• December 5, 2023

Top 10 imbalanced things that will make Geralt invincible in the Witcher 3

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a pretty hard RPG, especially if you play it on Death! However, the game has several imbalanced skills, potions, items of equipment and other things, thanks to which Geralt’s power is increased several times.

10 imbalanced things in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

However, even with them, most battles will require some preparation.

10 – Intoxication

Geralt's intoxication

Initially, it may seem that an overdose of potions only interferes with the witcher, because it can lead to death. However, having found several green mutagens and pumping a couple of perks in alchemy, Geralt not only becomes immortal when intoxicated, but also gains superhuman strength. For example, how do you increased damage from melee attacks by 75%? But in the tree of pumping alchemy there is a huge variety of skills tied precisely to intoxication. And it doesn’t matter what kind of potions or decoctions Geralt drinks, the main thing is to bring himself to overdose conditions

The only drawback is that such a state leads to changes in the appearance of the witcher – amateurs Role Play hardly like it when their character’s face looks like a drowned man (especially annoying in dialogues).

9 – Crits, too many crits

Critical Damage in The Witcher 3

Critical damage in The Witcher 3 is quite absurd, because a branch for pumping it is present in almost every skill tree. It is especially immobile to fight with its help against bosses and especially large creatures, because in most cases fights take place 1 vs 1. The perk in alchemy seems to be especially cheating, which increases the chance of a critical hit by 10% after each killed enemy, provided that intoxication is above 0 units. Do you understand how strong it is? It is enough to drink even the simplest broth, then chop 10 drowned or ghouls, and then go to almost any boss. But along with alchemy, players often pump critical perks in heavy or light hits …

8 – Skill “Whirlwind”

The witcher attacks with a whirlwind

Do you think that a crowd of enemies can oppose something to Geralt, surrounding him from all sides? Only if the witcher has not pumped completely broken perk “Whirlwind”, which is considered to be the best combat ability. It works as follows: while the player holds down the attack key, the character begins a series of quick strikes that inflict damage on all enemies in the area. This will help not only to avoid the environment, but also to quickly destroy hordes of annoying enemies, for example, nakers or foggers. Monsters simply will not be able to hide or attack the witcher, since they will receive a sword in the face every 0.5 seconds.

Whirlwind hits are strong enough to stack with any crits.

7 – Endless oils and decoctions

Alchemy in The Witcher 3

What Geralt’s inventory is updated after meditation – in itself is cheating. After all, it is enough just once to cook a rare concoction from a succubus or archigryphon, as it will be available for use until the end of the game (I wonder where the witcher gets the ingredients for updating?). However, the skill in the alchemist tree is even more immersive, which at the first level of pumping reduces the consumption of broths and oils by 33%, at the second – by 66%, and at the third it makes them endless. How does it work in practice? You apply, for example, oil against ghouls on a silver sword, and then go to the graveyard to chop monsters. In this case, the oil charges will not be consumed – the bonus for the extermination of creatures will remain until Geralt changes the type of oil.

6 – Bear School Armor

Bear School Armor

Ursin’s Armor – one of the best sets in the game. Besides the fact that they have a huge amount of protection, their additional effect is just insane – minus 45% damage from ALL monsters… Considering that the adherents of the Bear school often pump the Quen sign, it will not be easy to break through such a witcher. Yes, you can say that forging a master or grandmaster set will be quite difficult, however, for a person who has set a goal, nothing is impossible.

Sooner or later, such a gamer will become a real tank who will laugh in the face of the complexity of “Death!”

5 – Silver Sword Arondite

Silver Sword Arondit

Most fans of the series are familiar with this weapon thanks to the first Witcher. We all waited and believed that the legendary sword would sooner or later appear in The Wild Hunt. And now, finally, with the release of the last DLC “Blood and Wine” players have a chance to complete a small quest, during which the Lady of the Lake will return the lost sword to us. Why did Arondit hit the top? Yes, because it is the only sword whose level rises with the level of the witcher… Destroying enemies, the weapon will accumulate charges, which increase the bonus for damage.

As soon as the bonus hits the ceiling, the damage will stop growing, but after Geralt’s lvlup, the sword will start gaining power again.

4 – Steel Sword Iris

Iris Steel Sword

If at the end of the passage DLC “Hearts of Stone” Geralt will take the side of Olgerd von Everek, then as a reward the chieftain will give us the most expensive thing that he has – a steel saber, named after his late wife Iris… In addition to being one of the few curved blades in the game, the weapon also has a unique look and enchantment. During the execution of light blows, the saber accumulates charges, which can then be released with a force strike, causing massive damage.

Seriously, even though Iris doesn’t grow with Geralt’s level, the sword will remain extremely powerful even late in the game.

3 – Archigryphon decoction

Archigryphon Nest

It is difficult to say which broth in The Witcher 3 is the most cheating, because they all increase the Witcher’s power. However, there is one thing among the brew that will be imbalanced even in the very early stages of the game – this is decoction from archigryphon… All its power lies in the fact that our power attacks begin to damage the enemy as a percentage of his health (5% at a time). That is, Geralt, being level 10, can easily go to the Level 40 Trait and destroy it in 20 power strikes. The most important thing is to dodge attacks, because one hit guarantees death. But the experience after such a fight will send out an unreal amount

2 – Great Owl

Great Owl

What could be better than accelerating energy recovery at a relatively low cost? That’s right, the same bonus, but on an ongoing basis. Elixir Tier 3 Owl pumping works all night, so the witcher remains unrealistically strong until dawn comes – he can use the “Whirlwind” almost without interruption, as well as perform power strikes. Well, or you can just shoot enemies from afar with a crossbow, and as soon as they come up – run back on the sprint.

An unambiguous must-have at any stage of the game!

1 – Skill of a fiery stream in the sign of Igni

Fire Stream of Igni

Remember Imlerich’s face when Geralt roasted him with a jet of flame? We can say that then the witcher used one of his trump cards, because Igni is a very good sign in itself, especially against armored targets. However, if the player will pump it to the level of a “flamethrower”, then no single target will have a chance. It will simply light up, after which it will be enough to finish off the enemy with a sword. Well, if a whole crowd attacked you, you can fry everyone at once and watch them waving their hands helplessly.

A very, very strong perk for the Witcher from the Griffin school.

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