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TOP 10 best remakes of world cinema

Typically the audience refers to remakes favorite movies are pretty wary. This is understandable, because every person is conservative by nature and sometimes it is not easy to perceive something that lies outside our usual comfort zone.

TOP 10 best remakes of world cinema

On the other hand, it is difficult to disagree that a remake of a good movie is notoriously a losing event… The viewer is hard to deceive and he will never accept an offensive counterfeit at face value. This explains the complete failure of many, including domestic remakeswhipped up.

However, the copy is not necessarily bad. Cinematography has been around for over a hundred years, and during this time many films have simply become obsolete. In such situation, give a good story a new life Is a difficult but honorable task for any director.

Today we will talk about films that, if not surpassed the original, then very close to it. Nice remake – this is not a fantasy, but a very rare phenomenon that is doubly appreciated.


Titanic.  Director: James Cameron

Producer: James Cameron;

Genre: history, melodrama;

Year of issue: 1997.

In the minds of many spectators, “Titanic” remains an incredibly romantic ribbon. Young Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet play out a touching and slightly personal love story for each of us against the backdrop of an unfolding catastrophe.

It was easy enough for this film to surpass the original, which dates back to 1958. Tape “The sinking of the Titanic” could not boast of cool effects, and was performed in a slightly different genre, with an emphasis on realism

Yet Cameron put the artistic appeal of the painting at the forefront, focusing on love line… However, viewers highly appreciate both films, because such a large-scale catastrophe cannot leave people indifferent.

Ocean’s 11

Ocean's 11 friends.  Director: Steven Soderbergh

Producer: Stephen Soderbergh;

Genre: thriller, crime;

Year of issue: 2001.

Today you will not surprise anyone with films about daring robberies… The directors queue up to create yet another masterpiece of tough guys taking the bank. but Ocean’s 11 Is more than a robbery. The film is the quintessence of all the Hollywood of the early 2000s.

Incredible cast, where each hero is a world-famous star, the plot was not yet too blurry for that time, and the very high-quality work of the directors predetermined the success of the picture.

Few people know that the original of the film was released back in 1960 and was warmly received by the audience. Of course, the plot is a little simpler there, but Frank Sinatra starring is powerful.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  Director: Tim Burton

Producer: Tim Burton;

Genre: musical, fantasy;

Year of issue: 2005.

The picture was initially doomed to success, because the brilliant was invited to the role of the eccentric owner of the chocolate factory Johnny depp… We are dealing with a nursery a fairy tale, a bright and juicy picture, as well as a script as simple as plywood. However, Tim Burton managed to add a bit of appropriate humor, seriously increasing the audience’s interest.

The original was released in 1971. Then played the main role Gene Wilderwho, in charm, was in no way inferior to Depp. Willy Wonka was coolly received by the public and gained popularity only years later. And the technical capabilities of half a century ago did not allow the creators of the picture to unfold.

300 Spartans

300 Spartans.  Director: Zach Snyder

Producer: Zach Snyder;

Genre: history, action, drama;

Year of issue: 2007.

Zach Snyder managed to reshoot the famous epic with sufficient quality so that the audience gave him a really high mark. In this film Gerrard Butler in the role of King Leonidas, he tries to stop the invasion of the Persian army. The Spartans are greatly outnumbered, but they are going to take with them to the next world as many enemies as possible.

It is very difficult to compare this picture with the original of 1962. Of course, the new movie is notable for its cool effects, epic atmosphere and undisguised heroic pathos.

The old version of the painting has its advantages – realism and more accurate reproduction of historical details. However, both films received high marks and are deservedly considered classics of world cinema.

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight.  Director: Christopher Nolan

Producer: Christopher Nolan;

Genre: comics;

Year of issue: 2008.

And this is the case when the remake has surpassed all previous films about Batman… Have Nolana it turned out a very cool story that interested not only comic book fans. And made this film Heath Ledger in its amazing way Joker… Not every viewer will immediately name who played the main protagonist in the picture, and everyone remembered the villain.

In general, the plot is not particularly original. Batman confronts evil, Joker is good. However, it is up to the viewer to empathize with whom, since the villain has his own philosophy, which is not devoid of meaning.

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland.  Director: Tim Burton

Producer: Tim Burton;

Genre: fantasy;

Year of issue: 2010.

One more story, which we have known since childhood. It is interpreted as an airy, light fantasy, the dream of every child to be in a world where conventions do not exist.

Tim Burton coped with his task. Perhaps not perfect. And is there anything perfect when it comes to abstract concepts? Again a juicy picture, again Johnny Depp and, of course, modern graphics that allow you to do fantasy really high quality.

It’s hard to compare this film with earlier productions, yet it had a huge advantage – having advanced technologies in the hands of the creators.

Judge Dredd

Judge Dredd.  Director: Pete Travis

Producer: Pete Travis;

Genre: Action, Science Fiction;

Year of issue: 2012.

Maybe the fans are going to go berserk now. Sylvester Stallone, who played in the original film, but the remake turned out at least as good. Career Karl Urbana definitely went uphill after roles in tapes like “Shepherd” and “Judge Dredd”

The main character looks as convincing as possible in the role of a judge and surpasses Stallone in the level of his composure and inflexibility. Time also dictates its terms – the picture is much more attractive than in the original, and the bandits no longer look like pranksters from the gateway, and pose a real threat.

However, let’s not belittle the merits of the original “Judge Dredd”. The old film for its time turned out to be a very high-quality product, which is being reviewed today.


Robocop.  Director: Jose Padilla

Producer: Jose Padilla;

Genre: Action;

Year of issue: 2014.

And here “Robocop” was greeted coolly by the audience, who probably lacked the emotional component inherent in the original. Obviously new Murphy does not evoke so much sympathy and sympathy from the public.

However, apart from the personality of the protagonist, the movie turned out to be very modern and incendiary. Now Robocop is not a pile of iron, but quite a technological shell, and the policeman was also given a cool motorcycle and corrected the special effects.

For those who have forgotten, the film tells the story of a deceased cop who is brought back to life through the use of the latest scientific developments. True, now his body is a metal body, and memories are the main enemy.

Planet of the Apes: Revolution

Planet of the apes.  Revolution.  Director: Matt Reeves

Producer: Matt Reeves;

Genre: science fiction, action;

Year of issue: 2014.

Actually, “Planet of the Apes” experienced several bursts of popularity. The first film adaptation is dated 1968, then remakes were filmed in the “zero” and “tenths”. The picture itself is quite specific in its essence – not everyone will appreciate the idea and the visual component, so we will not argue about which adaptation is better.

The old films have more soulfulness and emotions, the new ones are mired in graphics and special effects. However, in general, remakes do not spoil Planet of the Apes, but add epic stories and allow you to look at the franchise from a different angle.


It.  Director: Andres Muschetti

Producer: Andres Muschetti;

Genre: horror;

Year of issue: 2017.

Before us is a fresh adaptation of the immortal work of the king of horrors, Stephen King… It 2017 and It 2 ​​2019 are remakes of an old movie that was released in 1990. The audience liked both pictures. The new version corrected past shortcomings, and brought the work to a higher level.

Muschetti managed to defeat the main problem of the original – the excessive length of the plot, although even here Pennywise does not appear as often as the viewer would like. Some scenes had to be deliberately sacrificed to keep the timing within reasonable limits. A real find was Bill Skarsgard, the actor was just born for the role eccentric clown… And modern technical capabilities have made it possible to add a little gloss to the picture.

The story tells the viewer about an ancient evil terrorizing a small town. It can take any form, but it prefers the image of the clown that children are so afraid of.

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