• February 20, 2024

Top 10 games for those who like Age of Empires

Released in 1997 year “Age of Empires” was quite a groundbreaking game for the genre RTS… For many gamers, it became their first real-time strategy game.


The series was a huge success and largely predetermined the further development of the genre. Military units descended from the pages of a history textbook, recreation of costumes and buildings of different countries and eras, rejection of the step-by-step system. Subsequently, the success of AOE tried to repeat the mass of RTS, borrowing one or the other characteristic features of the series. Here are the 10 best games like this.

10. Stronghold


The emerging in 2001 Stronghold took the castle control system from Age Of Empires’ arsenal and expanded it as much as possible. The player starts from almost zero, he has nothing but a lord and a few peasants. Over time, he must expand his influence, create a defense system and figure out how to meet all the needs of the city’s residents.

If the player does not succeed, the inhabitants of his city can simply leave, spitting on everything. This is the second of the stronghold’s main features, after large-scale battles. We have to balance on the edge of a cliff, trying to build a fortress and keep taxes low and organize food supplies. If only the people were satisfied.

9. Empire Earth

Empire earth

Finding a physical copy of this game now is a miracle. But who wants to, he will find a way to play this “Age Of Empires on steroids”.

Instead of dwelling on the Iron Age, progress continues to the distant cyber future. It is expected that multiplayer matches, in this situation, could easily turn into a battle of medieval halberdists, WWII infantry and huge mechanisms.

Empire earth Is an RTS that spans thousands of years of history, with a huge list of units and interesting tasks, so there will definitely be something to do even for a sophisticated player.

8. They Are Billions

They Are Billions

If one of the fans of AOE has always dreamed of “the same game, but with a zombie”, then They Are Billions – this is their choice. Building and preserving a city forced to defend itself against crowds of undead is not an easy task.

To get resources, you need to build the corresponding buildings near their deposits, which you need to enclose with walls. Thus, in some games, the map can turn into a maze of walls, towers and rows of soldiers. All this takes place in a steampunk setting. She, combined with a fun company, keeps fans coming back to the game again and again.

7. Rise Of Nations

Rise Of Nations

Appeared 6 years after the original Age of Empires, Rise Of Nations did not have such an impact on the industry, but nevertheless gained some popularity. As in the AOE, here the player must develop his own empire, build diplomacy and learn new technologies.

Here, the player is able to develop to the present day, with atomic bombs in the arsenal. Movement around the map is limited, opponents can suffer from exhaustion. This RTS looks pretty fresh among its “relatives”.

6. Going Medieval

Going Medieval

Don’t let players get confused by the minimalism and early access badge. Among indie RTS Going Medieval has already become a small star.

Brainchild Foxy voxel invites players to build their own kingdom in the wild, teeming with enemies. Column by column – the player personally builds his own city with a unique architecture. Walls are crumbling, buildings and crops are plagued by storms and lightning strikes. This project offers a more realistic approach to governing your kingdom.

5. Frozenheim


Another gem from early access – Forzenheim from Paranoid Interactive… RTS fans who love the northern reaches of Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla will love Forzenheim.

The Swedish project poses a difficult task for the player: to lead his own Viking clan through difficult trials. With detailed models and an intuitive combat system, Frozenheim is a fresh take on the RTS genre in every way.

4. Kingdom Wars: The Plague

Kingdom Wars: The Plague

The maps and heroes of Total War: Warhammer II may be impressive, but they don’t come close to what it offers Kingdom Wars: The Plague… This is an early access rough diamond that amazes the player with its scale. It’s hard to imagine how many hours it will take to try everything that is available in the game, if at all possible.

Created by the studio Reverie World Studios, the game plunges into the dark events of 1347. In the world of the dominant Black Death, the player can choose from 200 characters in Europe, the Middle East or Africa. Not only is the size of the map huge, but also the number of units used at the same time. It may be difficult to adapt to Kingdom Wars: The Plague, but having done this the player will definitely not regret the hours spent.

3. Northgard


Another Scandinavian game Northgard, came out in 2018… Project Shiro Games has a lot in common with Age of Empires. Models of cities and units evoke nostalgia with their cartoonish style, and the soundtrack makes you return to the game over and over again.

But this “cutie” is just the tip of the iceberg. Hidden underneath is a rather complex RTS. The wilderness is teeming with not only familiar enemies, but also monsters from Scandinavian myths. After a couple of hours of playing, gangs of monsters will become commonplace. Northgard is a fun fantasy take on the RTS genre.

2. Hearthlands


Hearthlands more like Rome or Civilization. The player’s task is to build his own kingdom in a procedurally generated fantasy world. Controlling the residents will not work directly; instead, you need to concentrate on building the city and protecting its population.

Each new kingdom in Hearthlands is unlike the previous one, huge enemy armies add problems to the player. Released in 2017 the project is impressive in its depth.

1. The Unexpected Quest

The unexpected quest

Game from Rionix clearly inspired by Warhammer III. In a familiar environment, the developers have created a unique fantasy world in which it is easy to disappear.

As the city expands and new structures are built to meet the needs of the inhabitants, the game will also throw up tasks to advance the story or receive rewards. There are also interesting puzzles scattered around the world, so The unexpected quest as if asking the player: “What else do you want to do?”. After all, she has something to offer him.

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