• September 24, 2023

TOP 10 games in which you can play as a villain

Not always being a good guy is the only way to go. There are also games where you can be a negative character while remaining in the lead roles. Among such projects, there are the best ones, where the role-playing of the bad guy is implemented superbly.

TOP 10 games in which you can be a villain

Video games provide players with a variety of ways to play through and role-play, whether it’s a choice between an assassin or a warrior, or a dilemma in an interesting dialogue. It is especially good when games show events and situations from different points of view, because reality is rarely black or white. In some you can even be the “bad guy”!

This is a great way to feel the variety for each player, because there are too many video games where you need or can play only a positive character. The villain experience is always unique and exciting, because you can pursue your own goals, and not try to save the world.

10th Place: The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim

In Skyrim, the player explores huge fantasy worldfilled with magic, dragons and many other gameplay variety. Unlike most fantasy, where everything is shown fabulously and kindly, here you can really become notorious villainsby joining the Thieves Guild or the Dark Brotherhood. Both groups are engaged in theft, murder, robbery, Daedra summons and other things that a decent Nord would not do.

Also, the game has the ability to behave like a negative character, stealing or insignificant innocent. There is little sense in this, but some people like the very possibility.

9th place: Tropico


The Tropico series is economic strategy and political simulator at the same time. The main task of the player is to stay in power as El-President as much as possible.

The game gives you the opportunity to be a dictator or a liberal president. Most decisions have consequences. For example, if you pass a law that many residents will not like, then sooner or later a popular uprising will rise

As a “bad guy,” you can fake election results, embezzle government money, engage in dirty politics, and so on. All this allows you to win back really negative personality at the helm of a tropical state.

8th place: Maneater


Maneater is a unique game with the main character shark… She is driven by a sense of revenge, because as a child, a hunter named Scaled Pete killed her mother and mutilated the fish itself. Over time, the predator of the seas grows, reaching the dimensions of a megalodon.

This setting leads to an unusual gameplay. Gamers have to go all the way of the shark and travel around the big world. In a sense, it is GTA in the sea world, but the development is still far from being comparable to the Rockstar project.

There are role-playing elements, so you can play both kind and bloodthirsty sharkthat attacks beaches, kills too many fish, hunts people and overturns boats.

7th place: GTA


The GTA series offers great opportunities for those who want to wreak havoc and anarchy. In each part, you can behave like real villainby committing illegal actions. Of course, the police will not be happy with this behavior!

In GTA V appeared even more ways to be a villain… There you can rob banks both in single player and online teaming up with friends.

The gameplay for Trevor in the single player campaign is true the apogee in the roleplaying of the negative character… Just what is his falling into a rage when he shoots dozens of rednecks, military, Ballas, Vagos and hipsters.

6th place: Fallout


If we talk about three-dimensional games Fallout, then in 3, 4 and New Vegas, the elements of role-playing are perfectly implemented (76 cannot boast of such). Every player can be who he wants, including an absolutely negative character. What is it worth explosion of the city of Megaton together with all its inhabitants in the third part.

Unlike many other video games, playing the villain in Fallout fits the atmosphere of the world… The post-apocalyptic universe perfectly disposes to worry about your own skin and think only about your own benefit. Bend over to the harsh reality or try to maintain a positive attitude? Everyone decides for himself!

5th place: Infamous


In Infamous games there is a morale slider, which changes depending on the actions of the gamer and moral choices. If the line moves to the side of the villain, it is significant will affect the plot and abilities of the hero

To get the most interesting and unusual content, it is recommended to be the villain (we are talking about each part of the title). The good-natured trail is too clichéd and is even shorter in some games and add-ons from the Sucker Punch series.

4th place: Untitled Goose Game

Untitled Goose Game

Untitled Goose Game is a short indie project to act out angry goose… It is impossible to get on the path of correction here, so the gameplay consists of stealing items, biting and damaging property. The main objective – ruin people’s lives

Game process funny and addictive, without any murder, blood and outright cruelty. In one of the latest updates, the developers added the ability to team up with another goose, making the game even more interesting.

3rd place: Saints Row

Saints row

The Saints Row title is similar to GTA, because there is also a big city here and complete freedom of action. But unlike the Rockstar project, this series uses crazy gameplay and unusual weapons (sharkomat, penetrator, chainsaw, annihilator, incinerator and others). Well, where else can you not kill with shots, but make you dance?

The plot of all parts revolves around gang of saintswho want to take power in the city into their own hands. There are interesting side missions and a surreal main campaign.

Best games in the series: Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV.

2nd place: Overlord


Overlord puts the player in the shoes of an evil overlord who wants to take over the entire world. The game in a fantasy setting has role-playing elements, and the gameplay is based on minion management and using abilities

Conquering the world in the face of the resurrected Lord is really impressive. The gamer feels like the embodiment of evil, and that’s why the project takes such a high place in the top.

there is system of depravity, which evaluates the actions of the protagonist and affects the further development of the plot. The game has a high quality black humor, satire and parody to a traditional fantasy setting.

Although Overlord is not very difficult, it can cause trouble for an inexperienced gamer, in which case it is the pumping of balanced skills that guarantees success. The new part supports cooperative passage.

1st place: Dead by Daylight

Dead by daylight

A clear TOP-1 among projects in which you can be a villain. Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer game where 4 lobbyists play the role of victims, and 1 in the role the killers… The latter must kill or put on the number of survivors, and they, in turn, must have time to open all the exits on the map.

The game receives regular updates (including chapters and additional paid content) and boasts a stable online experience. There is a huge selection of charactersincluding Freddy Krueger, Jason, heroes from Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Stranger Things, Saw, Ash vs Evil Dead and other settings.

Each session is unique and interestingnot only because of the different characters, but also because of the styles of each player. Someone prefers to be secretive, someone is good at fixing broken objects, someone is wonderful in close combat, while other assassins control the situation from a distance. Deserved first place on the list!

Projects are not always as impressive as the members of this collection. We advise you to read about the TOP-5 games that disappointed players, as well as about the TOP-10 good games with terrible endings.

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