• December 6, 2023

Top 10 side quests that deserve to be a standalone game

The Witcher 3 is a horror, detective, thriller and fairy tale hidden behind the mask of a fantasy game. Indeed, among the mass of her side quests, there are those that could easily become a separate game. Sometimes – in a genre far from fantasy.

Land of Fairy Tales

Mysterious and frightening, funny and thought provoking. Introducing 10 side quests that will take the player out of their familiar atmosphere and take them into a completely different game.

In wolf’s clothing

In wolf's clothing

A religious community, an enchanting garden, the curse of a powerful sorceress, werewolves, necromancy – all in one stunning side-quest “In the wolf’s clothing”.

Moving along the main plot, Geralt and Yennefer find themselves in Freya’s grove, where they have to face the terrorizing local religious order wolf… While Geralt deals with the monster, the sorceress practices necromancy to get information. A tragic story on the basis of which a good fantasy horror would come out.

Enemy of the people

Enemy of the people

Flip-flop Philip Eilhart Is one of the most interesting and controversial characters in the Witcher saga. The strongest sorceress, domineering and talented, Eilhart turned out to be a bone that stood across the throat of the mad king of Redania – Radovida… It is he who sends Geralt for Philippa.

The sorceress’s hideout, which Geralt invades, is a fascinating place to travel. And also – the lair of several rather complex monsters. Not finding Philippa, but finding a magic crystal, the witcher finds himself at a crossroads. After all, if you give the crystal not to Radovid, but Triss or Yennefer, then the player will know what is coming restoration of the fallen Lodge of Sorceresses.

Heart of the forest

Heart of the forest

Leshy – creatures capable of catching up with fear. Huge relic trees that guard the forest and get rid of anyone who goes against their laws. So, the village in which the chosen one of the devil appeared can only sympathize. Or not?

In the quest “Heart of the Forest” Geralt agrees to help the villagers deal with the threat. The witcher can unite with an elder who wants to solve the matter in peace or choose the path of the sword. Fierce confrontation between two factions, magic, an ancient monster and a bloody trail behind all this. An excellent starting point for the game.

Last wish

Last wish

Genie Is one of the hardest opponents in the game. Having met him, even experienced players feel uncomfortable. Isn’t it the final boss?

But this side quest has choices that push the genie into the background. He splits players into two camps. And in the middle of all this struggle – Geralt, Yennefer and a beautiful view of the Skellige Mountains. A task that will remain in the hearts of fans of the series for a long time.

Land of a Thousand Tales

The land of a thousand fairy tales

If you turn off the path of the Wild Hunt for a short while and look into DLC “Blood and Wine”, then you can find an amazing location. The land of a thousand fairy tales Is a world that frightens and fascinates at the same time. The illusion is hidden in a magic book and is filled with references to fairy tales – “Thumbelina”, “Goldilocks”, “The Wizard of Oz”. The world is inhabited by fabulous creatures, there are a lot of places familiar to many from childhood.

The vibrant colors of this strange place are in striking contrast to the main world of the game – harsh and filled with monsters. In this fabulous atmosphere, the player has to complete 2 quests, one of which is a side task “Geese-geese, ha-ha-ha!” It’s rather short, but the location itself, in which the events unfold, can be a great setting for a single game.

Mouse tower

Mouse tower

Some side-quests of “Wild Hunt” differ from the main game in their atmosphere and are more reminiscent of projects of other genres, rather than medieval fantasy. An example of this is all the events that revolve around Kolomnitsa islands, especially the mission “Mouse Tower”.

The witcher receives instructions to explore the haunted tower from Keira Metz… This eerie, gloomy place filled with ghosts is as different from the main game as Land of a Thousand Tales… Creepy monsters and a frightening history of the island, which appears to Geralt in the course of the passage, add goosebumps.



Regardless of who Geralt supports – Keris en Krayt or her brother, HjalmaraThe Skellige Islands will never be the same. Death of the king Brana Tirschach forces Geralt to choose between two contenders for the throne. Or civil war, represented by Svanrig, the third challenger.

Political intrigues, the fate of an entire region, exciting tasks – all this turns this quest into a good candidate for the role of a separate game filled with spirit “The game of thrones”

A Matter of Life and Death / Now or Never

Now or never

The classic story of a witch hunt. The sorcerers are cornered and forced to hide. Triss Merigold trying to save herself and help the rest of the magicians to leave Novigrad.

Escape and battle in the sewers, combined with an exciting storyline, make this mission much deeper than an ordinary side quest. The consequences of the events taking place during its course will be reflected in the general history of the world. And the line itself is completely independent, it just needs to be expanded a little.

Cases of state importance

Cases of state importance

Radovid, as mentioned earlier, is a madman and a tyrant. After completing a number of tasks, the player will unlock a mission, the outcome of which will significantly affect the final of the game.

Conspiracies, struggle for the throne, choice between peace and war with Nilfgaard – there is enough of this in this task. By the way, and after all around a similar situation the plot of “The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings” unfolded.

Passing “Cases of State Importance”, who will become the ruler of Redania and the entire North?

Deadly sins


Vampires, luxurious mansions, a maniac and a fierce confrontation. It is unlikely that something needs to be added here. In Novigrad, the witcher gets involved in investigating a series of creepy crimes… For Geralt, this is a personal matter. After all, the villain tried to harm Priscilla, Buttercup’s friend

Riddle and drama, the harsh main character and his amusing companion – all that is needed for an exciting detective, with the search for the villain in the streets of Novigrad teeming with criminals and under them – in the sewers.

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