• September 28, 2023

Top 10 underrated horror movies you should meet

There are many interesting horror projects that have gone unnoticed for various reasons. Some of them were in the shadow of more popular games, coming out with them at about the same time, others are of a rather “venerable” age, so many fans of the genre have not even heard of them. Most of the games presented at the time of release received high marks from both critics and players, and some even influenced the development of the genre.

10 – Cry Of Fear

10 forgotten horror movies worth watching

Compared to other games in this top, this project is relatively new. It came out in 2013 and received a lot of positive reviews on Steam. But, despite this, it did not gain much popularity. Interestingly, the game was originally a mod for Half-Life, but over time it has grown into a full-fledged project.

The story begins with the hero waking up in some alley, not remembering what happened. At the same time, he receives mysterious SMS on his phone, which heightens the situation. The gameplay consists of solving various puzzles and exploring locations. From time to time, the character encounters opponents, in order to defeat them, certain tactics are required.

9 – Sanitarium

10 forgotten horror movies worth watching

Sanitarium is a surreal horror movie adventure game. The Dream Forge authors were inspired by the work of writers such as Stephen King and Edgar Allan Poe. The plot tells about a guy named Max, who came out of a coma after an accident and ended up in an unusual mental hospital. The hero will have to find himself, trying on the personalities of such characters as the Cyclops Grimwall, the Aztec god of Olmec, and even the little girl Sarah.

8 – Harvester

10 forgotten horror movies worth watching

Harvester’s plot takes place in the town of the same name in the 1950s. The main character, once waking up, realizes that he does not remember anything. Locals, including intended parents, insist that his name is Steve and he will soon marry Stephanie, the girl next door. The bride, like our gentleman, also has an attack of amnesia, and she sincerely doubts that what is happening around has anything to do with reality. As you progress, players will have to solve complex and dodgy puzzles, some of which can be discouraging, but you should not give up the passage, as the game constantly surprises with non-standard solutions.

7 – The Suffering

10 forgotten horror movies worth watching

The Suffering is another forgotten horror game with an original narrative. The project was released on Playstation 2, Xbox and PC in 2004. The developers were praised for moving away from the classic zombie storylines. In addition to the horror component, the game has a lot of dynamic moments in which special attention is paid to the “meat” battles.

The story focuses on topics such as the death penalty, slavery, racism and prison culture. We have to play as a prisoner sentenced to death. He manages to escape thanks to the invasion of supernatural forces. Depending on the player’s actions, you can get one of three endings.

6 – Nosferatu: The Wrath Of Malachi

10 forgotten horror movies worth watching

Nosferatu: The Wrath of Malachi combines an amazing, horror-filled atmosphere with the fast-paced and brutal gameplay that first-person shooters are renowned for. The events of the game unfold in 1912, where the main character, by chance, finds himself locked in an old castle with hordes of vampires and other devilish offspring. He has to drive out evil spirits, and free the owners of the castle, who also became involuntary prisoners.

5 – Cold Fear

10 forgotten horror movies worth watching

Cold Fear, released on PS2, Xbox and PC, hit store shelves in 2005. Unfortunately, it has been compared in many ways to Resident Evil 4, which came out the same year. The project could not compare with RE4, but still attracted a certain share of fans. Interestingly, Cold Fear was Ubisoft’s first horror game. In the story, the main character, a member of the US Coast Guard, helps Russian whalers. At some point, he discovers that they are all infected with a parasite that turns them into zombie monsters.

4 – Clive Barker’s Undying

10 forgotten horror movies worth watching

Clive Barker’s Undying was released in 2001 and was produced by acclaimed horror writer Clive Barker. The plot takes place in the 1920s, where the player takes on the role of World War I veteran Patrick Galloway, who will investigate occult events. Despite the fact that the project of Clive Barker went into obscurity, he received very positive reviews. The game also sold poorly, so not many fans of the genre heard about it and were able to appreciate it.

3 – Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem

10 forgotten horror movies worth watching

Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem is one of the few horror games released for the Nintendo console. The project is similar in spirit to the Silent Hill series. Responsible for the development studio Silicon Knights, which also worked on updating the first part of Metal Gear Solid. The plot of the game tells the story of a young girl investigating the murder of a family member.

The investigation leads her to an old mansion, in which she finds a book of the same name – Eternal Darkness. Reading the folio, she learns the stories of people who lived here at different times. Thanks to this, the gameplay is quite varied, since the player, along with the heroine, plunges into different eras.

2 – The 7th Guest

10 forgotten horror movies worth watching

The 7th Guest is a famous adventure game from American studio Trilobyte, released in 1993. Due to its volume, it was published on CD, which made it one of the first products on this medium. It is widely believed today that it was the high excitement around the game that helped popularize CD players among PC users.

The plot of the game The 7th Guest revolves around the character of Henry Stauf. He is a doll maker. In this craft, the hero was able to amass a large fortune and settle in the old estate. However, for some time now he began to see strange visions, and completely fenced himself off from the outside world.

1 – Dino Crisis

10 forgotten horror movies worth watching

Those who still remember Dino Crisis are hoping for an update to the series. The first part was released in 1999 and was developed by the same team that should be thanked for the Resident Evil series. Interestingly, there was a big data leak from Capcom’s servers earlier this year, some of which hint at an imminent re-release of this series.

The project is a classic representative of the survival horror genre. The player’s task is to survive in a hostile environment teeming with predatory dinosaurs, while completing the assigned tasks. In the story, an agent of a special squad is sent to the island of Ibis to find out what experiments were carried out at a local research center. There, the hero learns that a scientist who died many years ago was working on a dangerous weapon.

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