings.

Minecraft best servers

Minecraft server always attract fans to go on adventures together, explore mines together or just have fun with friends. And this is natural, because the cubic sandbox offers tremendous opportunities for creative individuals. Anyone can create a Minecraft server on their own. However, it is much more fun to play on existing ones, where there are various plugins and their own community of players.

Administrators set their own rules and modifications. Some even write their own plugins for their projects. The version of the game itself may also vary. IN Minecraft best servers are presented below. Each of them has its own characteristics. Somewhere there is private and donation, but somewhere players will only have a harsh survival. You can go play on each of them and decide: which Minecraft server is more to your liking personally.


Minecraft Server Fork

Game version: 1.16.5

IP address for connection: mc-fork.xyz

Harsh Minecraft server without mods… Players will have to fight for their survival with others, because wholly no private… This means that the safety of chests, things and entire buildings depends on your own efforts! You will also have to fight griefers on your own. You shouldn’t expect any support. Donate for some benefits it won’t work here, since this is a minecraft server without donation. The undoubted plus is lack of wipes… Fork is suitable for fans of the original version of the game without modifications and frills.

Hyneo network

Minecraft server HyNeo Network

Game version: 1.16.2

IP address for connection: hot.hyneo.ru

Server for Minecraft 1.16, unique in terms of opportunities for players. Present kitstarter, privates, donations, own economy with a system of work and currency… You can also get married, establish your clan, or even go to jail! HyNeo Network has mini-games… Presented: mob arena, parkour, split arena and many others. There is still the possibility of obtaining free donation. It is contained in daily cases and is also given at registration. So the HyNeo Network opens up a lot of possibilities for an interesting multiplayer game.

New Places

Minecraft server New Places

Game version: 1.16.4

IP address for connection: play.new-places.ru

Another harsh server no privates, donations or any essential plugins… Pure Minecraft vanilla. Administrators do not support any of the players. The difficulty is set to High. therefore there will be many mobs at night, which also inflict increased damage. There are no rules on NewPlaces. Only survival and battles with other players for resources. There is also an opportunity to find supporters and unite into a clan (/ clan). Also installed Anti cheat


Minecraft server GrederCraft

Game version: 1.12.2

IP address for connection: gredercraft.ru

Interesting Minecraft server with mods and many plugins… There is a division into as many as 6 modes. There is even a separate world in the STALKER universe with anomalies, radiation and its own quest system. To inject the depressive atmosphere of Chernobyl, you can download a texture pack. Fans laciblocks will appreciate their separate world, created by the administration. In general, there are a lot of opportunities and game modes here. This project in Minecraft often gets into the best servers, including chilsed for version 1.12.


Minecraft server WilfadCraft

Game version: 1.12.2

IP address for connection: mc.wilfadcraft.ru

Server with mini games and plugins… Present pets, economy, currency, work, donation. There is also a private territory and an original way of the neck (pistons). There is a lot of entertainment. Among them: trampolines, mob rocking chair, bar and parkour… Walking around the map, you can find random Easter eggs. Sometimes there are gifts or secrets hidden by the administration. There is an opportunity to create your own clan. WilfadCraft itself also has its own top clans. Quite a cozy server offering a comfortable game no lags in a pleasant campaign.


Minecraft server AltCraft

Game version: 1.16.4

IP address for connection: altcraft.online

The main advantage is lack of imbalance between players… There is no annoying donation system or “good acquaintances” from administrators. The server is suitable for a comfortable time. There is a skill system, trade, economics, shops, auctions. You can get yourself a pet. There is also a separate world for collecting resources and items. For players visiting the server every day, there is nice bonus. In general, AltCraft is the best server for people who like to play quietly at a leisurely pace for themselves.


Minecraft server DestixNetwork

Game version: 1.16.5

IP address for connection: mc.destix.ru

Another exciting project in Minecraft, for which no game license required! The most important thing about DestixNetwork is its own economy. You can bargain with friends, exchange things in the market. For new players, the server provides whale start. There are some privileges here as well. They can be easily Buy for the money… It is also allowed to spend currency on various emotions. The administration is always ready to support with advice or solve any inconveniences associated with the gameplay. In general, DestixNetwork is suitable for those who like to play his friendly campaign


Minecraft server SupraCube

Game version: 1.16.5

IP address for connection: mc.supracube.ru

Server philosophy is in full confidence in the players… Here players won’t find privatebut it won’t be easy to find avid griefers either. It’s all about own plugins, which can not be found anywhere except SupraCube. One of these – trust system. It helps to separate adequate players from abnormal ones who don’t stay on the server for a long time. There is a possibility of riding some mobs. Also the server has original economic system, since players do not receive money for broken blocks. Therefore, SupraCube is a unique project among the rest.

No rules – no license

Minecraft server No rules - no license

Game version: 1.12.2

IP address for connection: mc.mister009.top

As the name suggests, this Minecraft server is completely pirate. There are no rules here. You can grip, arrange tough PvP battles. In general, complete anarchy reigns! This “No rules – no license” is completely similar to its original ancestor 2b2t. The undoubted advantage of the server is lack of wipes. So players’ buildings and belongings are completely safe from any kind of map restarts.


Minecraft server SunsetMC

Game version: 1.16.4

IP address for connection: play.sunsetmc.ru

Although on the project no private, but grief here does not go unpunished! The administration closely monitors cases of damage to property and destruction of buildings. Events and contests are held monthly. Ideas for events are chosen by the players themselves. The stability of SunsetMC is also worth noting. With a large number of mobs spawning, the server does not lag. The card has pleasant landscapes and architecture.

It is worth trying to play on each of the proposed servers. Because everyone is radically different from each other: both in individual plugins and in game modes. Invite your friends! It will be more fun to explore the world together. Be sure to leave your opinion in the comments. Write which server you like and share your favorites.

Minecraft is considered a game of endless possibilities. Try to test yourself in the best dropper map or horror maps. Have you completed them? Then you should download realism mods and try to build your crazy house in these realities. To survive in this kind of hardcore, read our tips. Well, those who have experienced everything in Minecraft can simply open cheats and start creating madness in their save.

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