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TOP 10 most difficult horror games

Horror games are designed to be scary, and their ability to shiver is often reflected in the difficulty of the game. We are sharing ten of the most difficult horror games in the entire history of the game industry!

The most difficult Horror games

It was amazing to see the horror genre grow into one of the most popular and mainstream. There is something incredibly powerful about being properly scared. These video games are terrifying in a way that many films cannot.

It is extremely important that the project is really scary, but this one is often reflected in the difficulty level of the passage. Some survival horror games are a challenge, a test of courage, but others are a feat, even if the gamer just passed it. Here are the top 10 most challenging horror games ever made.

10th place – Eternal Darkness

Eternal Darkness

Eternal Darkness is known as one of the most ambitious survival horror games on the Nintendo console, released exclusively on the GameCube. The project developers drew inspiration from the work of Edgar Allan Poe and Howard Lovecraft. The game has a branched narrative that spans many different periods of history.

There are three “paths” in Eternal Darkness, each of which is complex in its own way. The “red” path is the most difficult because of the strength of the enemy, but the fact that all three paths must be completed in order to completely complete the game is where the main difficulty lies.

9th place – Forbidden Siren

Forbidden siren

Known in Europe as Forbidden Siren, a PlayStation-exclusive survival horror series attempts to reinvent the genre in some eerie ways. The Siren series uses a mob mentality and the idea of ​​an enemy that acts through a terrifying collective mind to intimidate.

Siren is such a difficult game because it doesn’t spoon-feed the audience with answers. In addition, the quests in this project are particularly harsh, and the enemies are so powerful that they make stealthy gameplay a necessity, not an option. Forbidden Siren is still harder than any regular horror game.

8th place – FEAR


FEAR is a hybrid of horror and tactical shooter that has found ways to make the most of both genres. In the first moments, FEAR looks like a regular shooting game, but the picture changes dramatically when you switch to extreme mode. This option presents the player with a daunting task that requires a strategy, otherwise gamers will be confused. Wasted ammo or careless movements is a death sentence at this difficulty level. Extreme mode is only for experienced horror fans who appreciate challenging adventures.

7th place – Resident Evil Remake

Resident evil remake

Resident Evil Remake takes what was already a complex and polished game and takes it to the next level. The games of the Resident Evil series have simplified their gameplay over the years, but these concessions were not in the first part, which they took as a basis. Besides, In Resident Evil Remake, zombies have become much smarter, and the developers do not indulge the player with ammunition. Add zombies “Scarlet head“Also helps Resident Evil Remake to earn the title of one of the most intense and challenging games in the series.”

6th place – Dead Space 2

Dead space 2

Now the Dead Space franchise has plunged into cryo-sleep, but previously it was a serious contender in the horror genre. The game is not afraid to demonstrate the dismemberment of enemies and play on the subconscious claustrophobic cosmic horror of man. This leads to an indescribable frightening atmosphere. Dead Space 2 is tricky to get started, but the Hard Core game mode is designed for true masochists. Apart from the more powerful Necromorphs, players are only allowed to save three times throughout the game. This not only makes death a real problem, but it adds a whole new level of strategy to the sequel.

5th place – Fatal Frame 2

Fatal frame 2

The Fatal Frame series hasn’t gained the same prominence as Resident Evil or Silent Hill, but the franchise is more intimidating in many ways due to its focus on lost spirits, and the game is played in a first-person camera mode. Fatal Frame 2 is the top of the line filled with challenging missions and terrifying ghosts. but Nightmare mode the game significantly increases the difficulty. New bosses, stronger enemies and weaker items for healing appear. This is the perfect way to make the creepy game even worse.

4th place – Silent Hill 3

Silent Hill 3

Silent Hill games are particularly challenging due to the way the developers think through their puzzles well. There is even a famous riddle in Silent Hill 3 that requires serious knowledge of Shakespeare’s works. The puzzles and powerful enemies make Silent Hill 3 a challenging game, but especially difficult due to the fact that after completing the basic walkthrough, ten extreme difficulty options can be unlocked… Extreme 10 is the toughest challenge ever, it complicates an already difficult game, making the gameplay impossibly difficult.

3rd place – Alien: Isolation

Alien: Isolation

Horror games based on the TV series Alien have been released for decades, but Alien: Isolation is the first to really get it right. The game gives priority to claustrophobic environment and stealthy passageso players really feel threatened by the giant Xenomorph. Alien’s AI is also on a completely different level, and the realization that this monster is smarter than the players is scary. Xenomorph is terrifying like Resident Evil 3’s nemesis, but he develops that fear, making the game shiver.

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2nd place – Bloodborne


FromSoftware has earned a reputation for making some of the most challenging and challenging video games of the modern era that will frustrate players with defeat over and over again. Every game in the Dark Souls series is sure to give gamers a headache, but Bloodborne especially merciless. The whole game is a challenge, and the absence of auxiliary items and a lot of enemies constantly keep the player in an atmosphere of uncertainty. Most bosses kill a hero with one hit, which means that a few careless movements can easily end the game. There is no room for error in such a project.

1st place – The Evil Within

The Evil Within

The Evil Within is a terrifying and challenging game that may not have rejuvenated the survival horror genre, but still made a strong impression on the audience. “Evil within” throws hordes of enemies at the player, and technically it’s no more difficult than the same Resident Evil. but the real problem lies in the maximum difficulty of the passage (Akumu). In this mode, any hit will not only end the game, it will return the players to the very beginning! It means, that the Akumu mode must be completed without receiving a single damage.

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