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TOP 10 final missions in games

After a long (or not so long) adventure, it all comes down to the last dash – the final task begins. Luckily for gamers, there are many projects out there with top final missions

TOP 10 final missions in games

The overall impression of the video game depends on the last hours, and the ending, made with high quality and evoking emotions, will be remembered for many years. There are such culminations in projects of various genres, from role-playing sandboxes to action shooters.

In addition to competent ending of the plot, the final missions use the best (according to the developers) gameplay solutions. Most often it is dynamic battles or exciting momentswho keep in suspense to the last.

10th place: The Witcher 3 – On thin ice

The Witcher 3 - On Thin Ice

Throughout the game Geralt and company are hiding in every possible way from the Wild Huntwhile avoiding clashes with the operators and troops of Aen Elle. After the White Wolf finally found Ciri, it became clear that the aggressors would still have to fight back, because they would not retreat until then, until they get the Source (To Cyril.)

Many of those whom Geralt helped came to the rescue in the final battle, having a significant impact on its course. It is thanks to the collective work of the witcher chance to face Eredin one on one on the ship and in other locations where King Aen Elle teleported the White Wolf.

Even after the battle, the ending keeps the player in suspense, because then the denouement follows, depending on the choices in the game. Ciri can both stay with Geralt, and choose another path (if at all he will return after the White Cold).

9th place: Red Dead Redemption 2— American Poison

Red Dead Redemption 2- American Poison

Most players in Red Dead Redemption 2 have a genuine love for the main antagonist in the person of Arthur Morgan, and contempt mixed with hatred for Micah Bell. So when a traitor gets what he deserves from John, Charles, and Sadie, the ending gives genuine pleasure… You don’t often see three notorious criminals catching up with their former comrade in order to avenge their friend. Well, the scene itself is made according to all the canons of the best westerns!

A company of avengers makes their way up the mountain, reaching the final battle at its top. Rockstar Games makes good use of the harsh, snowy environment, enhancing the atmosphere and intensity. well and a cacophony of sounds, consisting of whipping shots and ringing string music, adds even more epic character.

8th Place: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – Final

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Final

Perhaps Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has one of the most emotional scenes in the history of video games, when Shepard betrays Squad 141, killing some of the main and beloved heroes: Roach and Ghost. The surviving Captain Price and Sope set off in pursuit of the defector. The pursuit is set at a level Hollywood action movies with a big budget, which, coupled with the motivation to take revenge on Shepard, is very effective and causes strong emotions.

Soup and Price still overtake the traitor, and emerge victorious in a difficult battle that almost cost Maktavish his life… In the end, both are rescued by Nikolai, who flew in by helicopter and reports that both heroes are on the international wanted list. Not a minute of peace!

7th Place: Batman: Arkham Origins – Blackgate Prison

Batman: Arkham Origins - Blackgate Prison

Batman: Arkham Origins ends where it begins – in Blackgate Prison. The entire Dark Knight trilogy stood out in the first place dynamic and interesting battlescombining both stealth and open combat. The boss fights are especially well done in Origins, and in the last mission the Savior of Gotham will have to face two of the strongest opponents: Bane and Joker… Fortunately, not at the same time.

Both fights are great use all gameplay mechanics, which the player comprehended during the entire passage: you need to use tactics, and stealth, and fists with high-tech gadgets.

6th place: Mad Max – Write my name in blood

Mad Max - Write my name in blood

Sadly, Mad Max loses his iconic V-8 interceptor in 2013 Mad Max. Therefore, the main character has to build and customize a new carthat was found in a junkyard. This expresses one of the main advantages of the game in the form of a wide selection of upgrades for your car.

In the climactic episode, Max finds his car thief, starting epic chase, which is in no way inferior to similar scenes from films. This is where the real test of the protagonist’s new car begins.

The last chase and the whole mission is very dynamic and in a good way mad… Maybe the game itself cannot be attributed to masterpieces, but the final part in it is done wonderfully well!

5th Place: GTA V – The Final Dash

GTA V - Last Dash

The legendary GTA series was never famous for its choice and was as linear as possible, but it was for the last mission, the developers have prepared the most interesting.

