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Top 10 guilds in The Elder Scrolls: where are the best places to join?

The most interesting and useful guilds for the player, which are worth paying attention to first. A lore-rich series of games. The ancient scrolls are known all over the world for many reasons. One of them is an interesting plot, which necessarily mentions a large number of guilds.

Each of them can bring something of their own to both the player’s character and the world where events unfold. By completing quests, the player improves the position of the guildmates in the world, taking care of his hero too. For example, he helps the Guild of Fighters to destroy enemies, magicians – to find powerful artifacts, Thieves – to earn money (they certainly cannot be superfluous).

Guilds TESO

Of the many guilds in the series, only a few really stand out. And below is a list of the world’s best The Elder Scrolls.

10th place. The Dark Brotherhood

10th place.  The Dark Brotherhood

The black palm print is the iconic symbol of the Dark Brotherhood. Through its activities, this organization has made itself one of the most famous not only in Skyrim, but throughout Tamriel.

Unlike others “legal»Factions, the Dark Brotherhood specializes in secret operations. The to-do list of members of this closed group includes actions such as murder, theft and other forms of illegal activity.

Dark Brothers and the Dark Sisters it is quite easy to find out if you know about the existence of such a guild personally. They are dressed in robes or tight leather clothing. black and red… Ordinary inhabitants of Tamriel, not knowing this fact, will never understand who will stand in front of him or pass by.

In some parts of The Elder Scrolls, players are given the opportunity to join to the Dark Brotherhood. Moreover, the clan does not like rather simple applications. You must go through the test by completing it unorthodox methods.

Those who become members of the Dark Brotherhood will feel the atmosphere of mystery that surrounds themselves and their companions.

What’s interesting is that the Dark Brotherhood has two more subgroups, each of which is hidden from the others. This is an Argonian-oriented clan of Shadows, as well as an elite grouping the Black Hand, which in terms of power is above the Brotherhood.

9th place. Blades

9th place.  Blades

The dragon emblem reminds the citizens of Tamriel that there will always be blades by the Emperor’s side, ready for him protect… Players who join an organization like the Blades will become part of a centuries-old pact. It dates back to the founding of the Akavir Dragonguard.

Gold-plated plates and signature katanas with a truly regal sheen – these two signs gamers will instantly recognize the defenders of royalty.

However, the Blades, contrary to popular belief, are not just an elite guard Emperor. Some of them can and is considered it, but the other performs secret operations ordered by the emperor, which allows you to get the Empire advantages… As a rule, tasks of this kind are associated with espionage. True, they do not do it themselves, but recruit people who in the future become their secret agents.

For example, Blades can be in a province. Formally, they are there diplomatic affairs, and in fact – send agents to spy on potential threats. This way, players who join the Blades can feel like they are part of an intelligence agency.

8th place. Mythic Dawn

8th place.  Mythic Dawn

TES IV: Oblivion players will surely remember the mysterious cult of the Mythic Dawn, who participated in the assassination of the penultimate Septim Emperor Uriel Septim VII, as well as his heirs. Later in the story, it is revealed that this faction was directly responsible for Oblivion Crisisthat led to the Daedric invasion of Tamriel represented by Mehrunes Dagon, Daedric Prince of Destruction

Unlike other factions, players join the Mythic Dawn temporarily as part of the main quest.

However, the fact of the presence of a huge number of sleeping agentsscattered throughout the region and awaiting orders own sub-plan in Oblivion leader Mankar Camoran. The fanaticism of the cult, combined with the tight control and complex ornate structure, and the aura of horror it creates, make the faction so memorable. The sharp contrast of fear in the world of joy and happiness allowed highlight Mythic Dawn and add it to this rating.

7th place. Eastern imperial company

7th place.  Eastern imperial company

Not all factions in Tamriel are directly or indirectly associated with fighting, espionage or theft. There are also honest ones, “legal“, So to speak. It will be about the well-known Eastern Empire Company engaged in export / import a wide variety of products.

In addition to its multinational nature, it is monopolistic, and therefore can itself control and set prices for all goods. IN the third part of the Elder Scrolls it is the Eastern Empire Company that is responsible for the trade in items such as mazte, sujamma, Cyrodiil brandy, and kwama eggs.

When players join this trading guild, they complete its tasks, thereby allowing the Company to improve its position. At the same time, Dovahkiin himself is climbing the career ladder. Upon receiving a certain rank (Factor), he can (with the support of the Company) control its affairs in the region.

6th place. Thieves Guild

6th place.  Thieves Guild

Those who love and know how to stealthily walk and steal are likely to end up in the Thieves Guild. She is the most peaceful among other “illegal”. Interestingly, the authorities of all provinces know perfectly well about the existence of a group of thieves, but instead of arresting them, they have an unwritten agreement: thieves, albeit unknowinglybut “regulate“Crime, but the guards do not touch them. Doesn’t it seem funny in relation to those who should instill fear of losing the most valuable?

Surprisingly, the Thieves Guild has developed a rather strange reputation over its entire existence. She can be called the most carefree and humorous. However, this faction does not welcome such things as competition and breaking the rules.

