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Top 10 misconceptions that many players don’t know about

Skyrim: 10 Major Misconceptions Many Players Don't Know

Since its release in 2011, Skyrim has remained a prominent figure in the RPG genre. However, during its existence, the game has gathered around itself an incredible number of various misconceptions. This is frustrating but expected given the immense popularity of Skyrim.

For some, the game became the first in The Elder Scrolls series, which has given rise to many common misconceptions about lore. Others criticize certain game mechanics. These discussions have generated inaccuracies that are ultimately harmless, but still capable of obscuring the true nature of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

This is the best / worst game in the Elder Scrolls series.

Bethesda games have a clear split among playersespecially among The Elder Scrolls fans. While Skyrim is undoubtedly the most popular TES to date, it lacks some elements of its predecessors. Longtime fans regularly criticized Skyrim for its casualness, while newbies are praised for the low threshold of entry… Despite the arguments of each fan group, both sides are right in their own way.

Skyrim Best / Worst Elder Scrolls Game

Each new part of the Elder Scrolls is very different from the previous one. These features make each game a unique and distinctive addition to the larger universe. Regardless, fans still criticize Skyrim for being different from other parts. Yes, it lacks certain elements, but instead the developers have added many new innovations.

The character’s race does not affect the gameplay

When creating a character, the Elder Scrolls franchise allows players to choose from many different races. This is the first and most important choice a gamer makes, as race determines many aspects of the game. Everything from characteristics to appearance is determined by race. But unlike previous TES games, in Skyrim, races got a certain nerf, giving players the impression that the choice doesn’t matter now.

The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim: Races and Their Features

The reason the race has become less influential has to do with Skyrim’s pursuit of versatility. However, the choice still has a significant impact on the progress of the game.

It determines the characteristics of a character, his resistance, passive and active abilities and, most importantly, how the world interacts with him.

The pumping system is ridiculous

Previous Elder Scrolls games included much more complex leveling and skill leveling systems… While the old system was at times confusing for inexperienced gamers, it allowed for more elaborate builds of your character and made gameplay more difficult. Skyrim leveling has become more casual and less demanding… Casual is not necessarily a bad quality, but it is criticized by many.

The pumping system is ridiculous

Compared to past TESs, Skyrim’s leveling system seems ridiculous. but in fact, it has not lost its effectiveness… Skills are still pumped by game actions, the talent tree also adds variability to builds. While this basic gameplay has become simpler, it continues to cope with the function, giving players valuable freedom of choice.

Game character is too strong

Skyrim provides the opportunity to play as the legendary last Dragonborn Nirn. Possessing the soul of a dragon and the power of Tuum, the character possesses tremendous power. However, as with most RPGs, gamers believe that the character must become strong due to competent pumping and obtaining rare equipment, not at the expense of imbalance abilitiesavailable almost from the start.

Game character is too strong

The Elder Scrolls franchise has always made fan service a top priority, especially in Skyrim. Shouting access grants players exceptional abilities that can be used in any build.

According to the logic of the developers, players should not be limited to passing exclusively with a bow or sword.

Fast travel has become a must

Skyrim is a huge and amazing region to explore. While its size provides players with many areas to explore, it also leads to long and dangerous journeys. A fast travel system is in place to counter these long hikes. Players can instantly travel to any location they visit, but this system is often abused.

The Elder Scrolls 5 (TES V): Skyrim: Map with all locations

Players constantly use fast movement, which kills not only the incentive to explore, but also immersion… Exploring Skyrim solely on foot or on horseback allows players to discover new locations, as well as encounter random events in the world. In addition, if the player needs a fast vehicle, he can hire a crew. Fast travel is not a necessity, but an alternative; you should not take it as the only and obligatory way to move around the map.

The choice doesn’t matter

A common criticism of Skyrim is that the game does not give the player freedom of choice… Her predecessors Morrowind and Oblivion are very different in regards to RPG elements. Both games ensure that every choice matters, which gives them the status of a true RPG… Conversely, Skyrim does not attach much importance to decisions, giving some the idea that they do not matter.

The choice doesn't matter

While many choices don’t have a major impact, there are times when important decisions need to be made. As the Last Dragonborn, players have a big impact on the world. They are can dictate the outcome of the war, determine the future of factions and even encourage or break dragon ties… These decisions are of great importance as they shape the future of Skyrim.

Civil war is not a problem

Skyrim is experiencing not only return of the Eater of Worldsbut also exhausting civil war… Each side fights for their cause with unrelenting rage and ruthlessness, turning it into a serious conflict. However, many find that the war goes on without major in-game battles. This leads one to believe that the conflict is not as serious as the inhabitants of Skyrim describe it.

Civil war is not a problem

Although the game does not show a clear effect of the civil war, but lore is one of the most serious conflicts. Bethesda originally envisioned war to work more closely with players taking part in defense and hold invasion.

Although these elements have been removed, the game can still choose a side of the conflict, take part in the Battle of Whiterun, and decide the outcome of the war.

Skyrim: 10 most difficult decisions and consequences of choices

The dragons in the game are actually wyverns.

The main antagonist of Skyrim is Alduin and his dragon brothers. These legendary creatures have tremendous power that only the last Dragonborn can rival. Although these creatures in the game world are called dragons, their appearance seems to contradict this. Many players claim that the dragons of Skyrim are actually wyvernssince they don’t have four legs.

Skyrim |  Where to find a dragon in Skyrim - Species, Habitats, Tu`um

Usually wyverns and dragons differ from each other in size and number of legs (dragons with four, and wyverns with two). However, these creatures are fictional, so the authors themselves decide how to call their “creations”.

In fact, there are many famous dragons that look more like wyverns in appearance, such as Smaug from the universe of Middle-earth.

Alduin is evil incarnate

The main plot of Skyrim is the last Dragonborn’s search for a way to defeat the World Eater Alduin. Throughout the game, the inhabitants of Skyrim refer to Alduin as an evil creature acting solely out of hatred. There is some truth to this, but there is an important aspect of Alduin’s purpose that is often overlooked.

Alduin is evil incarnate

In the Merethic Age, Alduin fell victim to his own lust for power and dominion. However, upon his return, Alduin no longer wishes to rule mortals, but instead fulfills his destiny. It is only a mechanism in the natural cycleknown as Kalpa. While his intent seems malevolent, Alduin is an inevitability that many cannot accept.

Eater of worlds is weak

As a significant part of Kalpa, Alduin is endowed with immense strength and otherworldly abilities. Despite this, each meeting with the Eater of Worlds is surprisingly boring, which brings him title of the worst villain of the Elder Scrolls… However, this statement should not belittle Alduin, as he is one of the most powerful beings in the Elder Scrolls.

Eater of worlds is weak

The World Eater’s weakness in Skyrim is due to many reasons, mainly his arrogance. Over and over again, Alduin makes fatal mistakes that lead to his downfall. The World Eater’s siege of Helgen, the battle with Paarturnax, and the retreat to Sovngarde are by far his greatest mistakes.

If the Eater of Worlds had realized his own pride, he would not have fallen before the Last Dragonborn and the three northern heroes.

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