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Top 10 most expensive cars in the movie “Fast and Furious 9”

Premiere of the next part of the franchise “Fast and the Furious” took place June 25, 2021… She brought mixed emotions to the viewer – more and more often voices of skeptics are heard criticizing the cult series of films. However, true fans of cool cars and breathtaking speeds continue to idolize Diesel wines and company. That is why we have prepared a material about 10 most expensive cars that appeared in the picture “Fast and Furious 9”

You can reproach the tape as much as you like for a weak storyline, as well as laugh at the pretentious monologues Dominica Toretto about the importance of the family. However, one advantage has “Fast and the Furious 9” definitely not take away – traditionally, a huge budget was spent on the vehicle fleet.

In total, the picture involved 24 cars… Most of them are models with just an indecent price tag or exclusives made to order.

2020 Toyota Supra – $ 50,000

We see the car in action several times – Dominic uses a vehicle to flip a truck Otto… At this point, it is necessary to show condescension, since its realism raises huge doubts. Second time driving Toyota Supra turns out Khan, while Mia trying to activate project “Ares”

The car has rear-wheel drive and speeds up to 250 km / h… This is a really aggressive model and every driver’s dream. The cost of the car fluctuates around $ 50,000 – mere pennies in comparison with other cars from the picture “Fast and Furious 9”

2020 Jeep Gladiator – $ 50,000

Tej and Ramzi arrive at the crash site Mister Nobody… However, not only they were interested in this event – the guys are attacked by the military, so friends are forced to leave the chase on Jeep Gladiator… Since their path lies through minefields, Teju has to maintain a considerable speed – 130 kilometers per hourto avoid detonating explosives.

However, the main advantage of a jeep is 3.6 liter engine, the capacity of which is 285 l / s… Theoretically, the car could even cope with towing Otto’s truck, but according to the plot, this did not have to be done. The price of the model also turned out to be quite affordable, although the car has outstanding functional characteristics and is worth every dollar spent.

Dodge Charger Hellcat – $ 75,000

Montequinto became a really dangerous place for the heroes of the picture, and the car Dodge charger hellcat gained a reputation as a real hit for this location. Dominic and Letty found themselves in a difficult situation – the enemies were behind, and there was an abyss in front. The character Diesel did not lose his head and at full speed hooked the wheel of the car over the cable of the broken bridge. It was the rope that helped the vehicle to find the desired trajectory and move the heroes to the safe ledge of the cliff.

It’s a pity that the car was almost completely destroyed, because it has serious power – 707 horsepower and develops incredible speed up to 315 km / h… If you want to purchase such a toy directly from the conveyor, you will have to pay a round sum – $ 75,000

Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk – $ 90,000

At the very beginning of the film, we learn that Dominic retired and settled in the countryside with Letty and son. The idealistic picture of a quiet life is disturbed by a car Jeep grand cherokee trackhawkthat approaches the family home. Toretto prepares for battle, assuming that the appearance of the car does not bode well, but everything turns out to be simpler – these are just friends of Dominic.

Unfortunately, the vehicle does not take part in action-packed scenes and serves only as a beautiful decoration. The car is capable of speeds up to 290 kilometers per hour and has a fantastic lifting capacity. Price tag in $ 90,000 looks very solid, but the heroes of the picture can afford more expensive models.

1970 Dodge Charger R / T – $ 100,000

Another car that, by the will of the script, did not reveal its own potential. However, an attentive viewer could appreciate its characteristics, since the model appeared in 4 parts of the franchise at once. In film “Fast and Furious 9” we see a car in the garage Dominica, where she calmly awaits her hour.

I must say that Toretto I could be very surprised at the state of my bank account if I bought cars every time. Good, Dominic possesses various talents and can afford to appropriate almost any model that does not belong to him. All the same $ 100,000 – a decent amount even for a blockbuster hero.

Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 – $ 100,000

Because the Dominic Toretto loves his “family” very much – from time to time he organizes meetings where team members have a good time, discuss their immediate plans and have dinner together. At the end of the film, the character Diesel wines asks the kid Brian wait with prayer before eating, because the company is waiting for another guest. It turns out to be O’Conner… He drives up to the house in a car Nissan Skyline GT-R R34.

This model is one of the best Japanese supercars, according to experts. Automobile feels great when cornering, and the presence multifunction display allows the driver to see detailed engine statistics. Obviously, the purchase of such a machine requires serious financial costs from the buyer.

Jaguar XE SV Project 8 – $ 160,000

When Otto gets the second chunk project “Ares“, He drives around Edinburgh on the Jaguar XE SV Project 8… This fact is not surprising, because the villain owns impressive assets and can afford almost any car. According to the plot, Ramzi rushes in pursuit of Otto and succeeds.

This moment causes some surprise, because only a very bad driver can not break away from the pursuit on this model. The machine is capable of developing the speed of the order 320 kilometers per hour and has a fantastically powerful engine. The vehicle looks natural in the picture “Fast and Furious 9”, because it is precisely the presence of such cars that the franchise is famous for.

2018 Acura NSX – $ 170,000

This car goes Roman and Teju from Boswell… Friends use Acura NSX, to get to Edinburgh after careful preparation to confront Jacob

The vehicle’s hybrid powertrain allows it to be driven by petrol or electricity, depending on the driver’s preference. Crazy power – 573 horsepower largely explains the incredibly biting price tag.

Noble M600 – $ 250,000

Magdalene Shaw – only a minor character in the film, but when she leaves the police for Noble M600, fans of fast cars have a heartbeat. Of course, a talented thief will not visit a salon to shell out a quarter of a million dollars for a car, so she uses someone else’s vehicle.

The model is equipped with Volvo V8 engine and is capable of speeds up to 362 kilometers per hour… Now it becomes clear why the police had no chance to catch up with Magdalene – it is almost impossible to cope with a professional behind the wheel of such a car.

Dodge Charger Hellacious – $ 1,000,000

The car appears in Edinburgh, when Dominic notices his brother and goes after him in pursuit of Dodge Charger HellaciousToretto it is possible to disable several cars of Otto’s henchmen with the help of magnets. When brothers reconcile, Dominic gives Jacob this car so that the latter would be able to escape.

The insane price of the reporting model immediately catches the eye. This situation is easy enough to explain – the car was made specifically for the film, so it is simply impossible to buy it. At the same time, the vehicle has a rather expensive filling, which also increases the total cost.

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