• December 5, 2023

Top 10 best side quests in Skyrim that you definitely missed (and where to find them)

The Nordic lands are filled to the brim with many unusual quests that most players have never seen. We invite you to find out about the most interesting of them. Perhaps these missions will encourage you to return to the snowy expanses of Skyrim.

Since in Skyrim there are more than 270 quests available, there is a high chance that most players did not see all the side missions offered by the developers. Between guild storylines, attempts to become a tan, massive DLC Dawnguard and Dragonborn really interesting tasks can fly past an ordinary player, if you do not try to actively search for them.

Some of the quests presented simply give a simple task or require clearing the bandit camp. Others, on the other hand, carry a rich backstory of certain events or characters in the game and are worth completing for that.

Many of these side missions also provide unique rewards, such as particularly powerful artifacts with unique enchantments. For their sake, it is worth finding and completing the task.

Pale lady

Pale lady
When you first walk past the crypt Frostmere, you will find yourself in the middle of the battle between Eisoy Blackthorn and a group of bandits who opposed her. After learning that the leader of the criminals has stolen the sword from the crypt, you can begin to investigate the massacre inside and search for the artifact. After reaching the depths of Frostmere, you will find a room with an altar and attack you The pale lady… There are two ways to kill her – just do a certain amount of damage or insert her blade into a special hole. The blade itself can be taken as a quest reward, it is unique in that enchanted with the effects of Ice and Fear.

The man who shouted “Wolves”

The man who shouted

To start the quest, just talk to Falcon Firebeard, Jarl’s steward in Solitude. He will give the Dragonborn a mission to investigate a series of disappearances around the Wolf Skull Cave. After clearing the dungeon of its necromancer inhabitants and preventing their ritual from completing, you can return to Falcon for the reward, as well as for the second part of this quest line: “The wolf queen awakens“. This is a longer mission in which you will travel to several different locations. The climax of the passage is the confrontation with Potema, titled Queen of Wolves.

After the battle, you will be rewarded Shield of Solitude – a unique leveled item that blocks additional damage. The shield also grants magic resistance, with the most powerful version unlocking if the hero has reached level 40.

Hircine’s totems

Hircine's totems

Before add-on Dawnguard fans were presented with the werewolf skill tree, and the DLC Dragonborn brought several rings to improve their combat capabilities, the shape of the wolf was a rather dull way to fight. However, you can remedy this situation. One has only to complete the side quest for Eila the Huntressby marrying her or by completing the Companions quest chain called Totems of Hircine… After completing it, the werewolf form will gain more power.

Each totem grants the wolf a blessing that gives it different abilities, such as detecting life, summoning wolf spirits, or fear effects. Each of them can be improved using the werewolf skill tree.

However, the location of each totem is randomly generated, so you will have to run through several dungeons.

Keen’s Sacred Trials

Keen's Sacred Trials

After talking with Frocks in his shack, southwest of Riften, you are tasked with tracking down several ghostly animals, including a giant mud crab and a ghostly mammoth. This is necessary in order to prove that the Dragonborn is a great hunter. After completing all tests, the player is awarded Amulet Keen, a unique necklace with the same design as the Amulet of Goldur. It increases bow damage by 5% and reduces damage taken from animals by 10%.

Salt for ArcadiaArcadia

Although this quest in Whiterun is incredibly short, as the player is only tasked with delivering Arcadia a bunch of frosty salt from Farengara, you will receive some great potions for fulfilling this little request. Ask the sorcerer if there are other practitioners of magic in Whiterun, and he will give you frosty salt to deliver to the alchemy master. Arcadia claims that she needs salt to make a love potion.

In gratitude for their hard work, the player will be given a potion of short-term invisibility, a potion of increased stamina and illusion.

The ghost of old Hroldan

Ghost of Old Hroland
In the tavern “Old Hroldan“, On the road between Markarth and Rorikstead, the player may encounter a ghost Old Hroldan. This will happen if he spends the night at the hotel. When meeting with the main character, the spirit will ask you to find Hjalti Sword and return it to him. After returning the weapon to the old ghost, the player will receive a free skill point for the skills “block” and “one-handed weapon”. This is one of the best side quests for any warrior as it is simple, fun and rewarding.

Supply and demand

Supply and demand
This questline can be started by speaking to Vujitoy in Riften, who is struggling with addiction to Skuma and needs help to get rid of this bad habit. After the Jarl was informed about the Skuma smuggling, he will send the player to eliminate the perpetrators. When you destroy the leader of the criminal organization, the next part of the quest will begin, which interests us.

Finding a note on the body Sartis and returning it to the jarl we will receive a new task. Dovahkiin is sent to the main production facility of Skuma’s smuggling business. There he needs to destroy everyone who is inside. After completing the quest, a random enchanted weapon drops out as a reward, which gives an excellent chance of getting a unique sword.

From the depths

Skyrim From the Deep

Without leaving Riften, the player can receive a quest from a bizarre Argonian named From-the-deepest… This quest is available only after the character is pumped to at least level 14. He instructs Dovahkiin to return the dictionary to the nearby Dwemer ruins. The dungeon looks pretty standard compared to the others, although here you get some background on the latest expedition to Avanchnzel, as a result of which Out-of-the-Depths went mad. Returning the dictionary to its pedestal, the Dragonborn receives a unique effect “Ancient Knowledge”, which increases its defense when wearing full Dwemer armor, as well as the rate of growth of the Blacksmithing skill.

Interestingly, this perk often lags and increases the armor rating of all armors, except for Dwemer.

Book of love

Skyrim book of love
The quest begins again in Riften, although it will guide the player through most of Skyrim in the process. After talking with one of Priests of Mary, the heroes set out to travel throughout the province to solve various heart problems. Usually, to successfully complete the quest, you will need to achieve some kind of gesture of love from one of the parties. After completing the quest, players are awarded the Amulet of Mara and the talent “Mara’s Chosen”, which constantly increases magic resistance by 15%.

Lost relic

Lost relic
This quest was added to the DLC Dawnguard… The Lost Relic is a repeatable quest that invites you to explore Skyrim to find various relics from the past for Florence Banius… The mission itself is given three times and may require completing other minor tasks. Completing each stage will reward the traveler with the Dawnguard’s rune shield, hammer, and ax. Each of these items are especially destructive against undead and are very useful in the Dawnguard storyline.

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