Many quests of this faction have quite serious quests in terms of difficulty with rather unexpected plot twists. However, only the Thieves Guild is ultimately capable of giving players the opportunity to look from the other side on the lives of the citizens of Tamriel.

5th place. Mages Guild

5th place.  Mages Guild

The citizens of Tamriel who had the potential to become masters of the arcane arts had to find a place where they could unfold. For them, such a place was created – the Guild of Mages, where they entered in order to hone their skills. For example, in the fourth part, players can go to a secluded Imperial City Wizardry Universityto master witchcraft.

According to lore, the Mages Guild was created as alternatives The Psijic Order, where it was believed that magic should only be practiced worthy… The organization existed for a long time – until the Fourth Era, when it was dissolved, but some branches remained. For example, collegium Winterhold in Skyrim, who began to feel special and instilled this feeling in all the adepts studying there.

Members of the Mages Guild can belong to one of many schools of magic, each of which specializes in different forms of witchcraft. They all wear clothes that tell knowledgeable people about their accessories to this or that school.

The history of the Mages Guild is rich in accomplishments and people who have done a lot for all of Tamriel. And even after the Oblivion Crisis, as well as the events at the beginning of the Fourth Era, the legacy of the Mages Guild lives on in scattered magic collegeslike in Skyrim (College of Winterhold).

4th place. Two Lamps

Leader of the Twin Lamps faction - Ilmeni Dren

The cult part about Morrowind delighted fans of the Elder Scrolls with the presence of several unique factions that cannot be found in other games in the Elder Scrolls series.

It was formed due to the established policy in Morrowind, allowing dunmer have slaves… Interestingly, slaves could not be found further than this region – slavery was banned.

There were two races as slaves in Morrowind – Argonians and Khajiit… They later formed the Two Lamps, an abolitionist party that seeks to help slaves escape Morrowind and find their way to freedom. Although the faction was small, it had many sleeping agents, who found the slaves, reported to the heads of the Two Lamps, and they, in turn, asked the player to go to the designated place and free from the oppression of the rich Dunmer.

In Oblivion and Skyrim, as well as in TESO, this faction is no longer found.

3rd place. Arena

3rd place.  Arena

Oblivion fans will remember with tenderness and warmth Arena – a unique place where you could test your strength on the battlefield. Particularly vivid memories of the Arena remain from hype announcer and extremely difficult battles, where every victory is worth its weight in gold.

It was located in the Imperial City Cyrodiil – the very center of the Empire. As the name suggests, different gladiators fight there, and the player himself can become one of them. There are a lot of characters in the Arena, each of which stands out in its own way, starting with Adoring Fan and ending Blademaster Owin

Unlike other factions, in the Arena “missions” are obtained quite simple… All it takes is simple survive in the fight. But on the other hand, you can get awards, a title, and it’s also nice to pump your fighting skills.

2nd place. Clan Volkihar

2nd place.  Clan Volkihar

The players of the fifth part remember very well how big it turned out to be, that practically three DLCs were released for it. Two of them come with a unique storyline, and the third is about building a house. In one of the Skyrim add-ons called Dawnguard you can see two factions at once: the Volkihar clan and the Guardians of the Dawn. We’ll talk about the latter later, but for now let’s pay attention to the clan.

In the cold lands of the Nords, in addition to people, various supernatural beings found a place for themselves: vampires and werewolves. If everything is clear with the latter, then you can become a vampire by joining clan Volkiharled by Lord Harkon

To keep the promise given to the player, Harkon will ask Dovahkiin to take part in improving the situation of vampires in Skyrim.

Volkihar, unlike other factions in TES V: Skyrim, has a very exciting plot and narration. By completing tasks, as well as finding books in the building, you can learn more about mysterious clan leader and his family.

By choosing the side of the Volkihar, the Dragonborn could contribute fulfillment of the prophecy of the Tyranny of the Sun, making vampires the rulers of Skyrim and then Tamriel.

1st place. Guardians of the Dawn

1st place.  Guardians of the Dawn

As long as hostile supernatural blood-sucking creatures such as vampires exist in Tamriel, there will always be those who will catch and kill them… In Skyrim, a whole fraction called Guardians of the Dawn. Their fortress is located in the Velothi Mountains. At the time of the appearance of Dovahkiin in their lands, they will be in a state of war with the vampires who have settled in these lands – the Volkihar clan.

By lore, the Jarl from Riften founded the guild. This he had to do after infecting his son with vampirism. His death at the hands of his father in the prison, which was in the possession of the Guard, was the reason to disband the organization. However, it then gathered again and already as an independent faction was engaged in capture and destruction of vampireswhat they were good at.

Players will likely recognize the members of the Dawnguard by their leather equipment, as well as their extensive use of silver-plated weapons. In addition, its leader will hold the Guardian’s silver-gold claymore.

When choosing the Guardian of the Dawn in the war between them and the vampires, the player will help prevent the Tyranny of the Sun… According to this prophecy, vampires could block the sun, making their stay safe for themselves, and then take over the whole world.

Each guild reviewed in this article was remembered by the players due to different features. Some – with an interesting plot, others – with characters that were funny or, on the contrary, serious. However, they all benefited the player (with the exception of the Mythic Dawn, of course).

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