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TOP 10 best survival maps for Minecraft

If you love challenges and make life difficult for yourself in any game, then our selection of hardcore cards will help you do the same in your favorite cube world. Every minute spent in the game turns into a hardcore mode.

Top 10 best maps for survival in Minecraft

Minecraft is a big sandbox, where each gamer determines the goals and objectives of the game for himself. And yet, there is one invariable point here that cannot be avoided – survival. For many, it turned out to be the most popular mode, which is not difficult to explain. After all, in essence, this is a challenge, a challenge for the player. Are you weak or not to stay alive as long as possible?

Craftsmen caught this ideological wave and created a huge number of cards that complicate the classic game many times over. The best of them are presented in our TOP-10. It is they who will test you for strength, heat your nerves to the limit and sharpen your instincts. You have not only to mine blocks, as you usually used to do it, but to approach the collection of resources wisely and save as much as possible. Mobs on these maps are even more embittered and tenacious. You will have to sweat every battle to survive.

World in a Jar [1.8]

World in a Jar card

The map consists of tiny worlds closed in bottles. It’s funny, isn’t it? Although the vessels float above the water, they still resemble the very letter bottle that is sent to the sea or the open ocean in many films.

Each container has your unique biomewhere you need to survive. Due to its size, the card has some kind of calming effect on the player. In this place you can meditate in silence, because you don’t have to rush anywhere, you don’t need to explore anything. Every Minecraft fan should experience this for himself.

Download map for survival in a bottle for Minecraft


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Ant farm (Ant Farm Survival) [1.7.10]

Map Ant Farm Survival

The map is made in the form of a real formicaria – a glass vessel, similar to a large rectangular aquarium, only flat. And it is far from fish that are found in it, but ants. And it is here, in a small and closed space, surrounded by insects, that you will have to survive. You are in an ant farm in the style of Minecraft.

This is a unique map for survival mode. It has both simple and rather difficult terrain. The mode boasts many challenges, and will also be a real nightmare for those who suffer from claustrophobia.

Download map for survival ant farm for Minecraft


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Deadly Orbit [1.7.10.]

Deadly Orbit Map

Have you seen the movie “Gravity”, where the main and only roles are played by Sandra Bullock and George Clooney? If you imagined yourself in their place after viewing, then this card was created especially for you.

With its help, you will make your dream come true, albeit in a game reality. After all, here you have to survive aboard the International Space Station… The map is literally imbued with the atmosphere of the film, which will surely please its fans. Unfortunately, the mechanics of flight in the deep dark abyss of vacuum space are not played up here, but its emptiness and hopelessness are felt very clearly.

Planet Impossible [1.6.4.]

Planet Impossible map

Those who have watched “Mad Max” will not confuse this card with anything. It is very similar to that very wasteland from the movie, and your spaceship crashed here. But the main goal is not only to repair it, but also taming the dinosaur… Try your strength and endurance on this map if you like desert landscapes. Although it belongs to the category of locations for the survival mode, the plot here is similar to full adventure… Speaking of history maps, we have a separate overview here. And in this location you need to survive for 10 days, explore the world and look for evidence of the existence of former settlers.

Arctic [1.6.4.]

Arctic Map

Tired of a simple land with productive farms? In this case, try not only to survive, but also to create a prosperous settlement for yourself and your surviving friends Joseph and Mr. Maye. in the icy desert

Something like an arctic farm can also feed you in some way. Although the idea looks pretty silly, the Arctic is very beautiful and soothing with its chilling silence around.
Don’t rely on friendly NPCs, in the arctic tundra you can only rely on yourself!

Containment Survival 2 [1.6.4.]

Minecraft map Containment Survival 2

The idea behind this card is borrowed from Portal. Here, too, you are invited to go through a set of detention cells led by an insane AI. Each of them has its own biome, and the challenges are limited in time.

The modders did a good job, because AI superbly voiced… He will shower you with humiliation and insults as soon as you try to escape. This map in Minecraft is one of the best thanks to well-thought out challenges and an interesting sequence of locations.

Download survival map for Minecraft (hardcore)


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Wild West [1.7.2.]

Wild West Map

Although this is not for you Red dead redemption, but this card still captures the atmosphere of the Wild West pretty well. A gentle sunset, expansive canyons, and a street specially crafted for epic duels make this creation the perfect setting for your cowboy fantasies. Just don’t forget the hat to complete the look.

Horse taming Is both a part of life on a ranch and an integral part of a classic Minecraft game. And with cactuses, which are many in this area, you can make traps to destroy monsters. They may not be so popular, but it’s worth a try.

Download map for survival in the Wild West for Minecraft


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Survival Island [1.13.2.]

Survival Island Map

One of the classic Minecraft survival maps from Coca-Cola. Differs in high complexity, but because of this, the awards are much better here. At first, the house of branches will be a real achievement for you. However, as soon as you create something cooler, you will realize that you did not work in vain.

This card is the same Dark Souls, only in Minecraft. You will spend hours surviving in solo mode, and even more time playing with friends. Anything that should have made your life easier will actually make it harder.

Skyblock [1.4.7.]

Skyblock Map

Skyblock, like Survival Island above, is one of the not-so-original custom maps in Minecraft. Although this is not an easy task for gamers, the map still lacks zest and prospects. It can be described as the same Survival Island, only located high in the sky.

Small L-shaped piece of land – the only resourcewhich you have. Therefore, you will need to be creative and use all your mental abilities to survive here. Once you’ve found the right approach, you’ll be amazed at what you can end up with from wood and a few blocks of earth. Play with your friends if you dare to test yourself and your friendship for strength.

Download skyblock survival map for Minecraft


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Sphere Survival [1.12.]

Sphere Survival card

The map is similar to the previous one, but with a slight entourage twist. Now giant spheres hang in the air… They are located at a certain distance from each other, so you have to try to connect them, for example, with bridges. However, keep in mind that creepers and other mobs that you need to fight off will interfere with doing this. This map in Minecraft is a dream come true for any gamer who loves hardcore and survival.

Hope that our TOP-10 interested you, and therefore you are ready to accept the challenge to pass at least some of the presented cards. And for this you will probably need the coolest house in Minecraft and a productive farm. If you prefer something with a touch of madness, then we have a selection of buildings suitable for you. All this will diversify the hardcore gameplay in survival mode!

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