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TOP-10 Russian films, for which you are not ashamed

Russian cinemawill probably always be the subject of heated debate. Many people consider domestic films frankly untalented, others emphasize the progressive industry development… In any case, this is our cinema and it will not be possible to dismiss it as from an annoying fly.

TOP-10 Russian films, for which you are not ashamed

Each country is different special culturewhich has an impact on film production as well. When we talk about the United States, we mean fighters, Brazil is associated with soap operas, and France with comedies… In Russia, they also know how to make films of a certain genre. Everyone knows our films about war, outer space, historical figures, sports, which often turn out to be of sufficient quality.

The Russian soul is very brooding and a little melancholy, she loves to analyze, to look at herself from the outside. Perhaps it was this feature that influenced the development of the genre, which can be characterized as ultrarealism… For the most part, about such tapes, tragic and enough deep, today will be a speech. And if the viewer can be ashamed of some domestic films – definitely not for these.

Voroshilov Sharpshooter

Film "Voroshilov Sharpshooter" 1999 year

Producer: Stanislav Govorukhin

Genre: Drama

Year of issue: 1999

Surprisingly, the film already more than 20 yearshowever, it remains relevant today. The tape tells us about a veteran whose granddaughter’s life was ruined by the majors, the children of influential people. Predictably, the investigation quickly died out, and grandfather had no choice but to remember his younger years, picking up a rifle.

The film amazes with its sincerity, dresses injusticethat corrodes society like acid. In difficult times, it is very important to have heroes who will inspire and give us back our faith in humanity. That is why the picture became a real hit and is recommended for viewing even now.


Film "Isle", 2006

Producer: Pavel Lungin

Genre: Drama

Year of issue: 2006

Before us philosophical drama, which makes you rethink your life and charges you with the desire to become better. An all-star cast led by Peter Mamonov tells us a story betrayal and forgiveness

Once upon a time Anatoly killed a man to save his own life. Since then, he has done a lot of good, but he never found peace in his soul. By the will of fate, the main character will have a chance to atone for his sin, although he does not know about it yet.

It is useless to evaluate this tape, it simply cannot leave the viewer indifferent, touching the hidden strings of his soul.


Film "Live" 2010 year

Producer: Yuri Bykov

Genre: Drama

Year of issue: 2010

Very cruel and realistic drama tells the viewer a story about the choice. Every day we analyze the actions of others, evaluate people, not even suspecting what is hidden inside them.

The hunter accidentally meets a stranger who is in great trouble – he is being chased. Now their fates are tied and everyone will have to make difficult choices more than once. Who is right and who is wrong? Who is the daredevil and who is the coward? Who will die and who will live?

This harsh story keeps the viewer in suspense from the first to the last minute of viewing and leaves an indelible mark on the soul.

I also want to

Film "I also want to" year 2012

Producer: Alexey Balabanov

Genre: Drama, crime

Year of issue: 2012

Maybe “I want to too” is not the best picture in the portfolio of Alexei Balabanov, but this last movie director, on whom the Russian cinema was held for two decades. Almost any of his work could get into our TOP, but we chose this one to honor the memory of the master.

The plot of the film revolves around Bell towers, which takes people to Happiness and everyone dreams of being there. The only trouble is that not everyone is taken there, and some are themselves ready to reject paradise. In an atmosphere of complete phantasmagoria, the heroes of the film will have to go through a difficult path, however, where it ends is unknown.

This picture is fanned aura of mysticism… Exactly 40 days after Balabanov left, the bell tower shown in the movie collapsed. Another oddity – Alexey decided to star in his film, which was not typical for him, and even played his own last day.


Film "Major" year 2013

Producer: Yuri Bykov

Genre: Drama, crime

Year of issue: 2013

Another heavy and ultra-realistic film Yuri Bykov… The tape raises questions justice, timeliness of actions and humanity

The main character, Major Sobolev, commits a crime. Taking advantage of his official position, he fully justifies himself, not yet knowing what nightmare chain of events was launched.

