• July 1, 2022

Top 10 best spells of the School of Restoration

Many magicians will say that Restoration School – the most unviable in Skyrim. It’s hard to argue. This magic is much less focused on offensive spells, its main purpose is to maintain the life of the Dragonborn. And here she has no equal.


If the player loves to clear dungeons, there is no better help than recovery magic for him. No other school provides the ability to cast a magic shield with one hand and heal your wounds with the other. You can poison the enemy or hit the undead with solar damage. The school focuses on exterminating the undead and helping allies. Recovery magic is especially relevant for paladin builds.

To make it easier for players to find the right spells, this article has collected 10 of them, with detailed descriptions, effects and requirements.

10. Scare away older undead

Scaring away the elder undead

An invaluable spell for expert levels and above. Unfortunately, it will not work on most bosses, but in other cases it will serve faithfully.

At the beginner level, “Scaring away the elder undead” makes all the undead up 21 levels take flight throughout 30 seconds… This layer of the undead includes a significant part of the Skyrim creatures raised from their graves.

9. Stable amulet


Protection spells are incredibly popular in Skyrim. The stable amulet is one of the best among them, thanks to the balance between the level of protection it gives and its cost.

The amulet will save Dovahkiin even from the dragon’s flame. Combined with a perk “Absorb Protection” the spell will also allow you to restore magic. Perhaps, “Stable amulet” and concedes Spellbreaker but the fact that it is available early in the game makes it a great choice for magic builds.

8. Fire of the sun

The fire of the sun

Spell “Fire of the sun” was added to DLC Dawnguard… This is one of the few offensive spells in the School of Restoration that deals sunlight damage to undead.

It acts on a small area, causing 25 damagethan reminds Fire Lightning Schools of Destruction. But “Fire of the Sun” is much cheaper. It won’t save you from the dragon, but Dawnguard will help you deal with many opponents.

7. Circle of protection

Circle of protection

If “Curse of the Undead” attack oriented, then “Circle of Protection” aimed at supporting the allies. It heals those in its area of ​​effect and drives away undead.

Healing speed is 20 units per second. Plus, HP can be restored for the time for which the circle will scare off enemies. Thus, the spell can turn the tide of a difficult fight.

6. Aura of Stendarr


“Aura of Stendarr” can be great if the player is going to explore an undead-infested dungeon or crypt. The aura will inflict sun damage on the dead for a minute.

Someone 10 units will seem like nonsense, but we must not forget that this is an additional damage to melee attacks and for the same paladins such a bonus will be very useful. Underestimate this spell put in DLC Dawnguard not worth it, because Skyrim is full of restless creatures.

5. Poisonous rune

Poisonous rune

Another spell from the DLC. This time – from Dragonborn… It finally allowed the use of poison without alchemy.

The rune inflicts targets 3 units poison damage per second and active 30 seconds… An excellent solution for fighting with an enemy resistant to elemental magic. Not so many creatures in Skyrim have immunity to poisons.

4. Healing the undead

Healing undead

A must-have spell for a vampire or player whose companion is undead. It only acts on the undead and gives them 75 units healing.

With this spell, if Dragonborn is undead, the perk works “Necromage”. By summing up all the additional effects, you can increase the number of restored units of health up to 140

3. Treatment


This is a simple but powerful spell that most players start with. Continuous recovery 10 units health per second is a great alternative to potions.

If a player has bonuses that reduce the cost of a spell, then it can be used almost indefinitely. The magician fights with one hand, heals with the other.

2. Healing from wounds

Healing from wounds

The best healing spell in the School of Restoration. Raises health by 100 units, with all kinds of bonuses – by 150

“Healing from wounds” fully and completely justifies its cost, and in a competent assembly it completely exceeds all the magician’s expectations. There is only one drawback – reloading. However, this does not diminish its healing potential in any way.

1. Curse of the undead

Curse of the undead

If the player has chosen a paladin for himself, or simply does not tolerate undead, then this spell will become his favorite. After all, it makes the violent dead burn, scattering in horror.

Unlike regular scare spells, this also deals significant damage, turning low-level undead (or already weakened) to ash. “Curse of the Undead” will come to the rescue in most dungeons.

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