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TOP 10 most difficult choices and their consequences

Key points of the game that make you think and have a direct impact on the plot.

The presence of several options in the game during the execution of quests or in dialogues is a fundamental factor for a complete immersion in a fictional world. but not in all cases gamers have to choose between good and bad… Often, there is simply no such thing as absolute evil or the purest nobility. Some decisions are made with gritted teeth, hoping that this option will result in fewer victims.

The Witcher 3 TOP 10 most difficult choices and their consequences

This also happens in “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” – the game that many fans of the RPG genre fell in love with precisely because of the large number of plot choices, each of which, to one degree or another, affects the game world and its inhabitants.

10 – Greedy God

Greedy god

Walking around the outskirts of Velen, Geralt may stumble upon the ruins of an old estate, inside which there are several peasants, and also pagan deity statue… The people will tell the witcher that these the ruins are the temple of All Godthat they have been worshiping for a long time. However, for some reason, he put a curse on them, and now people are figuring out whose act could offend a higher being. If Geralt agrees to help the peasants, then he will have to carefully examine the ruins.

Behind the wall to the right of the statue, it is necessary to dispel the illusion behind which the entrance to the sanctuary is hidden.

Penetrating inside, Geralt will understand that All God is just sylvan – a sentient monster capable of performing small miracles. It turns out that all this time the monster was fattening on the offerings of the villagers, but he suddenly got tired of the “poor gifts”, which is why he sent a curse on people… The witcher has three choices:

  1. Destroy All God – the peasants will be unhappy, and Geralt will have to deal with a very strong monster.
  2. To attempt negotiate with sylvan – the monster agrees to remove the curse and moderate his ardor, and the witcher, in turn, will receive a reward from the peasants.
  3. Tell the villagersthat their deity is really only Sylvan. People will not be happy with such news, but they will thank the witcher (in a word, and not with a minted coin).

The third option will become available only after the destruction of Vsebog.

9 – A hands-off strategy

Hands off strategy

Unfortunately, Geralt often has to face injustice towards ordinary people. And although the witcher’s code says that it is not worth interfere with your own business, the inside of the White Wolf does not always allow him to turn around and leave. But the noble involvement in conflicts in some cases can turn against the witcher, blocking his options for passing story missions

A good example is the case in the tavern “At the crossroads”. Stopping here for a short while, Geralt will witness the attack Bloody Baron soldier to the village. And although they will not touch the witcher himself (if he does not contradict them), the player can intercede for ordinary people, exterminating the villains. True, after that, the soldiers in the Baron’s castle will be hostile to the gray-haired man – they will have to look for another way to get into the estate.

8 – Daughter of the Bloody Baron

Daughter of the Bloody Baron

After completing several plot tasks in Velen, Geralt will learn that the Baron’s wife had a miscarriage, which turned out to be the child’s father is to blame… In a fit of despair, the owner of the castle did not think of anything better than simply burying the baby’s body without performing the funeral rite. Now his daughter cannot find peace and dwells as a vengeful spirit yogoshi… Geralt will be asked to deal with the monster in two ways:

  • destroy the yokeand then use his blood for the ritual of repose – in this case, you will have to fight a strong enemy, and the Baron will be unhappy with the situation;
  • turn the yoke into a chura (home guardian spirit) – you will have to fight with a large number of ghosts, but the child’s father will be very grateful to the witcher.

Geralt of Rivia may become the first witcher who managed to remove the curse from the yoke.

7 – Spy of Temeria

Spy of Temeria

In the northern part of the White Garden, not far from the flooded forest, you can bump into a lonely boysitting by the fire. After getting to know the character better and finding out his story, Geralt will find out that this is a simple merchant, whose caravan was attacked by monsters. He will also ask the witcher to go to the scene in order to return valuable goods – a box of alchemical ingredients. Only after arriving at the right point on the map, the White Wolf will immediately understand that the merchant was attacked not by monsters, but by people.

Returning with the package to the quest giver, you can immediately give it away or ask the mysterious character why he lied to us. The boy is clearly nervous and will not be able to hide his true self spy Temeria… After that, the witcher will have a “race” on horses. Well, as soon as the guy is caught, Geralt can choose his fate:

  1. Report him to the guards – most likely, in this case, the spy will simply be executed.
  2. Let him go empty handedleaving the valuable ingredients to yourself.
  3. Support the spy and let him go along with the medicinal herbs.

