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TOP 10 best side quests that are easy to miss

The third part of The Witcher is full of pleasant surprises, even for those who pass it not for the first time. Consider the exciting side quests found in the game.

The Witcher 3: Top 10 Best Side Quests Easy to Miss

Almost 6 years have passed since the release of The Witcher 3. However, it is still one of the best RPG games. Many players around the world are installing new modifications every day to diversify the gameplay.

However, even the original version with its additions can be a real discovery. Not all connoisseurs of the series pay enough attention to additional tasks, although they hide truly interesting, and sometimes even funny, plots… The best ones are presented below.

Troll Trouble

Troll Boris - culinary specialist, gourmet and lover of delicacies

The player will have to help Troll Boris. The monster got into trouble because of its culinary preferences. No, not at all because it attacked the villagers or frightened the locals. Instead, the Troll decided to prepare a dish – Supdetrup… To cook it, be sure to use the recipe naker

Naturally, the brothers of the killed “ingredient” did not like the culinary master’s plan. Therefore, they decided to punish the Troll by attacking him. The witcher can help the poor fellow: for this you will have to get involved in a battle with nakers. After the victory, the character will receive 25 crowns, as well as a real troll delicacy – a rotted elven head.

Deadly crossroads

Bandits and crime on the bridge

Hidden side quest. It is a bunch of three tasks. They are all scattered in different places. The bottom line is bandits who decide to seize some points on the game map by force. Some can be negotiated by paying a small amount of money. However, it is easier to accept the fight, since the opponents are not the strongest.

The first robbers will meet near the village of Veresovka. The latter will wait for the player at the Troll Bridge. There is also a house of bandits between Zalipye and Crooked-Eared Marshes. There is not much plot in the quest – rather just a little training for the Witcher.

After long travels, you can find killed bandits. Sometimes they die at the hands of nakers.

Flame of hate

The preacher recites his religious heresy

You can find this task at the Market of the Hierarch Square. There, the character will stumble upon a fanatic of the Cult of the Eternal Flame. This religious figure will surely offend the Witcher… After which the hero will choice with three options:

  1. Ask how many lives he saved.
  2. Direct threat.
  3. You can just ignore it and leave.

In any case, nothing serious will happen at the time of the conversation. However, you should be careful with direct threats: after a few days, fanatics may set up an ambush.

Girl in trouble

The Witcher Girl in Trouble

This quest is taken from ladies at the Docks of Novigrad. Some kind of rude shouts out bad words to the girl of easy virtue. A typical picture of a vague city! But the Witcher will have the opportunity to protect the honor and dignity of this lovely lady.

The main highlight of the quest is its denouement. Whatever the player’s reaction to insults, it turns out that it was just a role-playing game aimed at further providing intimate services.

Dangerous cargo

Immortal laborer cries out for help

Gert Borel can be found northwest of Svorka. This peasant is engaged in the removal of plague bodies. However, suddenly a terrible thing happens: he is crushed by his own cart, and then surrounded by a bunch of ghouls. The player subsequently saves Hert.

The peasant himself claims that he is immune to disease. Truth, you should definitely look for it in 10 days – thus, you can check the accuracy of his words. As it turns out later, Borel in vain did not take advantage of the Witcher’s advice about personal hygiene.

Strangers in the night

Unpleasant interlocutors

A task with a very interesting choice. It can be done simply, but you will need to understand the situation first. The player will find three wanderers west of Vegelbud’s residence. Strangers will first ask to introduce themselves. If you reject their demands, then they will start attacking the character.

However, the most interesting thing happens when you agree.… The interlocutors will quarrel right during the conversation, which will provoke a bloody conflict. There will be an opportunity to take any of the presented parties. When with the support of Rufus, the player will receive a blueprint for new armor and some coins. If you help Manfred, then the Witcher will hear only regret, and nothing more.

Karmic justice

Crowd of Elves Beating the Merchant

The three Skoy’tael elves beat the merchant. The latter claims that he is completely innocent. The game makes it possible to intervene and interrupt the lynching. True, you will have to fight three opponents at once.

Moreover, the plot does not provide any evidence… The character has to act at random. You can help the merchant or just leave it as it is. In any case, the Witcher will receive nothing, so the choice does not matter here.

This side quest is located between Tretogorsk and South gates.

The racists of Novigrad

The manifestation of racism in The Witcher 3

The city is full of elves, so xenophobic sentiments often prevail among ordinary people… So, Geralt observes unpleasant pictures: the inhabitants of Novigrad beat sharp-eared people right on the street. There is also a small quest when the player sees two guys pestering the elf. You can stumble upon these events near the Docks, and also halfway from the South to Tretogorsk Gate.

Pass by or help – the choice of the main character. But in any case, the hero will receive only contempt in his address, even if he helps the oppressed.


Marauders talk to the character

A fairly extensive and at the same time inconspicuous quest, which consists of three parts. For the first time, Geralt can find marauders on the bridge, which is in the north of the village of Zalipye. They can also be found if you go to the Starye Chrychi Quarry. Additionally, the marauders will appear in the village of Toderas.

These characters will meet the player differently. Mostly, of course, aggressive… But in some situations (like in the Quarry), they may even befriend the Witcher. It all depends on the actions of the protagonist.

Fight me if you dare

Brave romantic

During his travels, Geralt will meet more than once with Ronvid from Maly Log – a brave, but very stupid guy, who seeks to win a girl’s heart… This romantic story could not be so tragic if the knight knew how to choose the right opponents for himself. therefore choosing The Witcher as your victim is not a good idea.

Ronwid from Small Log promised to defeat 100 knights. but Geralt significantly complicated his life with his appearance. After the first defeat (not far from the bridge near the Vronitsa castle), the romantic in love will not calm down and will continue to chase the Witcher during the game. But everything will end very badly – Ronwid is destined to fall. At the same time, hired thugs will not even help him, who will also die at the hands of the protagonist.

True, romance can be saved. To do this, you need to learn the skill “Deception” level 2. Under the influence of the spell, the gang will simply run away and will never interfere with the Witcher again.

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