• July 5, 2022

Top 10 bosses of the entire series

Each of them has its own story: some fascinate with their mysteriousness, while others strike terror with their abilities alone.

A small selection of bosses in the game

Mass Effect is undeniably one of the best projects from BioWare. Especially noteworthy is the plot, thought out to the smallest detail. As the story progresses, the protagonist will be greeted by well-designed bosses. Unlike other game universes, developers don’t necessarily place them at the end of important missions. Also a unique feature of the game is the story of the characters. For each boss, it is most often told to the smallest detail.

Shepard’s clone

Shepard's Harsh Speech

Appears in DLC Mass Effect 3: Citadel during the real Captain Shepard’s vacation. This was the latest addition to the original game, opening up new locations on the space station.

In the story, Cerberus creates a Clone to eliminate Shepard and steal the Normandy. The enemy himself has powerful shields and armor. He will also constantly approach the character to take down the protagonist’s protection.

Gray mediator

The gray middleman is the main information broker

Quite a mysterious character in the game’s universe. Sells information, but only to the richest people who are ready to pay a tidy sum. However, the information received is never enough, so he is contacted over and over again.

Confronts the player during a mission in Mass Effect 2 with the not-so-original title “Lair of the Broker Gray”. This is a pretty tough fight for the main character.

The bodies of Wazir

The Humble Traitor - Tela Wazir

A representative of the beautiful Azari race. At first, she inspired confidence in all the positive characters in the series. The more favorable image was created because of her good deeds: for example, the destruction of a network of slave traders or an investigation into the disappearance of data from the Ministry of Finance.

In fact, she is cold-blooded and cynical. He is not afraid to use others for his own purposes.

The player will have to deal with her, as she betrayed the whole team. True, it is worth noting that it is very difficult to deal with it.

Eos Architect

The very first architect encountered in the game

Lovers Mass Effect: Andromeda will never forget their first meeting with this creature. On Eos, players will face the very first Architect introduced in the series.

Has a variety of offensive and defensive capabilities. Can create additional units for battle. The Architect has one of the best armor in the game.

After the victory, it can be found in the orbit of the planet.


Scary Creatures - Threshers

Very dangerous monsters that live near their nests. At the slightest vibration, the soil wakes up and rushes into battle. The detachment will have to openly meet with one of the specimens on Tuchanka in Mass effect 2… But this creature, at that moment, it will not even be possible to kill

It is enough just to dodge his attacks for 5 minutes.

Threshers are common on all planets. Their pro-mother is Culros, which is often mentioned throughout the game.

Kai Leng

Kai Leng is the main killer "Cerberus"

Elite fighter “Cerberus”. He is sent to assassinate Captain Shepard. He is one of the key antagonists in the first and third parts of the game, as well as the last boss in Mass effect 3

It should be noted that according to the plot he is the main killer in his organization… Cerberus constantly sent him on the most important and difficult missions. Even though severely injured during the operations, Leng has always survived.

The final battle between Kai and Shepard begins at Kronos Station. They will collide on the observation deck. At first, the captain does not completely deal with his killer, but by the end of the cutscene, Kai Leng will definitely get what he deserves.

Reaper (Priority: Rannoch)

Reaper during attack

The Reapers themselves are a biomechanical race. They are the exterminators of all living things (organic) that exists in the universe.

Of course, the plot involves the appearance of many Reapers in Mass effect 3… But in fact, you will have to meet in battle with only one, which will await the player in the vicinity of Rannoch.

Matriarch Benezia

Matriarch Benezia with her stern look

Another representative of the Azari race in this collection. Benezia is spiritual leader of his people… She has always led an active political life. However, she also betrays everyone and starts working for Saren.

The final encounter with Benezia will take place on Noveria. She will completely lose her powers as she summons new companions. After a short conversation, the Matriarch will die rather quickly.


Reaper or reaper larva

It is a project of the Collectors, built on their basis. It is a kind of real Reaper, but it is assembled from organic parts of people. This is why it is vulnerable to normal damage.

At first, the Prototype will not seem very active in combat. However, these are only first impressions. As the fight continues, he is like the last boss Mass effect 2, can cause a lot of problems for the player.


Saren along with his own experiences

Key antagonist first part… Many remember him as the main traitor to the Galaxy. The final battle with him is indescribable, as it consists of many mechanics that are fascinating in gameplay.

Was convinced of the correctness of his views… Of course, they were grafted under the influence of the Overlord, who constantly improved Saren’s body. But still, he completely embarked on the thorny path of betrayal, especially judging by the ending of the game.

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