• September 30, 2023

TOP 10 best potions that will lead you to victory

Nothing makes the game easier than potions: powerful potions that improve the characteristics of a character or, conversely, weaken enemies. Magic compositions will protect against negative effects and support in difficult times.

Cooking stands and one Minecrafter with potions

Potions are very useful things in Minecraft. They allow you to better fight monsters, avoid negative effects, and also receive positive buffs… The main thing is to choose the right ones for specific purposes.

To start brewing potions, you need a Cooking Stand. To create it, you need to acquire a fire rod and cobblestone. You can also use black stone. To improve the effect of any potion need redstone… You also need to remember about the hellish warts (hellish growth), since with the help of them all other potions in the game are created.

Slow Fall Potion

Slow Fall Potion Ingredients

The effect of the prepared potion will allow the player make more distant jumps (up to 6 blocks), and also provide invulnerability when falling from a height. The character simply cannot fall quickly: it will slowly sink to the ground like a feather. This will be especially useful in the End, as the Dragon can easily push Steve out of the island.

To create, you need a phantom membrane. They can be easily found if you do not sleep for 3 days. These mobs spawn only in the Normal World. Membrane drops 0-1 per kill.

Invisibility potion

Invisibility potion ingredients

Makes a character completely invisible… This means that mobs and other players will simply not be able to see who used the potion. However, it is worth considering: any armor will be visible. Also not subject to the effect: arrows stuck in the body, objects in the hands and various trophy heads.

For crafting, you will need, first of all, a night vision potion. It is made from golden carrots and hellish growth. To it you need to add the prepared spider eye. That’s it: the invisibility potion is ready.

Leaping Potion

Leaping Potion Ingredients

Perfect for exploring the mountain biome. It can also be useful when traveling through deep caves.

Rabbit legs are required for crafting. They easily fall out of the animals of the same name. It is worth noting that the potion has 2 versions. The first one, which is from redstone, works for 8 minutes. The second is made of glowing dust with an effect of one and a half minutes.

Speed ​​potion

Speed ​​potion ingredients

The drug has many varieties at once. However, the essence of the effect is the same: increasing the speed of movement of the character.

There are 3 varieties at once. The first is crafted with sugar. Gives the player a speed buff + 20%. The effect lasts 3 minutes. The second is an improvement on the previous one. Obviously, a redstone will be needed – it is he who will allow you to stretch the duration of exposure up to 8 minutes.

The third is significantly different from the rest.… Here you will already have to use glowing dust as the initial ingredient. The speed improvement will be + 40%. True, the action time is very limited: only one and a half minutes.

Potion of Strength

Potion of Strength Ingredients

An excellent choice for increased damage. Easy enough to craft.

Also has 3 versions. The first is easy to create: you only need a fiery powder. Effect: increases the level of damage by as much as 3 hearts. The improved version with the addition of redstone helps to increase the duration of the effect to 8 minutes. In the initial version, everything is limited to only three.

Potion of Strength II increases damage to 6 hearts taken away… However, as with “speed,” the effect will only last 1:30 minutes. Crafted with glowing dust.

Underwater breath potion

Underwater breath potion ingredients

Starting with update 1.13, exploring the ocean has become much more interesting: various dungeons and shipwrecks have appeared. That’s why The underwater breathing potion has become widespread.

In making, everything is extremely simple: just get a blowfish. This fish can be caught using a bucket or a fishing rod.… The normal version of the potion lasts for 3 minutes, but after the upgrade, the time will increase to 8 minutes.

Night vision potion

Night Vision Potion Ingredients

Basically, these drugs are used as a supplement to underwater breathing. Night vision potions increase the visual illumination of 15 nearby blocksand also allows you to see better through water and lava.

Brewed with golden carrots, which are obtained from gold nuggets and a common vegetable. Basic duration: 3 minutes. Upgrades to 8.

Healing potion

Healing potion ingredients

Essential for instant HP replenishment.

To brew these potions need sparkling watermelon slices. Prepared potions restore 4 hearts at a time. When upgraded with glowing dust, the healing potion will give 8 hearts at once.

Regeneration potion

Regeneration potion ingredients

Certainly the best items crafted in the Cooking Rack. Very hard to make.

For crafting, you need Gast’s Tears. In the game, it is difficult to kill this mob without dropping its drop somewhere in the lava. Therefore, gathering the ingredients is difficult, but worth it.

The first level of the potion restores half of the heart in 2.5 seconds over a period of 0:45. Can be upgraded with Redstone up to 1:30. By using glowing dust, the effect can be made stronger: it will be restored half a heart in 1.2 seconds. True, the total duration will drop significantly to 0:22.

Fire Resistance Potion

Fire Resistance Potion Ingredients

With these potions there is a direct road to Hell. They can also be used to research lava mines. The essence of the effect is obvious: the player will not be affected in any way by fiery liquids… Plus, the impact of the lighter and any other damage from this element will be absolutely not scary.

Crafting requires lava cream (a clot of magma). Drops with some probability from lava cubes… You can also create this resource in the workbench. To do this, you need to combine slime and fire powder.

Fire immunity lasts 3 minutes. Improved version of potions: 8 minutes.

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