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Top 10 Most Underrated Items in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Preparing for battle is a key element in The Witcher 3 on Deathly! The game has a huge number of items that make life much easier during battles with certain opponents. However, many players continue to ignore some of the concoctions, oils and bombs due to their meager description.

TOP 10 most underrated items in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

We present to your attention the TOP 10 most underrated items in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt with their hidden features.

10 – two-dimensional bomb

Two-dimensional bomb in The Witcher 3

Dimerite is a pain in the ass for anyone who uses magic. However, a bomb made with this metal does not damage enemies, but only forbids them to cast spells within the space of. Because of this, many gamers forget about using it, and even if there is a fight with the sorcerer, the treasured item does not always end up in the inventory. But do not rush to limit the use of dimerite only on black magicians, because it also affects monsters!

Elementals can be weakened especially strongly by this bomb, preventing them from casting powerful spells.

9 – Oil against animals

Geralt vs werewolf

For the most part, animal opponents do not pose a great danger to the witcher. Wolves or wild boars can easily be chopped up by Geralt, even if they caught him by surprise.

However, it is worth remembering about the more powerful representatives of the beast world, acting on a par with the dragonids or griffins.

For example, such enemies are werewolf bearsto face on Skellig… Overcoming these mountains of muscle armed with claws and fangs can be challenging even for a seasoned witcher. Applying animal oil to the sword will facilitate faster reprisals against creatures.

8 – Basilisk Brew


The correct use of signs in battle is the key to victory for the witcher. So that increasing the intensity of the use of magic will be a very good boost for Geralt, especially if he prefers the technique of the Griffin school. A basilisk broth can help in this.

The only catch is that the potion works exclusively at dusk or dawn, and besides, it increases the strength for only one random sign.

Due to such ambiguous benefits, many players continue to ignore this broth. However, it has a significant advantage over the other brew – three times longer duration

7 – Fried meat

Frying pan in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

In The Witcher 3, you can farm a huge amount of raw meat by destroying monsters or simple animals. In most cases, however, gamers simply sell it as it doesn’t add a significant HP recovery bonus. But don’t rush! It is enough to fry the meat on the fire, as its characteristics will increase several times.

In addition, the regeneration effect of fried meat lasts much longer than that of other foods.

It will be especially useful to use steaks and steaks in combination with perk “Lakomka”.

6 – Dragon Dream

Geralt fights with a forktail

Despite its formidable name, the bomb does not deal damage by itself. Due to this, most players prefer to keep the Dancing Star or the North Wind in their inventory. However, the gas cloud generated by using Dragon’s Dream is highly flammable and can be ignited by the sign of Igni.

Using such a simple combination, the witcher can inflict huge damage on enemies even in the early stages of the game.

5 – Black Blood

The witcher against the vampire

Elixir Black Blood does not give the witcher any buffs, and its use is limited only to those cases when Geralt enters the battle with vampires – this is what most gamers think. Actually any necrophage (undead creature) who will damage the White Wolf under the Black Blood will be unpleasantly surprised.

Elixir is especially useful against fast and agile enemies, eg, brooks or garkains

4 – Butter


This ingredient can be found in the sale of almost every inn owner, and can also be found in the houses of ordinary peasants of the Northern Kingdom. Plus, butter weighs almost nothing, so it takes up almost no space in your inventory.

But its most important advantage is number of hitswhich the product restores. The level is about the same as for baked potatoes or fried meat.

So butter can be an excellent source of health regeneration. at any stage of the game… However, gamers continue to ignore this food in their inventory, preferring bread or water. Probably, this is simply because in the real world they would not eat whole butter.

3 – Moon dust

Moon dust

Another underrated bomb, the unpopularity of which is due to its meager description. What do most players know about moon dust? This bomb contains a silver powder that is especially effective against invisible targets, as it allows the witcher to see their outline. Due to this, the ingredient is often used against vampires and foggersbut is almost never used on other enemies.

However, in fact, the bomb has another interesting bonus – it forbids creatures to transform into another form

Just imagine how useful moon dust can be in the fight against devil, which all the time turns into a flock of birds.

2 – Poison of the Hanged Man

Geralt at sunset

The Hanged Man’s Poison is single oil in the game “The Witcher 3”, which can be applied to steel weapons. However, due to the fact that people are often not a big threat, gamers continue to ignore this item in their inventory year after year. But Geralt often has to deal with especially strong enemies or whole crowds of bandits.

In many battles, the victory depends only on how quickly you can kill the shield-bearers, behind whose backs archers are hiding.

With the Hanged Man’s Poison, the task is greatly facilitated, because it deals damage as peopleand nonhumans… You can get oil almost at the very beginning of the game, so for the “Death!” the item should become a must-have.

1 – North wind

North wind

The North Wind is one of the strongest and most underrated bombs in the game. She is able to freeze almost any enemy for 10 seconds in a very large area. In addition, against such rivals, Geralt inflicts increased damage, and also the witcher appears chance to destroy the creature on the spot… The bomb will be especially useful against fast and dexterous “non-writing”, as well as creatures that can become invisible.

So why do gamers simply ignore such a useful item? The thing is that the components for the bomb are quite expensive, and it will be difficult to find them in the world on your own.

For example, to create the North Wind, you will need as many as 3 bottles Tsarskoy vodka and a portion crushed pearls… Of course, for the later stages of the game, money should not be a big problem for the witcher, however, until this time you still need to live.

Nevertheless, you should always carry a couple of such bombs with you in your inventory for a fight with especially strong or numerous enemies. Let the North Wind act as a NZ in case all other means were useless.

By the way, during the passage of the Blood and Wine DLC, Geralt will have the opportunity to upgrade his sign Aardgiving it property of a given bomb

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