• November 29, 2023

TOP 10 open world games in VR

Today virtual reality – this is no longer the plot of a new science fiction film, but a common thing for many gamers. And although at the moment not all games support VR technology, their number is steadily growing, allowing the user to open up new horizons for themselves.

TOP 10 open world games in VR

The prospects of the direction have long been obvious, therefore, today, when creating a new franchise, experts are already considering how to put it on VR railsto expand the audience of the project. Even old games are getting a fresh reading, virtual reality has reached Skyrim and Fallout 4. Not without bugs, of course, but VR is still at the beginning of the journey and this technology has not yet been called polished.

So is it possible today to enjoy the open world of popular projects by going to research them in a virtual reality helmet? The answer is yes! And now we will tell you about best VR-enabled games, which can be fully mastered today, without looking into the coming day.

10. Subnautica

The best VR games.  Subnautica

If you are a longtime fan of Jacques Cousteau or are simply interested in the underwater world, the game Subnautica will become the gem of your collection. Here you can feel like a real diver, and do you have a choice when does the life of the protagonist depend on the exploration of the blue abyss?

This “Survival” will force you to search for resources, craft tools, get food and defend against sea predators. It is necessary to monitor the pressure and oxygen, because human life is a rather fragile thing. The game is also replete with incredibly beautiful landscapes with relatively low system requirements. Needless to say that does the project become many times cooler with VR?

9. The Forest

The best VR games.  The forest

Before us is another wonderful “Survival”, the passions around which have subsided a little lately. However, the creators breathed into The forest new life by integrating the virtual reality support function into the project. Now bloodthirsty natives and other beasts will become even more realistic, so gamers with weak nerves are better off finding something less shocking.

You will be able to appreciate the magnificent scenery of The Forest and turn from an outside observer into a direct participant in the events. Construction, hunting, resource extraction, crafting – the vast possibilities of the game are at your disposal.

8. Minecraft

The best VR games.  Minecraft

You probably didn’t buy a virtual reality headset to contemplate cubic world… Although there is a risk of being mistaken, because the casual Minecraft is a real long-liver and thanks to constant updates, as well as custom modifications, the popularity of the franchise invariably remains at a high level.

If you are a fan of the cube world, we have great news. Now there is a full-fledged virtual reality mod Vivecraftwhich will allow you to see biomes familiar to the user from a different angle.

7. Microsoft Flight Simulator

The best VR games.  Microsoft Flight Simulator

As a child, many dream of being police officers, astronauts, firefighters and pilots. Time passes and it becomes clear that these fantasies are far from always well-grounded – the romantic touch disappears, leaving us alone with reality. Microsoft Flight Simulator – flight simulator for those who have not cooled to the sky yet and want to try themselves as a pilot.

A world worked out in every detail, many aircraft, cities and airports, changing weather conditions and time of day awaits us. Realistic controls with adjustable difficulty – the developer tried to please everyone and succeeded significantly in it. VR support is included, so hurry up to fulfill your own dream. True, at first, many will have to upgrade hardware – Poor optimization and high system requirements will prevent owners of weak cars from playing.

6.No Man’s Sky

The best VR games.  No man's sky

By the way, about the astronauts! The conquerors of the galactic expanses will now also have something to do thanks to the project No man’s sky… This game is about survival and exploration in endless space, there are single and corporate modes, multiplayer. To succeed and get a worthy reward, you will have to improve your own ship, suit, and also have up-to-date equipment in your arsenal.

Bizarre creatures on inhabited planets unique atmosphere, extraordinary environments and incredible landscapes reach their full potential thanks to VR technology. Find something to your liking and become the greatest conqueror of space.

5. Into The Radius

The best VR games.  Into The Radius

And here is an electronic product that vaguely resembles another immortal creation of game makers – Stalker… Survival in worlds affected by the apocalypse and radiation has long been a trend, so the project quickly gained significant popularity among gamers. The game is rife with flaws – no Russian localization, there are small bugs, however, in general, the electronic product looks quite presentable.

Its main advantage is the atmosphere, thanks to VR support, you can plunge headlong into it. Gloomy landscapes and strange creatures that you don’t want to approach unnecessarily – this is definitely about Into The Radius

4. Thief Simulator

The best VR games.  Thief Simulator

Thief simulator – something that the gaming industry really lacked. In reality, you will not engage in thefts – you can end up in prison, and no one forbids you to try your talents in a virtual city. Drag everything that is bad! Get into private territory, hack cars, collect information and keep an eye on the owners of the house. Careful preparation is the key to success, and self-confident and arrogant thieves have long been rotting behind bars.

The simulator is not so simple – you need to know what to carry, because filling your backpack with rubbish, you will only get problems with the police and no income. We’ll have to weigh and analyze every step, so that the residents of the area are afraid of just the mention of your name.

3. Falcon Age

The best VR games.  Falcon Age

Very unusual action will tell us the story of the girl and her tame falcon… The game tells about the conquest of the world by robots and the enslavement of local residents. Our heroine is a member of the resistance and with the help of her falcon she destroys enemies, knocking out every little screw from them.

The main charm of the project is bird interaction… It can be stroked, fed, given commands, customized, and taught in new techniques. Owners of VR equipment will be delighted to enjoy the local scenery and their charismatic companion. Falcon Age Is an interesting story, but the walkthrough may seem relatively straightforward due to the weakness of the opposition, problems only arise with the bosses.

2. Google Earth VR

The best VR games.  Google Earth VR

We’re not even dealing with a game Google Earth VR Is an application that will help you see almost the whole world! Did you want to fly around the globe, but you only had enough money for a virtual reality helmet? No problem! Of course, at the moment, not all cities have been worked out, but the application is constantly updated and is able to surprise the user with high details.

You can see famous sights from all sides, in one second find yourself on the other side of the world, or even go into space to admire our planet from there. With the help of VR technology, you will rise to any height and will be in control of your movements. The good news is that the app you can pick up absolutely free

1. Modbox

The best VR games.  Modbox

Before us sandbox for VR, in which you can do anything. Many people call games of this genre pampering and killing time, but true fans of virtual reality do not pay attention to such comments. The game features huge arsenal of transformationsallowing you to be creative and even create your own mini-games.

The user can visit other people’s projects, so the potential list of entertainment is limited only to not too much online and the need to have controllers in addition to a helmet.

If you are looking for a weekend game for yourself but you do not have VR, then we recommend reading our articles about the best games about space, harsh Vikings, or look at the most elaborated free projects.

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