• December 5, 2023

Top 10 Overwatch skins rated by players

During the existence of Overwatch (about 4 years), numerous skins have been launched. Usually they are dedicated to updates or events. The creative team did a great job and created tons of eye-catching and unique designs for the heroes. The most interesting are legendary skins, because they completely change the appearance of the hero. It is for the sake of such prey that the desire to open boxes appears. Their important feature is that not only the display of the character on his own screen changes, but also the visibility of the fighter by other players. It gives personality.

Now in the game there are more than one hundred designs of heroes, which makes it difficult to collect the best of them. Still, there are tough choices to make and pick out the top 10 of the best skins in Overwatch.

Gorgon lucio

This is the only Legendary Event Skin to make the list, and for good reason. The main one is the perfect combination of Lucio’s signature green color with dark tones of clothing. Many players especially like snakes on their heads, they are well drawn and move correctly. Really spectacular and memorable skin.

Yeti winston

This is the attractive appearance of the hero who becomes the main participant in the “Yeti Hunter” event. If such a skin is not in the inventory, it probably happened to be seen during the event. An important feature is that the skin turns Winston’s gorilla into a mighty Yeti beast. Better not to make him angry.

Dragon symmetra

The first time you see this skin, your jaws can fall off to the floor. Symmetra has received the appearance of the queen of the entire underworld. She looks badass, but she’s pretty sexy. A character with this skin is a participant in a Halloween event, which adds to the events of the missing spice.

Cyberspace sombra

If not for the skins from events, this skin would have received the first place in the rating. This is the best non-event legendary skin. The right modeling and the right color scheme have transformed the champion into a sci-fi character or space superhero.

Sugar Plum Fairy Mercy

Relatively simple, but detailed and delicate theme, which has been imprinted by the world of fantasy. On the one hand, the character remained himself, retaining the best features of his appearance. On the other hand, the skin is still innovative and gives a completely different idea of ​​the hero. I especially liked the bold hair color.

Honeydew mei

If a rating of the most attractive skins was compiled, it would be an order of magnitude higher. Nice headbands, short shorts and socks greatly increase the interest in Mei’s image. Now it has become popular to do cosplay on May.

Grillmaster: 76 Soldier: 76

The skin may not be the most expressive among the competitors, but the idea is really interesting. The soldier in sandals with socks and a Hawaiian shirt reminds of a cheerful dad who will soon start barbecuing and serving soft drinks. It’s just impossible not to love this skin.

Blackwatch genji

This skin was the final straw for many who were still thinking whether to buy Overwatch or not. Such a design could become the face of its own sci-fi media. At the same time, the skin combines an attractive appearance and aggressiveness. It can rightfully be called the best design for a male character.

Forest spirit orisa

The original skin looks really incredible. It was launched alongside the latest event, but due to its legendary status, few have yet seen such a look. The attention to detail and the pleasant color scheme are impressive. In fact, this is a ready-made protagonist for some kind of fantasy game. It looks cool from a distance, but it only gets better as you get closer.

Pink mercy

This is a half magical skin, and for the second half it follows the Valkyrie style, showing complete superiority over all other characters. The ribbons, wings, and other embellishments are so well laid out that the designs feel epic. The skin was gifted to everyone who took part in donating to breast cancer research during a special event. Thus, not only is the skin attractive, but also makes you feel better, knowing that the player has helped people with his finances.

This is not to say that there are no more decent skins, but these are the best ones. And yet we must not forget the following designs: Warlock Ashe, Witch Mercy, Krampus Junkrat, Sanye Orisa, Possessed Pharah, Cruiser D.va and Swamp Monster Doomfist.

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