• July 1, 2022

Top 10 side quests from the game that should be on the Netflix series

Stunning views, creepy monsters, insane people, intrigue and drama. Some of the quests could turn into great episodes of the series.


The second season of the Netflix show about The Adventures of Geralt of Rivia kicks off in December. And although it is based on the original book series, and not on the CD Project Red trilogy, nothing prevents you from thinking about which of the side quests would fit into its plot as organically as possible. After all, there are moments in them that just ask for the screen.

Frying pan like new

Frying pan like new

Quest, especially loved by the fans. After all, what could be better than taking a break from hunting monsters and helping a woman find her frying pan? The most important task for the witcher. Geralt would have known that soon he would have to unravel a brutal murder …

Such an episode in the series would not only defuse the atmosphere (at first), but could show how thin the line in the life of a witcher is between routine affairs and the search for those responsible for terrible crimes.

Shock therapy

Shock therapy

Geralt’s Adventures on the Islands Skellige often forced him to contact rather strange personalities. Contemptuous druid Egil once gave a dinner of silence. His old friend is not happy about this. He makes Egil dumb and asks Geralt to scare him in order to return his voice.

Fires, hornets’ nests – this is not the whole arsenal that Geralt should use. Shock Therapy is a funny story that would give viewers a break from the gloomy atmosphere.

Games of cats and wolves


During Geralt’s wanderings, the player regularly hears about other witchers. And with some old buddies from Wolf Schools, for example – with Lambertmanages to meet in person. But the quest “Games of cats and wolves” gives a special opportunity – it introduces representatives of another witch school.

Gaetan of the Cat School, whom Geralt faces while figuring out the reasons for the massacre in one village, bears little resemblance to the friends of the protagonist. He is cunning, cynical, but honest and friendly. And the story of the destruction of the Cat School, which Geralt learns from the notes, could add a series of drama.

Collect them all


Gwent is one of The Witcher’s best spin-offs. The card game has moved beyond the main series and acquired its own audience. And during the “Wild Hunt” Geralt must collect a full deck of cards, challenging other characters. So many fans of the series would be curious to see how the serial witcher plays in Gwent.

Tower out of nowhere


This quest was made famous by an Easter egg reminiscent of technical means of copyright protection.

Geralt, at the request of the locals, is trying to figure out where he appeared on the shore mysterious tower… The witcher will have to enter a building that came out of nowhere and help the shocked magician solve the issue with the protection system. As soon as he does this, the tower will disappear, teleporting to another location. This series would throw interesting tasks for employees Netflixresponsible for special effects.

Heart of the forest


If we talk about special effects in the series, then the quest “Heart of the Forest” would allow the authors of the show to show all their capabilities in this area. Indeed, with one of the scenarios for the development of events, Geralt will have to fight the goblin. This ancient forest spirit looks amazing. Battle Henry Cavill with such a creation could be one of the best scenes of the project.

In addition to impressive monsters, the side effect pleases the player with a thoughtful conflict between the villagers divided into 2 camps. The witcher will have to decide which side to choose. And any decision he makes will have far-reaching consequences for the locals.

Mysterious footprints

Mysterious footprints

It is worth mentioning separately orders… Monster slaying contracts are an integral part of witchcraft work.

Geralt receives one of these contracts in Zalipye. The hunter asks him to deal with the creature living in the vicinity. After a short search, the witcher finds the corpse of a demon that was killed by the devil. It is unlikely that anyone would refuse to watch the battle of these monsters on the screen.

In wolf’s clothing


Desecration and accidental Yennefer’s destruction of Freya’s grove – one of the saddest moments of The Witcher 3. But while the priestesses reproach the sorceress for heartlessness, Geralt can try to smooth out the situation and help them.

To do this, he must rid the grove of Morkvarg, a wolf that haunts the locals. After a little investigation, the witcher is faced with a choice – to finally kill the monster by feeding the werewolf with its own meat, or to return it to its former appearance. A bloody story that can reveal the softer side of Geralt, seeking to help people.



In addition to battles with vile creatures, Geralt often has to deal with the expulsion of restless spirits. This part of his work is devoted to the quest on Fike Island. The witcher needs to protect the ritual Vorozheya and his followers from ghosts.

Banshees, witch hunters, battles, bloodshed, religious practices. On the show, this whole cocktail would turn into a gripping and eerie episode.

Deadly sins


Serial killer. Quarrel in the morgue. A bloody trail leading to a wealthy estate. Vampires. And an investigation full of mysteries. All this is in the quest “Deadly Sins”. This is a mixture of thriller and fantasy novel. Geralt and Hubert Rake, Coroner, Are Trying To Solve A Series Of Murders. The culmination of their investigation will remind the player of Heavy rain and will turn into a fierce battle.

The search for the criminal, full of impatience and intrigue, is peppered with a journey through the colorful sewers Novigrad… A luxurious quest, definitely worthy of a film adaptation.

Write in the comments, and what would you like to see in the series?

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