If Geralt immediately gives the box with ingredients, then it will not be possible to recognize the spy in the guy.

6 – The Fate of the Pyro

The Pyro's Fate

In the village of White Garden, Geralt can take a task from a dwarf blacksmith, during which have to find an arsonist his workshop. After following the trail, the witcher will find a drunk guy who at first turns out to be not very kind, but then he will beg not to give him over to the nilfs and even offer money for silence… If you tell the quest giver about everything, then the arsonist will soon be sentenced, since the forge was a strategically important facility. If save the boy’s life, then Geralt’s reputation will suffer a little due to an unfulfilled task.

5 – The future of Temeria

The future of Temeria

Geralt often has to find himself in situations where his choice affects who will be the next monarch in a particular state. This will happen after the liquidation of Radovid the Mad. The witcher and his allies will offer make peace with Nilfgaard, so that Temeria became a vassal state. However, Dijkstra has his own considerations on this matter – he plans to become king of Redania… As a result, Geralt will face a difficult choice:

  • betray faithful companions (including Vernon Roche and Thaler) and support Dijkstra;
  • liquidate Dijkstra and remain loyal to their allies, but deprive Temeria of a free future.

For the sake of fairness, it should be noted that Temeria is of little value to Nilfgaard, so becoming a vassal state for the northern country will not be so bad.

4 – Soul of Olgerd von Everek

Olgierd von Everek

In the final mission DLC “Hearts of Stone” Geralt will have to make one of the most difficult choices in the entire game – let Gunther O’Dim take Olgierd von Everek’s soul, as it was written in the contract, or challenge the demon, putting your own life on the line. Here’s what it can lead to:

  1. Supporting a friend, the witcher will receive a unique magic saber Iris as a reward – a weapon that will be useful until the very end of the game.
  2. Allowing the demon to take Olgerd’s soul, Gunther will reward the witcher with gold (5000 kroner) or a relic artifact (a saddle for a roach, a bottomless decanter of vodka or a cornucopia).

If the gamer completes the Stone Hearts DLC before the end of the main plot, then as a reward the demon Geralt can ask for information about Ciri’s location (however, Gunther won’t tell us anything concrete).

3 – The fate of Skellige

Skellige's fate

As mentioned earlier, Geralt often you have to choose who will take the throne in this or that kingdom. You will have to plunge head over heels into political games on the Skellige Islands, choosing the following ruler for them:

  • Svanrigue an Tirshah – will declare a complete monarchy on the islands, which will lead to a war between the Jarls;
  • Hjalmar en Krayt – will continue to carry out brutal raids on Nilfgaard;
  • Keris An Krayt – will begin the unification of clans on Skellig, in which he will be very successful.

You can determine the future ruler of the islands during the “King’s Gambit” quest.

2 – Triss or Yennefer

Triss or Yennefer

Despite the fact that Geralt is very popular among the representatives of the opposite sex, two women stand out among the obvious favorites – Triss Merigold and Yennefer from Vengerberg… Both girls are well suited to the witcher, so many gamers cannot decide which one to give preference to. The choice will have an impact not only on the epilogue, but also on some tasks in the game.

If Geralt tries to get both ladies, then he will face a fiasco in the third act of the game.

1 – Lesser evil

lesser evil

The witcher does not always have a choice implying a peaceful passage. In some cases tragedy is inevitableso you have to choose the lesser evil. This will happen during the assignment. Whispering Hill, which has two scenarios for the development of the plot:

  1. Destroy the spirit on Whispering Hill – the village of Steigers will remain unharmed, however, the children from the orphanage will be taken by witches, and Anna will go mad.
  2. Help the spirit perform the ritual – the village of Steigers will be destroyed, and the children will be saved (then they can be found in Novigrad), Anna will die, and the Baron will suicide.

There is also a third (hidden) passage option, in which the village of Steigers is destroyed, however, the children, Anna and the Baron remain alive.

To do this, you need to agree to free the spirit before the witches demand to destroy it. Then we leave the passage of the task until the requests of the three sisters. Instead of fighting the spirit, we free it and get a hidden ending.

Bug: in a conversation, witches will still behave as if the witcher defeated the spirit, however, they will not take the children, but they will not impose a curse on Anna.

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