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TOP 10 Best Stealth Games for PC

Stealth is one of the most addictive game categories, often at the intersection of different genres. From big budget action games to small strategy games from indie developers, there are many great games out there that implement stealth mechanics. Rather than go ahead and fight your way with weapons, stealth games offer you to hide in the shadows and use your tactical skills. You can try on the role of an elusive spy or an insidious killer who remains unnoticed until the last, decisive moment. The main attraction of these games is that they challenge us, forcing us to puzzle over the options for passing, and at the same time, often without forgiving mistakes. To win, you will have to be very careful and think carefully about every step of your character.

In this collection, we will introduce you to the best representatives of the stealth genre of all time.

Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun

One of the best tactical stealth games of the last decade, in which the player takes control of a ninja team. According to the plot, in the 17th century, a change of power took place in Japan and a group of influential personalities wants to overthrow the legitimate emperor. Then the new shogun sends his people, giving them the task of secretly eliminating the conspirators. The gameplay of Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun provides for maximum stealth, as the player has to act on enemy territory. The game boasts beautiful environment design, amazing atmosphere, intense and tactically demanding gameplay. Fans of isometric stealth action games will definitely be pleased.

Invisible, Inc

Developers at Klei Entertainment have already made it a habit of making good games, but Invisible, Inc can be considered a near perfect embodiment of the genre. The player must control a spy squad of 10 agents, whose goal is to secretly infiltrate the enemy base and load artificial intelligence there. Turn-based gameplay requires a thorough study of the map, careful planning of each action, and attention to detail. The game provides various options for passing, has an original visual design and a fantastic soundtrack that will help you completely immerse yourself in a tense scenario.

Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive

Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive is another great game that combines isometric gameplay with demanding and punishing stealth mechanics. The game features interesting characters, and the thoughtful design of the environment creates an authentic Wild West atmosphere. During the course of the story, you need to control six team members, acting predominantly in the stealth style, although the gameplay also provides for participation in dynamic skirmishes.


Dishonored takes place in a fictional fantasy world with Victorian steampunk elements. The protagonist is Corvo, the lord protector, unjustly accused of killing the empress and kidnapping her daughter. In the course of the plot, he takes revenge on the conspirators, using his magical skills in combination with melee weapons and firearms. The player will enjoy excellent visual effects, non-linear passage with different endings, well-thought-out stealth mechanics and ample opportunities for a combination of superpowers. The gloomy splendor of a Victorian city plagued by plague is the perfect backdrop for the game’s dramatic events.



Manhunt is a brutal and truly intimidating stealth action game, but at the same time, it remains one of the most addictive games from the Rockstar studio. According to the plot, the main character, sentenced to death, was forced to take part in a bloody reality show. To survive, you have to complete various tasks, in which the key factor is the ability to stealthily approach enemies. The game is replete with scenes of extreme violence, as a result of which it was banned in several countries. Nonetheless, Manhunt is a solid classic of the genre and should be on this list.

Thief: Gold

We can argue endlessly which game from the Thief series is better, but we still give the palm to the expanded version of Thief: Gold, which includes the masterpiece Thief: The Dark Project plus the Gold Update, which introduces three new missions, five new types of enemies and some plot additions. The game provides a unique experience in the world of fictional medieval fantasy, filled with magic and steampunk elements. The passage is non-linear and allows you to complete missions without killing other characters.


The Hitman series has had its ups and downs, but the 2016 relaunch is literally one of the most excellent stealth games of all time. There is an intriguing plot, levels worked out to the smallest detail and a huge variety of ways to complete the task. The ability to be invisible, making full use of the environment for disguise, is the key to quickly and accurately completing the missions of Agent 47.

Commandos 2: Men of Courage

While there are tons of WWII-themed games out there, few can match Commandos 2: Men of Courage for its unique style of gameplay. A tough tactical game that requires cunning and dexterity, where you are always outnumbered, under-equipped and at constant risk of detection. Stealth is a must when completing missions, since you can only survive here by knowing how to plan and remain invisible. With the ability to steal enemy uniforms, climb poles and traverse ziplines, enter buildings, and swim, there are plenty of opportunities to cleverly complete levels.

Alien: Isolation

Xenomorphs from the Alien movie series are some of the most ideal monsters in movies. Cold, calculating and deadly, they completely surpass the weak and vulnerable people in all respects, leaving the latter with almost no chance of survival. Before Alien: Isolation, we never had a game that explored the topic of xenomorphs and the horror of meeting them so thoroughly. In terms of suspense, the game almost equals the iconic 1979 original film. There is no way for you to defeat the alien creature in battle; your only option is to hide, run and sneak, accepting the idea that you are just the cheese at the end of the maze, and the rat is following you. In addition to all this nightmare, the main character can be attacked by android robots or other people at any moment, while allies can be counted on the fingers of the hand and, in general, they do not really help. With incredible visuals and atmosphere, an alarmingly large power balance in favor of the enemy, and demanding gameplay that forces you to think quickly in the face of impending danger, this truly unique stealth game is one of the best of its kind.

Batman: Arkham Asylum

The game combines a detective storyline and solid stealth, from time to time turning into a dynamic action game with elements of a fighting game. In the role of Batman, the player must explore the environment in search of clues, constantly hide in the shadows, gather information and formulate a plan, and then execute it with surgical precision. While stealth is often used in games to show a hero’s vulnerability, in Batman: Arkham Asylum it is used to make the player feel like a powerful, dangerous creature in the dark that all villains fear. The amount of fun that comes with chasing scared enemies is enough to make you wonder how Bruce Wayne fought the temptation to become a true psychopath.

What game do you think is missing in this top? Share your list in the comments below!

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