• June 18, 2024

TOP 10 Best VR Games in 2020

Even 10 years ago, virtual reality seemed like a dream and something unattainable, although VR devices began to appear about 60 years ago. The first head console appeared in 1960. Now this area has advanced significantly and many interesting games have appeared that offer an abundance of new opportunities for a person. They are still small, but already allow you to transfer to another place or person. Which VR games deserve attention in 2020?

This is a shooter style game that lets you feel like the main character of some action movie. On difficult levels, there are many enemies in the form of red men. Time in the game only moves with the player. This mechanic has proven itself in desktop and console games, and has now been successfully moved to virtual reality.

The game is very similar to the well-known Guitar Hero, but the player wields lightsabers. It is possible to choose the melody you like and cut blocks flying in the direction of the hero to the rhythm with it. Sabers allow you to eliminate those objects that fly directly at the character, and the rest can be dodged. Beat Saber is an example of simple yet intense VR gaming with great performance. It is now one of the most popular games in the world.

Here is the first game in the popular genre – survival after the zombie apocalypse. Arizona Sunshine offers to go through a difficult campaign, as well as plunge into a survival mode in which the dead attack the character in endless waves. Both modes support both single and multiplayer play. For now, grab a weapon with both hands and prepare for the zombie attack. Now Arizona Sunshine is a kind of benchmark for all subsequent games in the survival genre.

One of the first AAA (high-budget) games to be available in virtual reality. All events revolve around the Baker family, who live in a place where mold has appeared that can control the mind. The virus causes the body to mutate and repair itself from severe damage. If you like horror, there is nothing better in virtual reality than Resident Evil 7 right now.

Looking for something relaxing? The 3D platformer is ready to move into a world with cartoon graphics, in which Astro Bot is trying to save his entire team (there are 212 lost robots in total). Head rotations are used to control the camera, which allows you to peer around corners and detect secret areas. Combining the capabilities of a VR headset with gadgets with Dualshock 4 gamepads has resulted in an exclusive PlayStation VR game with the highest rating on Metacritic.

An absolutely unique game that needs a friend to play. The player’s task is to defuse a randomly generated bomb. The peculiarity is that the only way to know how to defuse a charge is to listen to a friend’s instructions. Teamwork and interaction between players is the core of the app. It is very difficult to find another game with a similar concept.

Minecraft still occupies a leading position in popularity in the gaming world. Virtual reality technologies only decorate the game. Most projects remove some of the functionality from the VR version, but not Minecraft. It has all the features of the desktop version, including survival and creative mode.

The action takes place between the events of Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. “Vader the Undying” sees the hero train and fight the infamous Sith Lord. Almost everything that Star Wars is famous for is available here, from lightsabers to imperial blasters. The game reveals more details from Darth Vader’s past, so it’s a must-play for all fans of the franchise.

This is a successful combination of spy films, love for puzzle games and quest rooms. The player will incarnate in the body of a spy, whose task is to protect the world from the evil plans of Dr. Zora. Each level is a trap from which you can choose with the help of improvised means. Only by solving the puzzle can you move on, but it won’t be easy.

Another fantastic zombie game based on the “Walking Dead” universe. The game takes place in New Orleans. The player is faced with a difficult task – to survive in a world where the danger is not only the dead, but also the living. Battles with each other and difficult decisions will follow wherever the player goes. This is a very popular game that revolutionized the traditional view of post-apocalypse.

These are not all good VR games, but the projects listed are the brightest. It is with them that you should start your acquaintance with virtual reality.

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