After the three main characters commit the largest robbery in the history of Los Santos, Devin Wenston comes to Franklin, offering kill Michael… This is the most obvious route. You can also contact Michael and arrange killing Trevor… But not all gamers who have passed GTA V know that Rockstar introduced an option when all three friends survive

Perhaps precisely because such an outcome of events is not announced to the player, he is special. And this is very realistic, because in life, the best outcomes are achieved only with great difficulty.

At the end of the story Michael, Trevor and Franklin survivedemonstrating great teamwork. Well, Devin Wenston gets what he deserves by going on a long flight, during which he sits in the best places (in the trunk of a car).

4th Place: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon – I’ll Break You

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon - I'll Break You

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon pays homage to fantastic old-school action films by bringing the quintessence of furious shooter, epic plot and great soundtrack

The outfit of the protagonist makes him almost Terminator, and the developers who gave him a visor (just like the character of Arnold Schwarzenegger), clearly parodied the legendary cinema. Well, cyberpunk-style shootouts under bouncy techno beats add the corresponding nostalgic notes of the 80s.

At the end of the story, Rex infiltrates the Danko base and cleans it out. In it he finds Sloan, who killed the protagonist’s friend at the beginning of the story. Naturally, the offender gets what he deserves, and his laboratory is destroyed by a powerful explosion. In the spirit of classic old action movies, Rex and Darling stay and stare at the ruins, tired and pleased with themselves.

It would seem that it is difficult to come up with a more primitive and clichéd plot, but all the elements of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon so well donethat cause genuine delight. Plus, the game is pretty short, so it ends exactly before it gets bored.

3rd place: Shadow of the Colossus – Malus

Shadow of the Colossus - Malus

Shadow of the Colossus acts on the player in a very simple way, using a simple scheme: each subsequent boss must be larger than the previous one. Therefore, in the final mission, you have to face really huge colossus Malus, which, in addition to normal attacks, can throw down giant fireballs on the protagonist’s head.

Climb Malus – the hardest task in the game, at the end of which the gamer’s character will literally be on top of the world. The epic battle is exhausting, and that’s why the long-awaited victory is so enjoyable.

But the game doesn’t end there. The climax turns out to be truly Shakespearean, because the one who defeated the biggest titan himself becomes him …

2nd place: Portal 2 – The part in which he kills you …

Portal 2 - The part where he kills you ...

Former assistant Chell in the person of Wheatley reveals his essence, gaining control over Aperture Science, so the test subject has to reunite with the once main enemy in the person GLADOS… Together they defeat the distraught module, and Valve deserves credit for the way they orchestrated the final battle.

In the last mission, the player will have to think quickly and act decisively, while everything around will collapse before our eyes, and Wheatley will fight for his life to the last (can AI have a life?). As a result, Chell will send the annoying module to the moon, and GLADOS finally abandons plans to get rid of the test subject, saying goodbye to her and letting go to the surface

The track Want You Gone reinforces the positive and incredibly vivid emotions from Portal 2. It’s no surprise that some fans still listen to this piece to this day.

1st Place: Bioshock Infinite – Sea of ​​Doors

Bioshock Infinite - Sea of ​​Doors

Bioshock Infinite plot at least one of the best in the history of mankind, and we are talking not only about video games, but also about books, movies, comics and so on. A powerful ending to the story to this day, it gives goosebumps to those who found it.

It turns out that Booker De Witt and was Comstock in a parallel universeprotecting Elizabeth’s own daughter from myself. When the main character realizes this together with the player, he humbly accepts death from all Elizabeth from the alternate worlds that drown his father. Unfortunately, Booker deserves this treatment as he gave Anna to pay off debtsbeing drunk as a lord.

Even to describe the climax alone, a separate article will be needed, so the incredible story of Bioshock Infinite in this top can only be retelled in fragments. For those who have not yet played an Irrational Games creation, it is recommended to at least get acquainted with the work of art by Ken Levine. The above spoilers will quickly fly out of your head., because it is easy for an ignorant person to get confused in them.

To find a good project for yourself, you can read our TOP 10 best steampunk games. Well, for those who want to tickle their nerves, we have TOP-10 good games with terrible endings. You can try to test them for strength yourself.

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