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Top 10 movie antiheroes fans love no matter what

Have you ever thought that a positive character in a movie may not be as white and fluffy as they are trying to present to the viewer? There is also the opposite situation – the noteworthy villain turns out to be not bad, it is just that circumstances have developed that he is forced to slide into immoral acts.

TOP 10 antiheroes fans love no matter what

In fact, such a phenomenon is dictated by life – very it is difficult to evaluate the average man in the street only from one side… We all have advantages and disadvantages, the totality of which makes up a person’s personality. If you think about it, heroes endowed with extremely positive qualities do not look very natural, although sometimes we do not notice it.

Introducing you a selection of 10 movie charactersthat confuse the viewer with the depth of their character. Today they are good, and tomorrow they are bad, or vice versa, but we continue to watch films with the participation of our favorite characters and feel sympathy for their difficult personalities.

Hannibal Lector

Hannibal Lecturer Anthony Hopkins

Dealing with maniacs is not easy even for professionals, but when a criminal has deep knowledge of human psychology and a sharply sharpened intellect, he becomes almost invincible. Hannibal Lector in cinema it has long been a collective image, he is played by different actors in different films, but is invariably loved by the viewer.

  • Anthony Hopkins“Silence of the Lambs”, Hannibal
  • Mads Mikkelsen… Series Hannibal“.
  • Gaspard Ulliel“Hannibal: Ascent”

Let’s not stir up controversy over who played the famous cannibal better, let’s just say that the actors coped with their task more than 100%. The image turned out to be so bright and juicythat it is interesting for us to observe every movement and phrase of Dr. Lector. In Ascension, he performs righteous revenge, and in “The Silence of the Lambs” he does catching a criminal… You involuntarily wonder if we really have a negative character in front of us?



A disgusting, in all respects creature, upon first acquaintance, evokes nothing but disgust. However, gradually the viewer penetrates sympathy for the hobbitwhose mind is enslaved Ring of Omnipotence… And although the unfortunate creature, who fell under the bad influence of a magical object, has no positive features, his charisma and special, incomparable charm, make us talk about this character with love.

Need more proof of popularity Gollum? Even people who have never seen a painting know him. “Lord of the Rings”, but the names of other heroes may not be remembered. Also, do not forget that Gollum is the creation of an inimitable Andy Serkis, who is considered a master in the embodiment of computer characters through the use of technology “motion capture”.

We love Gollum for his peculiar manner of speech, subtle sadness in his eyes, hard fate and the hero’s priceless reaction to the notorious Ring of Omnipotence, which has become an icon for him.

Darth vader

Darth vader

Even far from the franchise Star Wars a person knows perfectly well one of her main villains, Darth Vader… The character’s costumes are especially popular among fans of the movie, even Obi Wan, Luke Skyoker and Yoda cannot boast of such fame, even though each of them is a bright personality.

Darth Vader is Anakin Skyoker, Luke’s father who switched to the dark side. He did a lot of evil, but it is very difficult not to fall in love with an antihero. Anakin – a guy with a plight, he spent his childhood in slavery, then faced with misunderstanding Jedi Council, he was forbidden to love, and from the outside Palpatine provocations were constantly followed. In the end, Skyoker’s mother was kidnapped and killed by nomads, who later paid dearly for this. How can you avoid taking the dark side?

Quite frankly, Anakin’s worldview just didn’t fit in with society. It rejected it as an unnecessary element and got on its head a dangerous enemy – Darth Vader.

Jaime Lannister

Jaime Lannister

Picture “Game of Thrones” gave us a lot of interesting characters and it’s really interesting to think about their characters. Jaime – one of those people whom we are ready to forgive a lot, just because he is just so wonderful. On account Lannister a lot of immoral acts, including a vicious relationship with his married sister, but gradually the viewer is imbued with the character’s motivation, begins to accept and even respect him.

What’s Jaime’s secret? Unlike everyone around him, he is not inclined to weave intrigues, and remains a knight in the classical sense of the word. The guy fights masterfully, has his own principles and beliefs. Practically every deed Lannister due to certain factors – Jaime doesn’t do anything for nothing, at random or out of emotion. Of course, he does not always manage to remain a noble warrior, but the attractive appearance and charm of the hero are able to win over the audience to him, especially its female part.

Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow

How did the captain end up in this selection? Jack Sparrowso loved by the public? We hasten to answer – to call this hero positive simply does not turn his tongue. But let’s take everything in order: Jack is a pirate, which means he is a bandit. He thinks only of his own benefit, loves to drink rum and go on another suicidal mission. Moreover, Sparrow is a bad piratebecause he constantly creates trouble for himself, does not know how to work in a team, fights well, but at the decisive moment he can show cowardice.

