• December 5, 2023

TOP-10 crazy buildings in Minecraft

Minecraft’s functionality and resources allow you to bring the wildest ideas to life. Study a few examples, perhaps they will be the inspiration for new achievements.

A distinctive feature of Minecraft among other sandboxes is the limitless possibilities that players are endowed with. If you can think of something, then it can be really built. It was this approach that allowed Harry Potter fans to recreate the Hogwarts map with the maximum detail that blocks from Minecraft can only give.

Given that this game is one of the best-selling of all time, and not everyone can understand its formula for success. But when you see projects implemented by ordinary players, it becomes obvious that this cannot be done in other sandboxes. The choice between Survival and Creative modes is yours. Follow the successes of other “architects” or create something of your own, inspiring newcomers to the community.

Farm house

Minecraft farm house how to buildIf you love practical and epic buildingsthen a giant farmhouse is what you need. It is built so that the water does not interfere with the use of the beds, but at the same time irrigates the crops. In addition, due to its multi-stage structure, it looks like the castle of the greatest farmer, and also serves as a good landmark.

This building is easily constructed in both Survival and Creative modes. A detailed guide to the construction of this farming miracle will help you understand each stage of construction.

Wizard tower

Minecraft wizard tower how to build

Game blogger Zaypixel publishes detailed guides on creating various architectural projects in Minecraft on his YouTube channel. And if you want to build the magic tower of the wizard invented by him in Survival mode, you will spend an incredibly long time, but this is quite a feasible task. Projects come with all the necessary internal functionality, but they can be modified to suit your preferences.

When you start working with the video guide to create a wizard tower, remember that you will need a lot of wood, stone and clay. Or use Creative Mode to make your work much easier.

Underground base

Minecraft underground base how to build

Another great creation by Zaypixel is the underground base. Organizing your own home underground or on a mountainside is a very useful solution. In this case, pixel monsters will not be able to harm you and your property. Fear is, perhaps, only the Creepers. The assembly is extensive, and therefore one call to its implementation is not enough. It’s best to dig a pit and gather resources with your friends.

One of the unusual solutions in this building is a huge glass ceiling. Due to this detail, the hopper looks incredibly impressive, and also always remains light. Usually, such buildings are erected in order to hide their home from prying eyes, but not this time!

Secret entrances with Redstone scheme

Minecraft secret entrance how to

In the presence of underground shelter it is worth taking care of creating the correct entrance to this base. The most attractive is the secret door powered by the Redstone circuit. Smithers Boss on his channel details how to work with the Redstone and create secret entrances to your own home.

His guides can be mastered even by those who never used technology like this in their own projects. He helps to collect the secret entrance based on where exactly the underground base is located (forest, desert, rocky mountains). Such a passage can be created for an ordinary secret room where your valuables are kept.

House under water

Minecraft house under water how to build

This is one of the most popular projects also developed by Zaypixel. Youtuber offers accommodation that will as safe as possibleas no Creeper can get under the water. From a design point of view, it is as simple as possible in comparison with other technical solutions. Nevertheless, such a dwelling will not leave indifferent any lover of the Minecraft style. This is especially true for those who play the latest versions and have found a beautiful reservoir with a lot of living creatures.

If you are creating this base not in creative mode, then you need stock up on potions to extend breathing time underwater… Otherwise, even before laying the foundation, you can drown due to your own negligence.

Giant underground farm

Minecraft maze how to build

For lovers of long-term projects, automated farms and underground architecture, this tutorial will be a real challenge. The author is user Yoogolra. The video was created without gluing, with normal acceleration, which allows you to objectively estimate the time spent on getting the same result.

Important! The excavations for the project are extremely difficult. The hardest part will be for those who try to create something similar in Survival Mode. Take time and patience to get the perfect result.

Hobbit burrow

Hobbit burrow minecraft how to build

This architectural solution is relevant for everyone who loves the universe “Lord of the rings“. The instruction was created by the user Nuec. He proposed a fairly simple project that is accessible even to a beginner. The main resource is firewood. The location for construction can be a forest or a plain nearby.

If you have the required number of blocks, you can bring this idea to life in one game day. The Hobbit Burrow is a great starting base, and right below it you can make a secret level.

Epic treehouse

Minecraft treehouse how to build

Many children dream of their own tree house. After underground and underwater structures, this housing option is one of the safest… Creepers can’t get there, and in terms of epicity, this architectural solution boldly competes with those listed above in the rating.

The Derezero YouTube channel provides a detailed guide to building such a house. in Creative mode… A comprehensive overview allows you to walk through the assembly step by step. Before starting the project, you will have to work hard on deforestation, since logs and boards make up the bulk of the resources during construction.

Working lighthouse

Minecraft lighthouse how to build

The Coastal Lighthouse is a great landmark for those traveling to long-term sea travel around the world of Minecraft. The project will take a lot of time and resources. Stone and red concrete are preferable, but there is also a more affordable alternative – Netherstone Hellstone. Mr Mirror posted a detailed overview of the construction process on YouTube.

The lighthouse serves not only as a landmark. This is a lovely themed dwelling. You can be an explorer of the seas, a fisherman, or just a peaceful lighthouse keeper who keeps his farm next to him. AND if you build a building on a remote small island, then life there becomes a challenge!

The Death Star

Minecraft Death Star how to build

Entering Creative Mode to create an Intergalactic Superweapon of Mass Destruction is what IJAMinecraft suggests. He managed to recreate a working Death Star in the game world.

This will take a very long time. In Survival Mode, this is unrealistic. The required amount of materials will take months or even years to collect. If you realize everything that is done on video, then you can get a superlaser that is not inferior in power to thousands of exploding Creepers, Gasts and Withers.

Be creative to get a real thrill from the game. If you think that your project is as difficult as the ones suggested, be sure to share it in the comments. Remember, you can’t achieve the result without trying! And if you want something simpler, then check out our guide to the best houses in Minecraft. You will need realism mods for the final picture to be as effective as possible!

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