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Top 10 Weaknesses of ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’

Spiderman: No way home.  Collage

For many comic book fans, the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home is the highlight of 2021. The film more than paid off at the box office, was a huge hit with fans, and turned out to be a truly successful work by Sony and Marvel. but Is everything in the picture as wonderful as we used to think?

There is always a place for an alternative opinion, and many critics note that the film Spider-Man: No Way Home, for all its popularity, has a lot of flaws. This is due, first of all, to the irresistible the desire of the creators to earn – the tape is more like a commercial project and often puts the viewer in an awkward position.

Graphic saturation

There is no doubt that the heavy use of CGI is the hallmark of Marvel’s film adaptations. Spider-Man: No Way Home surprises audiences with visuals, but fails to offer a truly high-quality picture. According to experts, the tape is so saturated with effects that sometimes the impression of the reality of what is happening is lost.

The graphics themselves become the weak point of the picture not only for this reason – in some moments, even an inexperienced viewer sees that computer technology is applied too roughly. This fact is striking and can spoil the impression of the tape.

Draining the budget

The second shortcoming follows completely from the first – many simply do not understand where the budget money has gone. The amount allocated for the production of the film is impressive – $ 200 million. Of course, the services of specialists have always cost a lot, but the picture looks much cheaper than the viewer expected to see.

Often the scenery looks plastic, and the level of effects is not high enough for a modern blockbuster. Obviously, the creators of the tape got carried away with drawing and sent the allocated money literally into a black hole.


Many fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are simply shocked by the tone of Spider-Man: No Way Home. Previous paintings with Tom Holland were distinguished by the special lightness and sincerity of the protagonist. Spider-Man didn’t always make the right decisions, but the reckless storytelling consistently drew audiences in.

The reporting tape is relatively gloomy. And the first part of the film sets us up in a positive way, and the second offers drama. The result is a dissonance in the head of the viewer, who finds it very difficult to empathize with the characters in contrast.


The real shock was the fact that the film “Spider-Man: No Way Home” has a very solid running time – 148 minutes. The creators even had to cut or abandon many scenes in order to comply with the intended format, but there were big problems with the formation of the pace of the story. Sometimes the tape is perceived as a random set of pictures flashing before the eyes.

On the other hand, sometimes the plot begins to frankly sag, and the viewer re-receives information that he already owns. Even fans of the franchise confirm that many scenes do not carry any value and simply stretch the timing.

Script Weakness

Skeptics will say that it’s hard to expect a really strong script from Marvel that will allow you to enjoy the film without asking too many questions. Traditionally, we you won’t get to see well-written dialogues and enjoy an exciting climax, the blurred outlines of which do not reach the declared level.

It remains to add to this the ragged pace of the narrative, as well as a contrasting tone that does not allow the viewer to quickly switch between events.

Infantile superheroes

Around the positive characters, a whole discussion unfolded at all. Tom Holland’s Spiderman went through two solo films and gained experience, but still behaves like a schoolboy. He unceremoniously interferes with Doctor Strange’s spell and continues to learn solely from his own mistakes.

The wizard himself does not look like a powerful magician, but only his pathetic likeness. He easily agrees to a dangerous spell and is unable to use it correctly. Of course, Spider-Man interfered with the doctor, but after all, any conditions and nuances could be discussed in advance, and not at the most crucial moment.

Cardboard villains

Spider-Man: No Way Home.  Electro

One of the main features of the film “Spider-Man: No Way Home” is the presence on the screen of 5 villains familiar to us from previous tapes. The viewer should just run up his eyes, but everything turned out not too well. The first problem is characters such as the Lizard and the Sandman are embodied entirely with the help of computer technology. So the studio covered the inability to invite the right actors.

There are also problems with the motivation of the heroes, they do evil only because they are negative characters. Perhaps the only bright spot is the Green Goblin, Willem Dafoe returned to his role and really became a significant character in the film.

Quality of humor

Spider-Man: No Way Home.  Green Goblin

It so happened that the creators of pictures about superheroes try to add as much humor as possible to their creations. Although the jokes often turn out to be uncomplicated, their presence makes the tape easier and more attractive to the public. Unfortunately, experts tend to believe that the film “Spider-Man: No Way Home” is far from a standard in terms of humor.

Many jokes just seem out of place, because they intersperse tragic events. and more blasphemy. Probably, the creators added humor just for the sake of his presence in the frame, completely forgetting to fit this component into the framework of the plot.

Semantic content

Another rather controversial factor. Fans argue that the content is not required from Marvel and the film should be watched as an attraction. However, the creators of the picture will not agree with this, they put arguments about moral values ​​in almost every film adaptation of comics.

In Spider-Man: No Way Home, Peter Parker is invariably forced to choose one of the options for the development of events. Solving moral dilemmas leads to consequences for which the guy learns to answer. But what if you just come up with an interesting story and do without hackneyed teachings?

Flirting with fans

Spider-Man: No Way Home.  Peter Parker

The main complaint about the film is flirting with the fan corps. Comics are now incredibly popular all over the world, and fans of superhero adventures are just attacking the studios, flooding them with wishes. The creators of the film “Spider-Man: No Way Home” literally blinded the film from references, introducing three Peter Parkers and the public’s favorite villains at once.

What can we say about smaller “Easter eggs”, the number of which is measured simply by obscene numbers. Of course, this state of affairs negatively affects the quality of the final product. And if the fans relax in front of the screen and indulge in nostalgia, it will not be easy for the average person to comprehend the details of the ongoing events.

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