Crime and Punishment. The picture shouts to us that sometimes it is better to answer for our actions than to cause even more evil. Unfortunately, the major is only a person, and a person cannot always find the strength to do the right thing.


Film "Leviathan" year 2014

Producer: Andrey Zvyagintsev

Genre: Drama, crime

Year of issue: 2014

Film, owner Golden Globe from Alexei Serebryakov starring. Who it Leviathan? A corrupt official with whom it is useless to fight a mere mortal? A port town where there is no perspective? Or a best friend who is ready to betray you? After watching the movie, it seems that the whole world is a huge Leviathan, capable of engulfing a person at any moment.

The mayor is trying to confiscate the house from the car mechanic Nikolai in order to get at his disposal an advantageously located land plot. The man is not going to give up and asks for help from a friend – a successful lawyer. The heroes do not yet know that each of them will have to face their own personal Leviathan.

Star castincredibly atmospheric Scenery and unprecedented depth of the picture became the key to her success.


Film "Fool" year 2014

Producer: Yuri Bykov

Genre: Drama

Year of issue: 2014

Reasoning about justice always remain relevant. Is it possible to achieve it? Is it worth fighting for?

The main character of the picture, the plumber Nikitin, decided that it was worth it. During his inspection of the hostel, he realized the following – the house will most likely collapse by morning… Dmitry through acquaintances brings this information to the mayor.

When officials begin to cover up their machinations, it is better not to stand in their way. So Nikitin will have to risk your life, and also to drink the full cup of shame just for the fact that he did not care. What can you say here? Fool.


Film "Collector" 2016 year

Producer: Alexey Krasovsky

Genre: Drama, thriller

Year of issue: 2016

A very curious picture in which Konstantin Khabensky appears before us in the form of a cold-blooded collector. Needless to say, the profession is not the most noble, but everyone earns as best he can, and the main character knows his job well.

Throughout the film, we are shown how important it is to evaluate people holistically. The viewer’s opinion about the main character, Arthur, is constantly changing, all his actions are ambiguous and perfectly demonstrate the human nature. There are no good and bad people, categories are inappropriate here.

The viewer sees this on the example of a blackmailer who hung a label on Arthur and did not want to take it off, even after learning that the collector was not involved in the departure of her (as it turned out, living) husband. Sometimes we also do this in life.

How Vitka Garlic took Leha Shtyr to the disabled home

Film "How Vitka Garlic took Lyokha Shtyr to the nursing home" 2017 year

Producer: Alexander Hunt

Genre: Drama, crime

Year of issue: 2017

A very unusual movie about quite ordinary things. A bad family man and a pupil of an orphanage, Vitka, nicknamed Garlic, meets his father, whom he hates with all his heart.

Leha Shtyr is a criminal, he never thought about his son, but now he needs disability care. Vitka agrees take father to the boarding house for the sake of the prospect of taking possession of the apartment, but on the way they will have to find out a lot.

The film raises the question of forgiveness, redemption, relationship between fathers and children. The deliberately low social status of the heroes depicted in the guise of gopniks and criminals should not be misleading – the cinema is deeper than it seems at first glance.


Film "Summer" 2018 year

Producer: Kirill Serebrennikov

Genre: Drama, biography, music

Year of issue: 2018

A relatively simple, but incredibly nostalgic movie about becoming famous Leningrad Rock Club and the youth of its participants. Songs Tsoi still remain relevant and popular not only among contemporaries Victorbut also youth.

However, the film is not only about the leader of the group. “Cinema”but also his friends. Nowadays, few people remember the bands “AU” and “Zoo”, but they were the ones who were at the forefront Russian rock and helped the formation of Tsoi. The tape does not claim to be authentic, many scenes are invented, as are the storylines, but the main thing is that the atmosphere of that time is reproduced almost perfectly.

Before us is a bright movie about freedom, love and creativity. Incredible camera work and good music accompany the viewer throughout the entire viewing time.

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