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Top 10 historical characters in the game

Assassin's Creed Top 10 Historical Figures in the Game

Many fans of the series know that the Assassins’s Creed series is only based on historical events, and is not a completely reliable copy, but these characters are recreated perfectly, as if coming from the pages of history books.

The franchise has certainly come a long way, but despite the interesting mechanics, many game characters, unfortunately, are often created only as “bridges” from one task to another and do not have a deep study. However, sometimes Ubisoft succeeds in creating intriguing and interesting characters. We will talk about them.

Leonardo da Vinci

Renaissance easily takes a leading position among all the games in the series, thanks to an interesting narrative and an innovative mechanic for those times. The greatest genius contributes in part to this. Leonardo da Vinci, one of the most co-ordinated supporting characters in the game series. Have Ezio and Leonardo there are common goals and a strong desire to prove themselves by winning a place in the sun. This feeds their friendship, which is shown in parts “Brotherhood” and Assassins’s Creed IILeonardo da Vinci

One of the main roles of the character is to help the protagonist by giving him various inventions that the developers have made complete. For example, an aircraft, a tank, a ship’s weapon and other mechanisms created by a genius. Of course, some of them only appear in the game once or twice, but that doesn’t. Leonardo da Vinci less ingenious.

Mary Reid

A girl masquerading as a man is one of the most famous pirates in Assassins’Creed IV: Black Flag… Sly, smart and lively Mary was one of the few women who gained fame and respect in The golden age of pirates… Disguising as an ordinary pirate, excellent skills, a serious attitude to combat and many years of experience in handling the ship made the girl much more dangerous and formidable than an ordinary pirate looked at those years.Mary Reid

While she travels with Edward, she shows herself in the best way: she shows excellent qualities of a sailor, handles the ship well and navigates the sea, ascending the hierarchical ladder. As an Assassin, Reed re-demonstrates her ruthless assassin skills to everyone, complementing her ingenuity and dexterity.


One of the world’s greatest philosophers, obviously, was supposed to appear in the game, which takes place in ancient greece… Before the release, it was not clear how a non-combat character would fit into a project, the basics of which are precisely battles, but the role-playing element perfectly entered Socrates the Assassins.

Ancient Greek philosopher, endlessly discussing the meaning of the universe in AC: Odyssey

The philosopher immediately showed himself to be an intelligent person, disillusioned with the narrow views of his entourage. The player can interact with him as much as necessary. You can join discussions of Socrates and Phrasimachusby discussing with them the nature of leadership. Of course, the character is not spelled out that deeply, but his lines can provide good food for thought.


In addition to the straightforward nature of the woman and her incredible cruelty, in Cleopatra many other positive qualities stand out. She possessed an extraordinary charm, which not only delighted the mighty of the world, opening all the doors for her, but also allowed the mistress to lead the crowds of legionnaires.Cleopatra

This influenced her appearance in Assassin’s Creed: Origins… She communicates calmly with Bayek, but each line reflects the power and danger emanating from Cleopatra… By answering succinctly and accurately, she shows that she is an unrivaled ruler. The main character and the mistress are united by common goals and common enemies, who are to be sent to another world.

Benjamin Franklin

It was obvious that the third part of “Assassins” with their revolutionary setting will include the founding fathers of the United States of America. Ben franklin appears in the game as a sponsor asking the player to find and bring back the pages of Poor Richard’s Almanac. This part of the game reveals his career as a writer, revealing many interesting details.

Benjamin Franklin

Ben has appeared in other parts of the series – “Outcasts” and “Unity”where the other side of the coin was shown. He was not only a writer, but a versatile personality, and his roles in Outcast and Unity, where Franklin is featured as inventor and ambassador to France, prove this.

Benjamin’s presence in all three games shows the man an active figure in many aspects of the world who has mastered many professions.

Julius Caesar

Following the example of Rome and other sources, Julius Caesar – an impressive figure in Assassins’Creed: Origins… He possessed the charisma and skills of a great commander, often he himself led an army into battle and emerged victorious. He was loved for many reasons: Caesar was a radical reformer, who turned the Roman Republic into an Empire, which satisfied the interests of the common people.Julius Caesar

All this has been transferred to the game: the player observes a powerful person who always finds a way to victory, even if it goes against the bounds of decency. Strong and mighty in battle Caesar earned the love of his contemporaries and players, he was recreated in the game as tyrannical and cruel: this is all reflected in the dialogues and in non-playable scenes.

Niccolo Machiavelli

Niccolo plotting intrigues in real life, doing the same in part “Brotherhood”… Meticulous and cruel intriguers are often nicknamed “Machiavellianists”: such people see all the threads, manipulating others for their own benefit and purpose. And they are so nicknamed for a reason: this person led the Brotherhood of Assassins in the Renaissance, recreated in “Brotherhood”, and not everyone can do it.Niccolo Machiavelli

Machiavelli calculating and cold, he is one of the main figures of the Brotherhood, as one would expect from such a person. His actions are unpredictable and often have non-obvious intentions, which sometimes raises doubts in the souls of his environment. Niccolo always wants to achieve the most beneficial option for all, and the main character obediently helps him in this. It is interesting to watch the character, because all the tasks received from Machiavelli are justified by serious motives, at the same time showing cunning and practicality Ezio

Alfred the Great

Rarely in history can you find such a serious monarch as Alfred, because without Wessex, the country would have fallen at the hands of the Vikings. He united his scattered people into one whole, fortified his lands, created many reforms, and defended territories from attacks. According to his plans, these actions were to unite all regions into one kingdom of England

At first glance, it might seem that Alfred in Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla is a typical antagonist, he is still a devout and intelligent figure. He is not playing a short game, but a long and drawn-out game, being the smartest and most interesting in the room. The player sees his goal, but cannot be completely sure of what is behind it.

The biggest disadvantage of the character is that so little attention is paid to him in the game.

Caterina Sforza

Constant ally Ezio in his adventures, Katerina, is the same thug. She relies only on herself, is confident in her own strength and will not tolerate someone else offending her. Even surrounded by enemies, she still stands her ground, punishing those who disagree.Caterina Sforza

For someone who first hears about this person, Katerina may seem too “bloated” at first, but this is not so. Caterina Sforza was indeed an authority figure and often took matters into her own hands while her husbands were busy.

Her strength, intelligence, influence and vulgarity create an ideal character, because it is not for nothing that she was nicknamed “Tigress”.

Black beard

Legends and chronicles describe Blackbeard as formidable and terrible as he was made in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag… The most famous pirate, whom even one who is not at all strong in history has heard of. The game conveyed his greatness in the best way: when Edward Thatch appears in the game, he is distressed, but still uses his madness to intimidate opponents, making them tremble and obey.Black beard

Thanks to Blackbeard closely related to Edward Kenway, it is perfectly exposed and has received a lot of attention. The secondary character strongly influences the main character, becoming Kenway close associate. In addition to its plot content, which is completed at the level, the version of Blackbeard from “Assassins” is the most elaborate of all existing ones.

If you are a fan of the Assassin’s Creed series and love history, then we recommend reading the TOP-10 historical characters in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

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