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Top 10 famous actors with serious problems with the law

Danny Trejo, Russell Crowe, Mel Gibson.  Collage

Everyone can make a mistake. Some mistakes are easily forgotten by us the very next day, while others are pursued until the end of our lives. When a famous actor commits a crime, the event is always in the spotlight. Even if the offense cannot be called significant, it consolidates the glory of a Hollywood bully for a person.

We present to you a selection of 10 actors who tempt fate by breaking the law. Some managed to get off with fines and correctional labor, while others had to serve real terms and seriously think about their behavior.

Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr.  iron Man

Movie star “Iron Man” and “Soldiers of Failure” always had a rather complicated relationship with the law. Robert even in his youth he tried alcohol and illegal substances. As you know, such addictions are not only harmful to health, but can also lead straight to jail.

At first Downey received a suspended sentence for possession of intoxicating drugs, and then ignored the invitation of a special commission that considered his case. This led to the fact that Robert actually ended up in prison, where he worked on the distribution in the cafeteria.

Sami Naseri

Sami Naseri.  Taxi

Many people know this actor from the franchise. “Taxi”, which at one time was incredibly popular. but Naseri not only a talented actor, but also a notorious bully. He was repeatedly prosecuted and spent about a year and a half behind bars.

Everything could be even sadder, because once Naseri, in another scuffle, inflicted several knife wounds on a man, but the victim survived, which seriously mitigated the punishment for the actor. The main reasons for the obscene and sometimes aggressive behavior of a star are a complex character and drug addiction.

Wesley snipes

Wesley Snipes.  Blade

This incredibly charismatic actor is known to many from the trilogy. “Blade”which tells the viewer the story of a vampire hunter. but Wesley was far from perfect in relations with government agencies. For 17 years Snipes skillfully evaded taxes and received 3 years conclusions.

Why was Wesley given such a severe punishment? It’s simple – the high level of his income allowed the state treasury to count on $ 15 million. Obviously, the actor could not be forgiven for such a large shortage.

Lindsey Lohan

Lindsey Lohan

Now Lindsey removed not so often, but earlier its demand was extremely high. Such famous paintings as “Machete”, “Anger management”, “Tough Georgia” not without the participation of the actress. Like many other stars, Lindsay often got into the police and the reason for this is illegal substances.

It was drug intoxication that provoked Lohan for dashing driving, inappropriate behavior and even theft. The actress often received short sentences and feels like a fish in water in a cell.

Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle Rodriguez.  The fast and the furious

There is always a place for irony and fate in life. Michelle Rodriguez – a clear proof of this. The girl is one of the main stars of the franchise “Fast and the Furious”, which is dedicated to cool cars and high speeds. In life, Michelle drives a car far from so skillfully – she has been repeatedly issued warnings for violations of various kinds.

However, the main problems began when the actress got behind the wheel in a state of alcoholic intoxication. Considering that she does not drive perfectly when sober, one can understand the amazement of the police who watched Rodriguez’s drunken ride. The girl went to prison, and then was forced to undergo treatment for alcohol addiction.

Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo.  Machete

As is known, Trejo became an actor quite by accident, he only gave a lift to his friend to the shooting and was noticed by the director. Danny from childhood he learned what prohibited substances are – his uncle led a marginal lifestyle and introduced his nephew to his dark affairs.

Trejo took part in robberies and raids, got out of prison and went there again. The total term of his imprisonment was about 11 years. On the other hand, Danny got rid of drug addiction and even went in for sports in a correctional institution, which was useful to him later in life.

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg.  Infinity

Although they say that Mark Wahlberg starred in all films with the same facial expression, the man remains in demand and quite popular actor. And in his youth, he was not the most balanced person, regularly got into fights, and also kindled conflicts based on racial intolerance.

Aged 16 years Mark inflicted serious injuries on two natives Vietnam, and was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment. Wahlberg, of his own free will, went to serve his sentence in an adult colony, counting on early release. And so it happened, but Mark had enough impressions to no longer strive for correctional institutions.

Curtis Jackson (50 Cent)

Curtis Jackson (50 Cent).  Escape plan

Many will say that Curtis – rather a music performer than an actor, and they will be right. However, films such as “Escape plan” and “Different things” not without participation Jackson… Childhood 50 Cent was not in the best conditions – his mother traded in illegal substances and lost her life early.

Unfortunately, Curtis followed in her footsteps, once the police found a supply of cocaine, heroin and crack, as well as firearms. It was impossible to escape responsibility, and Jackson sat on 3 years, although he came out ahead of schedule. Another well-known fact from the biography of the singer and actor is an attempt on his life. The perpetrator shot Curtis 9 times, but miraculously survived, seriously injured.

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson.  brave Heart

It’s no secret that Mel Gibson Is an incredibly talented actor and director. “Deadly weapon”, “Brave Heart”, “Patriot” – this is only a small part of the work of the star. True, Mel has an unbearable character, and it can be very difficult to come to an agreement with him. Gibson has repeatedly entered into tough controversy on the air and has never been shy in expressions.

When Mel was drunk and caught by a policeman behind the wheel, he was in no hurry to give up, sprinkled insults at the law enforcement officers and refused to leave the vehicle. Gibson escaped with a fine and probation, and also underwent alcohol addiction treatment.

Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe.  Gladiator

Few know, but for Russell Crowe the main role in the picture “Gladiator”, was familiar. Probably because he is ready to fight with those around him, not only on the set, but also outside it. Russell’s hot temper makes him wave his fists for any reason and this inevitably leads to problems with the law.

The victims of the actor’s rage rarely went to the police, they did not want to get involved with an influential and popular person. However, all patience comes to an end. After Crowe threw the phone at the head of the hotel employee, he could not resist. Russell not only paid compensation to the victim, but also received a suspended sentence.

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