• July 5, 2022

Top 10 Sims 4 Challenges

The Sims 4 becomes much more interesting if you set yourself a specific task. Here are the 10 best fan-created custom challenges!

Sims 4

Life simulation games like The Sims 4 provide the player with incredible fun in the early hours of gameplay, but after learning the basic functions it can be easy to get bored. When the player sets goals for himself and builds his own stories, it’s fun and unusual. If your own imagination is not enough, fan tests will come to the rescue.

Challenges are a great way to shake up the gameplay and discover parts of The Sims that tend to be overshadowed. Challenges have long been part of the game’s fan community since the second part of the franchise. They have their own rules, themes and requirements. Some of them take place over several generations of characters, while others only as part of a single Sim’s life.


Sims 4 Dynasty

Dynasty is a classic The Sims community challenge, one of the first to go viral. The test rules are simple: one sim must be the founder and created in CAS (character creation mode). This hero needs to be moved to the largest empty lot in the world. It is forbidden to use any cheat codes (unless they are used to fix a game bug, for example, getting stuck in textures). The founder must have children who will continue his dynasty. The test ends when the tenth generation is born.

The Dynasty Challenge is often used as the basis for other quests. In addition, it can be used to play the story of the family’s enrichment. There are different variations of this challenge with additional conditions. For example, you can prohibit girls from being heirs, or establish a dynasty character trait. Then only the Sim who has this trait can inherit.

Black Widow

Sims 4 Black Widow

The Black Widow Challenge is a story about romance and money. Players create a young or adult female Sim and place her in the house. She is not allowed to take a job. All her money must come from suitors.

The goal of the challenge is to find a male sim, preferably a wealthy one, and marry him… Have a dinner party, find your next lover, get caught cheating and kill your husband. The cycle continues until the black widow outlives ten lovers and becomes fabulously wealthy. As a bonus requirement, the sim must have the Practical, Skeptic, and Romantic traits. Only Serial Romantic is allowed to be chosen as a life goal.

100 Children

Sims 4 100 kids

The 100 Kids Challenge has also become a classic in The Sims community. The test is to one character got himself 100 offspring.

There are several variations on this test that either make it a little easier or more difficult. A simpler option is to “stretch” the challenge over several generations.when the heroine’s daughters can continue her endeavors. If you want to complicate the quest, then mothers are prohibited from going to work, and also from one man it is allowed to have only one child (or twins, triplets, if the random decided so).

Dumpster call

Sims 4 trash can

To go through call the trash can, you need to buy a trash can and set the family’s money supply to 0. The Sim then survives on whatever is in that dumpster (or any community lot). This includes food and all furniture.

Additional rules include banning showers in the gym or using other public areas for anything else. INAnything you use must be removed from your dumpster. This challenge requires The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack.

Older sister (or brother)

Sims 4 Big Sister

Thanks to the patch, teenagers can now live on the site alone, without adults. This opened the door to exciting new twists in the story and unusual gameplay possibilities. Also, a new challenge was born – an older sister (or brother).

To start this challenge, you need to start a family of one teenager and one child or toddler. They must be related. The challenge is for the older sister to raise the child and create a home for her brother or sister. She needs set a life goal “Happy family”, and character traits are not limited in any way. This challenge is great for any kind of sisterhood story and has great potential for both dramatic and touching scenarios.

Runaway teenager

Sims 4 Runaway Teen

That same teen patch also made the Runaway Teen trial possible. This challenge assumes a family of only one teenager. It tells the story of a teenager running away from home with all the difficulties involved.

The player is invited to either move from site to site, or you can choose land for yourself and settle down on it. A teenager is not allowed to communicate with an adult. Only children and other adolescents can speak. The player must skip school and will not be able to take part-time jobs. A teenager can make money from fishing, gardening and digging. Once the character is young and earns enough money to live in the house, they can find work. The challenge is to build something out of nothingwhile at a social disadvantage.

Berry Challenge

Sims 4 berry challenge

Berry Challenge is a rethinking of the Dynasty Challenge. Here, each generation stands out for its color and unique features. Your Sim’s hair, clothing, skin color, makeup, and home decor should match the color of your choice. Each generation and color has its own set of personality traits and goals.

An alternative to the Berry Challenge is called Not So Berry. It does not change skin color. If you don’t want your Sims to be hot pink or blue, this might be a better option. Either way, the rules of this challenge refresh the classic dynasty challenge.

Disney princesses

Sims 4 disney princess

The Disney Princess Challenge is another variation on the Dynasties theme. Each generation tells its own story based on different Disney princesses.

This challenge is fun because it has a lot of story potential. I would like not only to create a dynasty, but also acting out your princess, and it helps to treat limitations with understanding… Ten generations of Disney style give The Sims 4 fans dozens of fun hours of play.


Sims 4 offline

The “Offline” challenge assumes that the character will live in an area completely cut off from the outside world. This means disconnecting from all municipal services, including electricity and water sources. Although this leads to a decrease in utility billsit also presents a range of challenges to overcome.

Certain DLCs help solve this challenge and make it more funsuch as Laundry Day, Jungle Adventure, Sustainable Living, and Island Living. These kits are not needed to live offline thanks to the patch, but they contain items that will definitely make survival easier and will help you not rely on local government.


Sims 4 Decades

Decades are like a combination of the Dynasty and Offline challenges. This test consists of ten generations, each of which represents its own decade.

Most versions of this challenge start in the 1890s.which means that the player will have to live without electricity and water for the first three generations or so. Each generation must dress in the style of their decade and build and decorate their homes accordingly. It’s amazing how creative the simmers are with this challenge and how much the game helps them get through this challenge in a fun way. Definitely the best challenge for history fans!

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