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Top 10 coolest cars in Fast and Furious movies

It’s hard to believe today, but the first “Fast and the Furious” came out back in 2001 year… Over the long period of its existence, the media franchise has acquired an army of fans who are eagerly awaiting the release of each new part. First of all, “Fast and the Furious” – This family cool cars, so today we will talk about the best cars featured in the film for all the years

Top 10 coolest cars from the Fast and the Furious movies

It doesn’t matter if you have a fondness for cars or are fans of public transport. Nostalgic and ultramodern car models are still pleasing to the eye and do not allow you to look away from the picture.

Some cars get just a ton of screen time, while others, like lightning, appear only for a second, in order to be destroyed the next moment.

Acura NSX

Automobile Acura NSXowned by Mie Toretto, was seen on the tape “Fast and the Furious 5” and he had a really important role to play. This car was used to free Dominic from the prison bus.

The NSX boasts rear-wheel drive, 6-speed manual transmission, up to 290 l / s. The maximum speed of this beauty is 280 kilometers per hour… It’s hard to find a better car to get someone out of jail.

2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX

Surprisingly, after the release of the screens “Tokyo Drift”, wealthy film fans began storming salons in the hope of acquiring Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution… In a short time, they made this car brand iconic. By plot Khan borrows a car Shownuso that he can learn to drift.

It is no coincidence that the main character needed a car, because shortly before that he crashed Nissan silviatrying to win Takashi… Alas, the car was not destined to remain intact – it was destroyed during a chase scene Tokyo… The model has 280 l / s and develops speed up to 250 kilometers per hour

Mitsubishi Eclipse GS

This car is inferior in performance to other models in this collection, but fans of the first part “Fast and the Furious” he was probably remembered. The machine is equipped with a body kit Robocar and is distinguished by an acid green color.

Brian took part in the first street race in this particular car and lost it. Dominica… Suddenly appeared Johnny Tran with his gang and shot Mitsubishi eclipse, bringing the car into complete disrepair. The model has 140 l / s and accelerates to 210 km / h

1997 Mazda RX-7

Khan in “Tokyo Drift” I respected this car very much and there were reasons for that – with modifications, its power was 306 horsepower… On this orange baby, you can develop 100 km / h in just six seconds, and its catchy, but stylish design is not able to leave indifferent fans of cool cars.

Alas, the writers did not regret this car, which was destined to explode after the collision. The particular tragedy of the situation is given by the fact that the owner of the car died along with his favorite – Khan (in any case, this is how it looked then and was planned by the writers, and in the 9th part of the franchise, Khan returned).

Lykan HyperSport

This car is just a beast, it managed to really impress the audience in the picture. “Fast and furious 7”… Auto Lykan HyperSport famously overcame various obstacles and even drove through skyscrapers at full speed. Such treatment of a wheelbarrow invariably portends its death, so it soon happened.

In total, 7 similar cars were created, the price of one – $ 3.4 million… All over the world, there are only two models that are more expensive. The supercar is capable of accelerating to fantastic 385 kilometers per hour, 100 km / h is gaining for 2.8 seconds

Nissan GT-R R35

One of the main characters in the franchise, Brian O’Conner – a big fan Nissan GT-R R35… The guy appears in this car in several parts of Fast and Furious – the car looks quite simple, but solid and appropriate for everyday driving.

We have long been accustomed to the fact that the writers do not spare the car at all, even if the viewer or the main character is madly in love with it. That’s Nissan GT-R R35 explodes with rockets in part 7 of the franchise.

Honda s2000

And here is our winner in the category “The most glamorous car of the Fast and the Furious”. Here at Honda s2000 there is no rival, as the bright pink and nitrous oxide behind the rear seat give the car a corresponding image.

In the picture “Fast and Furious 2” I drove famously on this pretty roadster Sushi… As a result of the breathtaking jump over the drawbridge, the car received only a few cosmetic defects, but unlike other cool wheelbarrows it remained on the run.

Ford GT40

This car has a rich history, so it shouldn’t be surprising that the team intended to steal it. There was a chip inside the car with important data. Reyesthat could be converted into a huge amount of money.

It must be said that instead of Ford GT40 the film crew used a dummy. A car like this costs about $ 1.5 million, and finding a rare model can be very difficult. In the “sixties” of the last century, this sports car was at the height of its glory, winning several races “24 Hours of Le Mans” contract.

1970 Dodge Charger R / T

This car has been assembled Dominic and his father. After the death of the latter, the car took its rightful place in the garage and was no longer used, but with the beginning “Fast and the Furious” there was a lot of work for the wheelbarrow.

She got into accidents, exploded, collided with other cars, but Dominic did not raise a hand to throw her into a landfill. This is why the family Toretto was constantly engaged in restoration Dodge Charger R / T and the collectible model took its rightful place in the film.

1966 Corvette Sting Ray

This stunning car has become one of the highlights of the entire franchise. The car can reach speeds of up to 225 km / h and participates in the pursuits “Fast and the Furious” on a par with modern cars.

The model also features an old-school design and stunning red color scheme. If you want to purchase this miracle of technology, you will have to give the order 100 thousand dollars

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