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Top 10 secrets DC heroes had to reveal

Expanded universe DC includes many powerful characters – heroes and villains. Despite the presence of supernatural abilities, they remain human and have their own secrets. What did they hide Batman and Superman, and why Harley quinn more normal than you think?

Why do heroes need secrets, because they have almost unlimited power and may not look back at the opinion of society? Plot twists like these help to intrigue the viewer and reveal familiar characters from a new angle. Often, secrets serve as an excellent impetus for the development of the franchise and further integration into the superhero project.

Batman: the reason for the confrontation with Superman

"Batman v superman"

Batman decided to do away with Superman because of the firm conviction that Clark Kent will become evil and destroy humanity. This confidence arose after a vision in which this information Bruce conveyed Flash… However, Wayne was in no hurry to share with his friends – he decided to complete the mission alone.

The truth was revealed to others only in Zach Snyder’s Justice League… Bruce shared this secret with Wonder womanby showing much more confidence in their comrades. Even superheroes can sometimes find it helpful to talk.

Superman: the cause of his father’s death


For a long time, everyone believed that Jonathan, Clark’s adoptive father, died in an accident. In part, this is how it happened, but this event could have been easily avoided. When Lois Lane revealed a secret Superman and learned about his abilities, he told the girl the details of the death of his father.

At a young age, Clark was an arrogant guy because he felt superior to other people. However, Jonathan’s death taught Superman restraint and control over his abilities. During the tornado, the father Clark found himself in a dangerous situation, but forbade himself to save himself in order to protect his son and not give him up in front of numerous witnesses.

Wonder Woman: Excessive Anonymity

Wonder Woman

Fans DC perceive Wonder woman extremely positive, because she is part of a team of brave heroes. However, the biography of the Amazon is not as pure as it might seem. Many reproach the girl for inaction, because for a long time she did not show herself in any way and kept her existence secret.

Of course, Wonder Woman fought injustice and helped others, but she hasn’t intervened in global conflicts since the First World War. It is difficult even to imagine how many lives an Amazon could have saved if she neglected her anonymity and interacted with other heroes.

Amanda Waller knew perfectly well who Batman was

Amanda Waller

Dinner Amanda Waller and Bruce Wayne fell on the very end of the film “Suicide squad”… The woman worried about her reputation after the incident in Midway city, but the interlocutor promised not to make the information public in exchange for data on the mutants.

Amanda, in turn, advised Bruce to “stop working at night,” as it affects him badly. Wayne did not react to this transparent hint, which means that he knows that Waller has full information about Batman.

Aquaman had knowledge of the mother’s cube.


IN Justice League Zach Snyder invades the planet Steppenwolf and wants to unite the mother’s cubes to create a semblance of his own world on Earth. Batman assembles a team and comes to Arthur Curry, who shows no interest and sends Bruce away. However, Aquaman quickly realized that Steppenwolf’s invasion was no joke.

That is why the hero went to the underwater fortress of the Atlanteans to protect one of the cubes. After a short battle, Steppenwolf becomes the owner of the artifact, and Curry is forced to unite with the team Wayne

Cyborg: the secret of survival after a disaster

Cyborg DC

Fate Victor Stone you will not envy – he crashed with his mother in a car accident. For the whole world, the guy remains dead and even visits his own grave. However, in Justice League Cyborg told friends about his secret.

In fact, he managed to escape through the efforts of his father. He used the mother’s cube to keep Victor alive after serious damage and made him a cyborg.

Flash knew he could move through time

Barry always said that he did not even try to find out the limits of his own capabilities. He used speed only to solve urgent problems, but Justice League put everything in its place. Actually, Barry knew perfectly well that he could move faster than time, but did not tell anyone about it.

In the course of the development of the plot Steppenwolf gets his way and destroys the Earth. Realizing that there is no other way, Flash breaks a promise to himself and passes through time, turning it back and saving humanity and his friends.

Harley Quinn wanted simple female happiness

Harley quinn

If we consider the expanded universe DC, Harley quinn Is one of the deepest characters. She is a ruthless criminal and the Joker’s girlfriend who has supported him in his most vile endeavors. However, one moment in “Suicide squad” revealed the true essence of Harley and the viewer saw what he least expected.

It turns out that in her dreams, Quinn is a caring mother and an exemplary wife. Deep down, she wants to get away from the criminal trade and lead a calm, measured life with her beloved. Unfortunately knowing Joker, it can be argued that this Harley dream is far from being realized.

Shazam: Introducing Superman


Have Batson there cannot be too many secrets, because he was an ordinary child until he acquired supernatural powers. However, in the course of his adventures, he met Superman and even developed friendly relations with him. Why did he hide this fact from Freddie?

We remember very well the moment when the adopted brother and best friend Billy asked him to come to school in the image Shazam… Then Batson refused Freddie, and a quarrel arose between the guys. After all the adventures, Billy unexpectedly fulfilled his brother’s request and even brought with him Supermanmaking an impression on the whole school. Sometimes secrets are needed to turn them into incredible surprises.

The Martian Hunter: The Personality of Calvin Swanwick

Martian Hunter.  Calvin Swanwick

General Swanwick appeared in several films at once DCbut was not a key figure. The ordinary viewer believed that the character was used for extras and justified the presence of the military in the tape. but Justice League dropped the hook to continue the franchise.

Calvin confesses Bruce Waynewhich actually is Martian Hunter – another goodie in comics. He did not reveal himself as he waited for the characters to join forces to join them. However, so far this secret is known only Batman and the audience, so it is difficult to say in what capacity the general will appear next time on the screen.

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