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Top 10 unanswered questions in Skyrim

In Skyrim, Bethesda has managed to tell many stories, but not all of them have been brought to a climax. Many of them left more questions for themselves than they answered. And here are some of the most interesting ones.

Mysterious details in TES V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim rich in small detailsthat saturate the lore and make the universe livelier. Even minor characters have their own story, and if you pay attention to the dialogues, text notes and objects, you can plunge into it headlong. But quite often, inconspicuous background scenes remain unsaid, which makes them even more interesting!

The inhabitants of Skyrim are northern Nords, a closed and reserved people. During their adventures, players can reveal some of their secrets, but not all. Every city or settlement hides subtle detailsthat hide in letters, conversations, homes and even tombs.

Next we will tell about ten small stories behind which are hidden great secrets.

Isolde’s shadow business

Isolde's shadow business

At the Sleepy Tree camp in Whiterun, the player can find Isolde’s message to an orc named Ulag, whose lifeless body lies next to a tree. Isolde says that this man supplied her with Sleepy Tree sap, which she sold in town. At the same time, the merchant offers to buy from the player any amount of this materialand it doesn’t matter now or later.

Sleeping tree sap has an effect similar to Skooma: everything slows down, and vision becomes blurry. This is what gives rise to suspicions about Isolde’s shady business, because why does she need so much juice and is its distribution legal at all? Well, the main question: who are her clients?

Barenziah Stones

Barenziah Stones

If the player finds one of the mysterious stones in the image above, he will be able to refer it to Vex or Sledgehammer. Once upon a time these beautiful stones adorned the crown of the famous Queen of Barenziah, but then the decoration was stolen, and the stones spread throughout Skyrim. Dovahkiin, in turn, receives a task find 24 of these precious items

The stones of Barenziah can be found everywhere, from caves to palaces.

Another thing is interesting: how did they get to all these places? Do the yarla and thana who own the jewels know their origin? Perhaps they kept these stones for centuries, or maybe they still have no idea about their meaning.

Reactions to Molag Bal’s Mace

Mace of Molag Bal

After completing Molag Bal’s quest, he will reward the player with his mace. It’s a formidable weapon, but for some reason other characters don’t like it. As soon as they see the mace, then immediately ask to put it away

Does the item radiate some kind of evil energy? If so, why does it not apply to Dovahkiin?

Given the violent nature of the Daedric prince, it is possible that his followers used this weapon in the heinous crimes of Skyrim. One thing is clear: people are afraid of Molag Bal’s macefeeling something repulsive in this artifact.

Babette’s location in the “Destroy the Dark Brotherhood!”

Babette in the quest

If the player kills Astrid in the quest “With such friends …”, he will receive a new task to attack the sanctuary of the Dark Brotherhood and destroy everyone who is there. But not all assassins will be present at the headquarters during the Dovahkiin attack. In particular, Babette will not be there.

There is an obvious reason why Babette is not at the Dark Brotherhood Shrine. The fact is that she is a child, and the destruction of children in Skyrim is impossible. In addition, it is unlikely that she was among those who need to be eliminated on assignment.

But if you look at the situation from the plot side, it is not clear what to do now Babette and where to go… I wonder if Cicero or the Night Mother will find her? Will they be able to rebuild the organization? The story of the brotherhood certainly did not end with the Dragonborn vendetta.

Falion’s incredible story

Falion's incredible story

The mysterious wizard of the circle of magicians Morphala says that met daedra and dwemer, having found that era. If you can still believe in a meeting with the Daedra (with a big stretch!), Then how could he see the Dwemer, that disappeared in the year 700 of the First Era?

Either Falion learned to travel in time, or he thousands of years older than it seems… The latter may well be real, given his predisposition to necromancy. And he could just blatantly lie, but why come up with such an incredible story?

Black mystery of Maven

Skyrim Black Sacrament Maven

Behind the door, locked with the key of the “Master” level in the estate “Black Heather”, the player will see a terrible (but familiar, if he enters the Dark Brotherhood) sight. Maven, or someone in her house, performed the ritual of the Black Sacrament to summon an assassin.

With the support of the Thieves Guild, Maven hardly needs help from the Dark Brotherhood in the event of outside threats to her business.

Maybe she wants to get even with someone, but then who is it? Is she related to one of Nazir’s contracts, for example, with Sarif or Ma’Randru-Jo? All of these answers remain open to this day.

Shadow marks in Irkntand

Shadow marks in Irkntand

During the passage of the Thieves Guild quest line, the player will find himself in a Dwemer ruin called Irkntand. The nightingales drive Mercer Frey to the Eyes of the Falmer, but was the guild here before this chase?

There are 3 shadow marks in Irkntand: there is a Thieves Guild mark on one of the tables, a Thieves’ Chest sign in the Falmer village, and Mercer leaves an empty mark in front of the Great Cave in the form of a taunt. But were the two previous shadow marks of his handiwork? Or Gallus Disidenius, who planned the robbery, was here before he died?

Ebony Blade Location

Ebony Blade

In Dragon’s Reach, the player can take the quest “The Door That Whispers”, during which he will meet the Daedric princess Mephala. During the passage of the task you can return the princess artifact – Ebony Blade. True, its location raises questions.

Who found the Ebony Blade and locked it? Is Balgruf related to Daedra? Did the court mage Farengar Secret Fire find an artifact during his research and then hide it out of fear? It is possible that Ayrilet is connected with this, as many Dunmer worship Mephala. Each of these scenarios is real, but which one is really real is unknown.

Wylandriah’s Note

Wylandriah's Note

Riften’s court mage is quite scattered and in the clouds, but there may be more behind it all than meets the eye. In her laboratory, a note from Mirabelle Irwin can be found expressing apparent confusion over Wylandriah’s request. deliver a sample of some “greenmouth”

Players who completed The Shivering Isles in The Elder Scrolls Oblivion 4 may recall finding a greenmoat ingredient in the possession of Sheogorath… The above note may indicate that Wylandriah was in the prince’s retreat. Is she really the typical absent-minded person of science, or is this trait somehow connected with acquaintance with the Prince of Madness?

Tomb of Jurgen the Windcaller

Tomb of Jurgen the Windcaller

During the quest “Horn of Jurgen the Windcaller” Dovahkiin must explore the tomb in search of a relic. Once in the resting place of Master Tu’um, observant players may have noticed one cryptic detail.

Name “Windcaller” on the sarcophagus written in daedric language… Is the founder of the Way of the Voice related to the Daedric princes? If so, how and with whom? Jurgen’s presence in Sovngarde suggests that no daedra took possession of his soul, but this does not mean that he has not met with any of them throughout his life.

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