• February 20, 2024

TOP 10 great but little-known projects

There are many awesome games coming out on PlayStation 5 for all tastes and colors. In 2021, both adventure and RPG games of every level will be released, from the more mundane to AAA. However, we always hear only about those that lie on the surface – the most popular and famous games. There are also many noteworthy projects that few have heard of. However, the reason is not the quality of the digital product, they just have poor marketers. We’ve compiled a selection of good PS5 games in 2021 that you probably haven’t heard of but should find out. We keep our fists to ensure that these games work normally on new consoles, without lags and other jambs.

10/10 Kena Bridge Of Spirits

Kena Bridge Of Spirits is a third-person action adventure in which the player takes on the role of Ken’s young spirit guide. The whole plot is built around a mysterious village, where players will collect “rot” spirits. Along the way, you will have to go through puzzles, destroy enemies and all this in order to return the vir to its original state. The game has an original art style, attractive graphics based on new generation technologies. Drawing and animation of all objects should be at the highest level.

9/10 Praey For The Gods

Praey for the Gods takes a piece of Shadow of the Colossus as a basis and takes it to its fantasy world, captured by the harsh frosty wastelands. The main character is forced to survive: hunt, collect and improve equipment, kill all opponents that get in the way. The open world game seems very promising to us. The developers declare complete freedom of action, as well as a wide range of opportunities for interacting with wildlife: swimming, climbing rocks, sliding in the snow, etc. bosses.

8/10 Solar Ash

Solar Ash is another game from Heart Machine, developers of the indie hit Hyper Light Drifter. We expect a lot from their new project as well. Rey, the main heroine of the game, also a runner, who has an important task – not to let the “Ultraboid” destroy the world. In-game battles are tied to speed, smoothness of movement and generally fit well into the gameplay. Rey is good at climbing walls and moving fast as he travels through this stunning world. Looks like we are waiting for the second cool game from Heart Machine.

7/10 Stray

The Stray game takes us to a cyberpunk-style city filled with robots, cyborgs. What’s interesting is that the player controls a stray cat that wanders around the neighborhood. You need to figure out the mystery of the city and find your way home. Over time, the player will be able to make friends with the B12 drone, which expands the gameplay. This is a great opportunity to mess around, harm the characters of the city and generally do whatever comes to mind.

6/10 Edge Of Eternity

The events of Edge Of Eternity take you to a world with a mysterious invader who went to war with the people of Geryon. RPG game with turn-based mechanics and deep story will allow you to make decisions that will affect many events. Geryon’s world is filled with unique locations to explore, providing at least 40 hours of gameplay. The player also gains the ability to tame a huge cat-like creature and move around on it.

5/10 Cris Tales

A kind of love letter to classic RPG games with a cartoon art style. The player will be able to travel the world for more than 20 hours and explore the ramifications of the plot that affect the past and future of the Crystallis regions. The turn-based combat system with unique mechanics of movement in time made it possible to achieve a rather deep subtext and makes it necessary to calculate moves in advance. Interesting – the player will be able to travel even on a derezable.

4/10 Sifu

Sifu is a kung fu game with amazing graphics and unique death mechanics. Instead of dying, the central character of the story, Sifu, just grows up and continues his adventures with other players. The focus is on kung fu fighting, but the game allows for dirty tricks and environmental elements to defend against a frontal assault. Today, Sifu still has a large share of the mystery, but many gaming experts predict a great future for the game. It looks like a new hit is on the way.

3/10 Scarlet Nexus

Scarlet Nexus is an RPG set in the near future where humanity in an alternate universe has been attacked by another race called the Others. Players must stand up to protect people from Others with the help of melee weapons and telekinetic force. Scarlet Nexus has a much needed epic premise and gorgeous anime-like artwork. Combined with a deeply detailed virtual world, hundreds of equipment options and different character abilities, this RPG will be a pleasure to play.

2/10 Little Devil Inside

The Little Devil Inside game invites you to try yourself in the role of exploring a world filled to the brim with supernatural creatures and dangerous adventures. The creators themselves call it an adventure game with survival elements. A variety of tools will be available to choose from: swords, hooks, bombs and many commonplace tourist equipment. A huge selection of locations (from deserts to forests, from mountains to the depths of the sea) will not get bored while traveling. Do not be confused by visual minimalism, the game will be able to immerse you in its unique environment with your head.

1/10 Ghostwire: Tokyo

99% of the entire population of Tokyo disappeared, and strange spirits filled the void of the city. From the first seconds, the story delays and makes you burn with the desire to find out what really happened. The first-person game is focused on a combat system with the use of magic and various combos. Until now, few details are known about Ghostwire: Tokyo, but the start is promising.

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