• December 1, 2023

Top 10 unsolved mysteries of video games

Easter egg hunters and curious gamers love pixelating their favorite gaming franchises, but these 10 mysteries remain to be solved by society.


Video games are a great form of storytelling and world-building, and from this point of view, they look more like books than movies. However, since game franchises are often so eventful, and many have annual sequels, some parts of the story remain unfinished and forever become the secrets of the gaming community.

In-game storytelling has become as important as beautiful graphics. As a result, video games are becoming more and more respected as an art form, prompting many story writers to prefer ambiguity to linear storytelling. But this usually leads to the fact that players have a lot of questions. Not all of them find the answer. Here are the 10 biggest unsolved mysteries

video games.

Strange Man In Red Dead Redemption 2

Strange Man In Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 has impressive visuals, one of the best for its time, but this does not make some of the plot points clearer. The Strange Man appears three times in the story, in each of the main areas of the game.

Every time Strange Man comes in contact with John Marston, he is very specific in his words and is intentionally vague. The player can actually kill this mysterious NPC, but that means mission failure. Strange Man Calls John’s Grave “A Beautiful Place” long before the death of the protagonist, and he tells the protagonist that they “Must stop such meetings” the last time they meet. This means he could be anyone from a time traveler to the very Devil.

Desert Rings In Shadow Of The Colossus

Shadow of the colossus

The world of Shadow of the Colossus is very detailed, albeit desolate. Fans of the series believed that there was a secret seventeenth colossus in this universe, although the developers explained that it was not. However, they announced that there is still a special secret. The PS4 remake really included a secret: if you find 50 gold coins in the game, you win … a bigger sword.

However, the world itself is full of mysteries, and although it hasn’t changed in the remake, fans are still trying to find clues to something bigger. One detail that remains unresolved is the rings in the desert. There are metal plates attached to the rings, and some of them are broken, while others are not yet fully formed. There must be some connection to the world, but this remains unclear to this day.

Rest In Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill 2

While there are many strange and memorable areas in the Survival Horror games, Silent Hill 2 is especially notable for its terrifying hazy location aesthetics. However, it is this fog that raises the question of why James was there at all.

In the game, the hero explains that the city was once his favorite vacation spot, but that since the 1970s it has been shrouded in fog, the character has probably never seen it in the sun. The question arises, How does James know what a city without fog looks like if he never set foot on these streets until the 70s? Our protagonist knows even more than we learn at the end of the game, but what?

Suicidal Tendencies In God Of War

God of war

Most of the plot holes seem to come from characters with highly selective memories. The God of War, Kratos, wants to commit suicide at the start of the game. He made this decision because of his confused past. However, since no one knows the afterlife better than this God, he should have understood that it was not worth doing.

When Kratos wants to commit suicide due to his endless pain, nothing will change in the afterlife as the kingdom of Hades is anything but an escape from pain. If God kills himself, then he will fall into the realm of eternal suffering or even something worse.

Luigi the Real In Super Mario 64

Luigi the Real In Super Mario 64

Remaining one of the most intriguing and unsolved mysteries in video games, Super Mario 64 has left fans doubting themselves for decades. At the time, players were confused by the fact that Luigi was not a playable character, but they were completely sure it could be unlocked.

Fans believe that the inscription under the star monument, which is located on the water pedestal, reads “L Is Real 2401”. This phrase, according to the players, refers to Luigi. Also fans think that there are 2,401 stars in the game. It is believed that once Mario has collected all 2,041 stars in the game, if he returns to the fountain, Luigi will appear.

Bane’s memory loss in Batman: Arkham Origins

Batman: arkham origins

Since Batman’s game world is so fantastically intense, it’s impossible to avoid mysteries. While comics are used to fix things like this, there is one that stands above the others and raises so many questions.

In the Batman: Arkham Origins prequel, Bane learns about Batman’s true identity, but in the later Batman: Arkham City, the brawny villain seemed to have forgotten it. Of course, there are some thinly veiled explanations that fans might come up with, such as loss of memory, but the real rationale remains a mystery. Probably, if it had not been left unexplained, this game could have been higher in the list of the best projects in the Batman universe.

Mysterious Chronology In Bioshock


Since the Bioshock series is based on interweaving narratives from tangled timelines, mysteries were bound to appear in its story. Jack falls into the sea and finds the underwater city of Rapture, but it turns out that the first time he was abandoned in this very place, when he was only two years old. Which means he must have had to fight off Big Daddies when he was just a baby. There is a theory according to which Jack is artificially aging much faster than ordinary people, but it still sounds a little unconvincing.

Mount Chiliad Mural In Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V Chiliad

There are many fake videos showing UFOs on top of Mount Chiliad, and YouTubers claim they have solved the mystery, but don’t be fooled as these are just PC mods. However, without the mystery, GTA wouldn’t be a cult game that players are obsessed with. and the Mount Chiliad mural at the cable car station has people combing every inch of the map, including the ocean floor.

Although almost all of the game’s code has been reviewed and it seems that the mural is a joke from the developers, the creators insist that there is another mystery in GTA 5 that no one has solved until 2020.

Vanishing Tavna in Crash Bandicoot

Crash Bandicoot

It’s easy to believe that the Coco Bandicoot you see on the show today, with her ponytail, jumpsuit and laptop, was just a rework of how she looked in the first part, with her long flowing hair, short shorts and a tank top. But they were actually different characters! If Coco is Crash’s sister Tavna was his girlfriend, whom he had to rescue at Neo Cortex’s castle.

Rescuing her on the penultimate level leads the players to an alternate ending, but since then she has never been seen or mentioned, except that she is a playable character in Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled.

Boreas In Half-Life / Portal 2

Boreas In Half-Life / Portal 2

Half-Life fans regularly ask the big question: “Who is the G-Man?” But with the release of Half-Life: Alyx earlier this year, more was revealed about the mystery man with the briefcase. However, the show’s other big mystery was not even mentioned in Alix. Boreas is a boat that carries something important to Freeman in Half-Life 2: Episode 2, but we’ll never know what it is.

In Portal 2, fans were teased about the contents of the carrier ship, but this was still a mystery. While both series are considered two of the best games the market has to offer, they are both equally good at keeping secrets. Hopefully fans don’t have to wait another 13 years to get more information.

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