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Top 10 premium tanks in New Year’s WoT boxes. Is 2021 the best year for donation?

Top 10 premium tanks in New Year's big WoT boxes

For five years now, the developers have been running the New Year’s Offensive campaign, in which large boxes with premium vehicles are being rolled out for sale. Time goes by and offers are becoming more and more tempting, since the phrase “premium tanks will never be better than pumped ones” has long become a myth.

Greetings tankers! As part of this article, we propose to recall the best tanks in large boxes for the entire existence of the promotion and figure out if the equipment is so good in 2021 and does it deserve a donation?

GSOR 1008 (2020)

GSOR 1008

An experimental version of the British tank destroyer GSOR 1008 with loading drum for 4 shells… Was warmly welcomed by the audience, because the technique offered a unique gameplay for this class – a cross with ST. Cooldown between shots is 2 seconds, so it can quickly distribute a magazine for 1200 damage. Also, among the features of the gameplay is the average distance of the battle – it is there that it can show itself with the greatest efficiency.

Bisonte C45 (2020)

Bisonte C45

The Italian heavy tank Bisonte C45, which stands out for its good armor and is all hung with screens, is an almost invulnerable enemy in the positioning, because you can’t even target a kombucha. The gun is equipped modified magazine reloading system – sounds cool, but in fact it is sometimes more like a pleasant bonus, and not a manifestation of immobility. This is definitely not worth the long reloading and poor stabilization of the gun, because of which the damage per minute suffers greatly and the overall effectiveness of the tank in turbochargers.

In many ways, the position of this tank in the rating is due to the complete failure of the pumped-through TT in Italy, therefore, the demand for this vehicle is low.

SU-130 PM (2019)

SU-130 PM

The Soviet tank destroyer SU-130 PM is a predator on the battlefield. Excellent camouflage combined with one of the largest single-shot damage at its level make it an “unpleasant surprise” for any enemy who decides to storm the flank, where Sushka is defending. At the same time, she has sane mobility and incomplete rotation tower, which makes it stand out from the background of other Soviet tank destroyers and gives certain advantages in battle.

Bat Chatillon Bourrasque (2020)

Bat chatillon bourrasque

The French medium tank Bourrasque has incredible disguiseas for its class and excellent mobility, which on these indicators allows him to compete with LT. They also add immobility to him drum for 2 shells (fast recharge) and large one-time damage. Alas, long aiming times, poor accuracy, low armor penetration and a complete lack of armor are important drawbacks to be considered.

It was the skill dependence of the technique, since the tank is far from for everyone, that did not allow it to be placed higher in the rating.

Defender (2018)

Object 252U Defender

In those days, the “Defender” was still a popularized and desired tank by many. At that time there was no apa of old prema and so many new ones, more adapted to the modern rand, did not appear. At the same time, this Soviet heavy tank was consistently inflicting damage, its mobility was within tolerable (relative to the speed of battles) and, of course, excellent booking, allowing you to tank even higher level opponents.

IS-3 with M3 (2018)

IS-3 with M3

Another heavy Soviet tank IS-3 with M3 from the same set of boxes in 2018. Moreover, the IS-3 with the M3 was even more expected. For the first time, this car did not enter the players, they bought it badly and the developers removed it for revision. Just in the last patch of the year with NG boxes, it was upgraded, significantly increasing the firepower due to equipping the gun with a shell reloading mechanism… Although his mobility is weak, but with his good armor, the tank began to play with new colors.

Object 703 Option II (2019)

Object 703-II

Soviet heavy tank Object 703 Variant II – immobilized double-barreled gun, since the tank has good armor and is able to discharge into the enemy “Doublet” inflicting damage from two guns at the same time… Although the pumped branch of double-barreled tanks did not make much of an impression (although it was being promoted intensively for half a year before it was put into operation), this machine turned out to be really good. One of the best cars

Škoda T 56 (2021)

Škoda T 56

The Czechoslovakian heavy tank Škoda T 56 is, in the opinion of many players and bloggers, truly a “defender’s killer”. In general, in terms of armor, they are incomparable, the Czech is rather weak in this regard, but its main feature is in the gun: a drum for 2 shells with fast reloading allows in a matter of seconds, issue under 1000 damage units, therefore, even “dozens” have to reckon with it.

In turbine conditions, this is one of those heavy weights that manage to shoot damage, and the game really brings pleasure (the gameplay is not burdensome, since it has comfortable mobility and a weapon).

Bofors Tornvagn (2021)

Bofors tornvagn

The Swedish heavy Viking Bofors Tornvagn is an improved copy of the game’s premier veteran, the American T34. The “Swede” has an impenetrable turret, a strong VLD and a very powerful cannon. A distinctive feature of this tank, which is its main competitive advantage over the rest on this list, is its high armor penetration with the base shell, which allows you to farm silver and not spend money on gold shells.

Progetto M35 mod. 46 (2019)

Progetto M40 mod.  65

The Italian Progetto 46 medium tank is undoubtedly coveted by many, and not without reason. Unlike its heavy brother “Bizonte”, it has a very comfortable weapon with a reloading mechanism. This is an excellent sniper who keeps his distance in the first half of the battle, and then begins to finish off opponents due to the advantage in firepower.

When the developers nerfed the Italian medium tanks (they removed the rammer), they also forbade him to install the rammer, but they reloaded the recharge, that is as if already built rammer and thus the slot was freed.

Progetto 46 is a great farm, able to make a decisive contribution and drag the fight. A good simulator for the crew, and pumped-through STs in Italy are in demand and feel confident in randomness.

The only significant drawback is weak booking.

Bonus place

Although the rating is compiled for 8 levels, one cannot fail to mention E 25, which will be awarded an honorable 0 place 😊. It was included in the 2018 boxes.

E 25

German tank destroyer E 25, which the developers have officially withdrawn from the market, having arranged a farewell marathon for her. What a surprise it was for the players when they saw her in the composition of large boxes in 2018. This car is always desirable, even despite the 7th lvl. She has preferential level of battleswhich, when combined with incredible camouflage, superior accuracy, fast convergence and high rate of fire, makes it truly imboy.

With its characteristics, it fully justifies the nickname “flea” – if it clings to the enemy, then he will definitely not leave safe and sound.


In principle, the composition of the large boxes in 2018 was one of the most interesting, even the low-level technique was imposing: KV-220-2 and 105 leFH18B2 + “Eshka” 7 levels. Of course, there were two cacti: Turán III and M4 Improved, but this cannot be compared with the tanks of 2021, where there is nothing good except for the “eights”.

In 2019, in addition to the listed tanks, there was also the German E-75 TS – also a good tank in all respects (except for armor), just that it did not become the center of attention due to other more attractive “eights”.

Boxes in 2021-2022 are bribed precisely by the presence of “eights”, the number of which was increased to 5 pieces. Therefore, there is a higher chance of getting a high-level premium or getting more gold for compensation if the technique is dropped again. In general, the technique is specific. with a bias towards heavy tanks (already 4 pieces)… Tank destroyers are absent at all, and medium tanks are represented by the extremely controversial 122TM.

You can even spend 6000 rubles + and not get the desired tank, so if you do not need gold and prema days, then this year it is better not to donate a lot to the boxes and wait for the open sale of the necessary pream (and here Škoda T 56 and Bofors Tornvagn deserve attention. ).

Write in the comments what tanks you got and what you think in general about the advisability of donating for large boxes.

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