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Top 10 mysteries of Dark Souls 3

In the saving light of the bonfire, the mysteries of the world of Dark Souls have occupied the minds of travelers for several years. If you want to know everything about your favorite gaming universe, then this collection is simply necessary for you.

Top 10 mysteries of Dark Souls 3

Dark Souls 3 is the perfect ending to an extremely successful and incredibly high quality series. This trilogy by many gamers considered one of the best video games of all time. Despite the difficulty of the passage, these games have won a huge number of fans’ hearts. And all thanks elaborate lore and unusual presentation – instead of enjoying the screensavers and dialogues, you will have to run around the map, carefully reading the descriptions of various objects and collecting information literally bit by bit.

Not surprisingly, many of the questions that players have are still unanswered. Even the most observant Dark Souls fans know that some information the developers have deliberately hiddento spark more discussion. Of course it spawned many fan theories.

Rise of the Half-Bloods

Dark Souls 3 The Half-Blood Appears

Half-breeds were introduced to players in the first part of Dark Souls and every now and then they came across them until the very end of the third part. One of the most striking examples is Priscilla… Another interesting half-breed found already in Dark Souls 3 is Ocelot, son of Oceiros, the Consumed King.

The father affectionately calls his son “child of dragons.” Oceiros will not be able to find out any more details, so even how half-breeds are born remains a mystery: as a result of the crossing of different creatures or with the help of magic. Priscilla is believed to be a descendant of Sith the Naked, as evidenced by her white fur.

Why did the Nameless King side with the dragons?

Dark Souls 3 Nameless King

The Nameless King is an optional boss. Studying the universe of the game, you can find out that he was previously the God of War, famous for killing dragons. This begs the question: Why did the Nameless King rally with the dragons after years of extermination?

One theory is that he is Gwin’s firstborn, but then the contradiction becomes even stronger, because Gwynne came to power, defeating the dragons. What could have caused the Nameless King not only to turn off the chosen path, but also to side with someone who used to be the enemy?

Why does Lorian die with Lothric?

Dark Souls 3 Lorian and Lothric

The elder Prince Lorian and his younger brother Lothric are completely different from each other. The first was a formidable and brave warrior, the second was fragile and vulnerable.

It would seem that the elder brother is simply destined to take the throne and become the Lord of Ash, but he does not want this at all. Lothric, who never wore armor, but only the mantle of a monk, refuses to become part of an endless cycle. The flame is about to die out.

The curse that fell upon them as punishment tied the lives of brothers togethermoreover, Lorian’s life depended on the life of Lothric, and not vice versa.

Title of Lord of Ash

Dark Souls 3 Lord of Ash

According to the description of the Twin Princes Soul, both princes shared the responsibility of the Lords of Ash… However, only Lothric recognizes the throne. It seems that it was he who was the last hope of his kind.

Another interesting fact about Lothric is that he never came close to fulfilling his duty, but the game still calls him the Lord of Ashrather than the elder Prince Lorian. Is it possible that this title is simply assigned rather than passed from one person to another after certain rituals have been performed?

Why isn’t Gwynne resurrected?

Dark souls gwynne

When the need for the Lords of Ashes arose, it is assumed that Lothric and Ludlet were already alive and not resurrected like Aldrich, Yorm and the Voidwatchers. The only Lord of Ash that could be awakened is Gwynne.

Gwynne is an incredibly powerful chosen one, if not one of the most powerful. His strength would be sufficient to achieve the goal of the game. Why, then, were only the last of the Lords of Ashes resurrected?

It cannot be said that his death at the end of the first part of Dark Souls is the reason for his absence, because many of the NPCs that the Chosen One kills return in Dark Souls 3.

Who is Sly Pygmy?

Dark Souls 3 cunning pygmy

Sly Pygmy is one of the very first Overlords in Dark Souls. It was he who used the Dark Soul itself and fragmented it to create the human race. This character is extremely important in the world of this game, perhaps even more important than Gwynne, but he never appears in the game. He can be seen in the intro of the video game, but there will be no opportunity to meet him in the gameplay itself.

Nothing is known about most of the Sly Pygmy’s life. It is believed that he was once the ruler of the City Beyond the Wall, a kingdom owned by the people, but this too remains only an assumption.

The history of the artist

Dark Souls 3 artist story

The artist is the NPC that players will encounter in the game’s DLC. It turns out that it was this character who created the Painted World of Ariandel, which also gives access to the City Beyond the Wall.

Who this heroine is or why she is able to create such a world is unknown. We know that painted worlds are supposed to be miniature versions of the worldwide endless cycle of fire and darkness, but the answer to the question of how an artist is able to bring this to life depends only on the fantasy of the player.

The passage of time in the City Beyond the Wall

Dark Souls 3 the city outside the wall

The City Beyond the Wall is one of the more mysterious places in Dark Souls 3.filled with equally mysterious characters. The world may even appear to be very far from any other area in the game, as if it were in a different timeline or universe.

The true nature of the City Beyond the Wall remains a mystery. The implication is that players visiting it are taken to a future world where the Flame is extinguished, but the sky is still lit by the same sun that is present in all other areas of Dark Souls 3.

The origin of the Fire Keepers

Dark Souls 3 Keeper of Fire

The keepers of the fire are the faithful guardians of the fires, taking care of them to make sure they burn right. Throughout the series, the player will encounter several of these characters, and two of them are found in Dark Souls 3.

How a person becomes a Keeper of Fire and what is the nature of his true strength Is one of the many mysteries in the game. What is known for certain about them is that they are all women suffering from some kind of congenital disease.

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