Jack overly eccentric, he is more likely to play the role of an adventurer (like Indiana Jones), the guy is too bad to be a goodie. But at the same time, the public adores the captain just for his absurdity against the backdrop of unfolding events. Almost all the humor is centered around the hero. Johnny depp, so it continues to enjoy the love of the public and remain the highlight of the franchise.


Joker Heath Ledger

Now let’s talk a little about one of the main villains in world culture. Joker everyone knows and it doesn’t matter at all which film adaptation with his participation you think is the best. True, the image of the antagonist is gradually transforming, not least under the influence of public opinion. We also liked the unscrupulous Joker, who was negative from ear to fingertips. However, the picture “The Dark Knight” changed the situation.

It is there that the Joker performed Heath Ledger appeared as a rather intelligent character with his own worldview, and it found a response in the hearts of the audience. Then we saw in this image Joaquin Phoenix, which showed us the most humane version of the villain. He takes the side of evil under the onslaught of unfavorable circumstances and arouses sincere sympathy.

The viewer finds in himself the qualities characteristic of the Joker, because now he is not sucking evil, but simply a deeply disappointed person who has not been accepted by society. Many of us face this kind of discrimination and inevitably sympathize with the villain.


Loki.  Marvel

Now we will talk about the adaptation of comics. the Marvel universe… It is obvious that the image Loki is largely based on Scandinavian mythology. In the comics, he appears as a supervillain who prefers to pursue his goals with cunning. The character Tom Hiddleston constantly looking for situational allies, betrays goodies and arranges all sorts of not too pleasant surprises for them. According to the actor himself, he set a goal for Loki to reach his personal bottom, after which there should be a slight rise.

In mythology, a deity is always balanced on the verge of immoral fall and redemption… A similar state of affairs has been carried over to the cinematic universe. Loki is also a narcissist and a great mischievous person, he gushes with ideas and is constantly in search of new ways. It is with this that the character attracts the audience, which rightly notes that in the atmosphere of continuous heroic pathos, the villain remains a breath of fresh air.

Seth Gecko

Seth Gecko

Probably a legendary painting Robert Rodriguez “From dawn to dusk” watched almost everyone. The uncomplicated plot and simple graphic solutions brought the film popularity, in many respects, thanks to the participation of famous actors in the project. George Clooney played Seta Gekko, one of the brothers who trade in banditry.

Many of us did not pay too much attention to the backstory – as a rule, dynamic scenes with the participation of vampires remain in our memory. However, we hasten to remind you why the charming Seth is a really negative character, whom they are trying to present to us as a good guy against the backdrop of fantastic events.

Our hero and his unbalanced brother Richie (Quentin Tarantino) head for the Mexican border to hide from the authorities. Clooney’s character escapes from prison, along the way, relatives kill the sheriff, civilians, rob a bank and engage in violence. Seth finds himself at the bar to meet his Mexican friends, and he’s not a good guy at all.

However, Clooney’s charisma wins the hearts of the audience, and his courage during battles with vampires plays an important role. And let’s face it, Richie is a much more obnoxious type., it’s good that it was eaten at the very beginning.

Tyler Durden

Tyler Durden

A truly iconic painting “Fight club” considers the problem of the formation of a society of “consumption”. People really began to prioritize earnings and the accumulation of not always necessary things, therefore Tyler Durden declared war on the system. He constantly indulges in all sorts of pranks and goes far enough. Calling Tyler a positive hero is difficult – he is ready to do terrible things in order to realize his plans.

However, the young Brad Pitt created a really attractive image. Tyler is truly free, he threw aside prejudices and became the master of his life. Many of us wanted be somewhat like Durden and it’s hard to blame the viewer.

Thomas Shelby

Thomas Shelby

Series “Peaky Blinders” let us know a little more about the life of crime BirminghamThomas Shelby – the leader of a famous gang, before the viewer he appears in the form of an insensitive and cruel man who is not afraid to die and is ready to send anyone who gets in his way to the next world. However, we still have a liking for Thomas, since the charisma Cillian Murphy overflows.

Shelby wasn’t always like this – she changed a lot World War I, which left an imprint on the character of a man. However, Thomas is not an absolute villain, all his actions are dictated by the desire to ensure the well-being of his family. Shelby does not limit himself in the methods of achieving the goal, which earns the glory of an antihero.

If you love reading about antagonists, then we recommend that you check out our selection of the most charismatic villains in cinema. We also advise you not to miss the TOP 10 video game heroes who have become villains. Every character on this list is incredibly charismatic and deserves special attention from gamers.

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