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TOP 15 hardest monsters in Monster Hunter World: how to defeat them

In the game Monster Hunter World, you have to constantly fight with monsters, among them there are both simpler and very difficult ones, which are almost impossible to defeat the first time. We do not recommend bypassing difficult opponents. Firstly, it is a challenge, the more difficult it is to get a victory, the sweeter it is. Secondly, with items that drop from creatures, you can usually craft the most valuable items in the game. We have compiled a selection of the most powerful monsters that are harder to defeat than others. We will also provide the keys to the destruction of these creatures: winning tactics, tricks and even small secrets.

15 – Anjanath


Anjanath is a common wyvern that lives in the Ancient Forest and Wildspire Wastes. The monster can often be found attacking other, weaker creatures. Its vulnerability is ice elemental damage. You should aim to get close to the tail, although hitting the neck is an even better option. This is how it becomes possible to control it. In this battle, you will have to take a lot of damage, so it is important to stock up on food for health.

Weak sides Strengths
Vulnerability to water, thunder and ice Fire resistance and increased protection against dragon damage
Susceptibility slightly to poison, sleep paralysis, and stun Easily tolerates explosions
Weak body parts – head, less – tail Spits out fire spits that explode

14 – Azure Rathalos

Azure Rathalos

The creature dwells in the Day Forest and can often be found during Elder’s Break. Can attack other dangerous monsters. The head is its weak point, but also good damage goes when it hits the wings and tail. To defeat the flying wyvern, you need to practice a little and memorize its basic movements. Before the battle, you need to stock up on items for healing and weapons with ice damage.

Weak sides Strengths
Vulnerability to dragons and ice Fire flares
Partially susceptible to sleep, paralysis, and stunning Immunity to fire attacks, thunder and water
More damage to the head, less damage to the wings and tail Hit with claws cause the poison to work
Air attacks

13 – Uragaan


Those who wish to receive a real challenge should go to Uragaan. To defeat the monster, you need to aim for the head with a ranged weapon. Paired blades will also come in handy when killing an enemy. The most important part of the battle is dodging the explosive balls that the reptile releases. Also, if the monster starts shaking, you need to run away as soon as possible.

Weak sides Strengths
Weakness for water, ice and vulnerability to dragons Fire resistance
Susceptible to poison, stuns, paralysis, and explosions Launches small explosive particles
The weakest part of the body is the head, a little less is the belly Causes a shockwave
Shakes, inducing sleep or fire light
Strong jaw blow

12 – Kushala Daora

Kushala Daora

During the journey to the Ancient Forest or the Elders’ Break, Kushala Daora, the elder dragon, may come across on the way. He fights for territory with other dangerous monsters. It is worth replenishing ranged ammo before the fight, as it will often be in the air. Explosive arrows can deal a lot of damage. When the dragon is on the ground, it is better to throw barrel bombs at it, not coming close. His tornado can quickly kill a player.

Weak sides Strengths
Vulnerable to thunder and a little to dragons Ice resistant
Susceptible to poison, explosion, and some types of stun Creates a tornado
It is worth aiming for the head, legs and tail Can be repelled by strong wind and fire jets of air

11 – Lavasioth


This is the monster that is best avoided until you have completely completed the game. Dwells in Elder’s Recess. To win, you need to shoot in the head and lower abdomen – these are the most vulnerable areas. The difficulty lies in its ability to adapt to elemental attacks as the battle progresses. A winning tactic is to use powerful melee weapons and small arms.

Weak sides Strengths
Weakness for water, ice and thunder Protection from fire, after – ice, then – thunder
Susceptible to poison, paralysis, and stun Many fire projectiles
It is worth hitting on the head and lower abdomen Attack from the ground

10 – Bazelgeuse


The flying wyvern is often involved in battles with other large monsters. It can appear in all biomes. To avoid combat, you can use the Dung Pod. You need to watch out for his exploding attacks and the scales that he scatters around. The most beneficial is to shoot at the legs so that the creature falls, and then hit it on the chin and tail.

Weak sides Strengths
Weakness before thunder, ice and dragons Explosive shots
Susceptible to poison, sleep and paralysis Fire resistance
High damage to the head, tail Uses area fire attacks

9 – Teostra


Another member of the elder dragons that dwells in the Wildspire Wastes, the Guiding Lands, and Elder’s Recess. It is very important to have the Heat Guard skill and aim for the head during attacks. It is often recommended to use Flash Pod for knocking down or Crystalburst to interrupt attacks. The ideal weapon would be one with the Elderseal ability.

Weak sides Strengths
Vulnerability to water and ice Fire protection
Susceptible to poison and stuns Explosive scales and fire shield
Hit in the head, wings and tail Supernova

8 – Xeno’jiiva


Only found in Elder’s Recess. This is the Elder Dragon to be kept at a distance from during the rage. It is worth aiming at the tail, head.

Weak sides Strengths
Add. fire, water, thunder and ice damage Protection from sleep, stun, paralysis
Susceptible to poison and explosions Deadly stomp
Hit on the head, tail Claw attack and fire attacks

7 – Kulve Taroth

Kulve Taroth

The elder dragon is found in the caves of El Dorado. He can be killed with ranged weapons. Partbreaker skill required. Blocking attacks is pointless. Use Heat Guard and soft drinks to lower your body temperature.

Weak sides Strengths
Water and ice Immune to fire and thunder
Head, horns and front legs are vulnerable Many types of attacks

6 – Black Diablos

Black Diablos

The flying wyvern can meet the hero in the Wildspire Wastes. It makes sense to use traps against a monster. Often spawns next to regular Diablos. Tactics works with him – hit and run away.

Weak sides Strengths
Weak protection against ice and water Resistant to fire and dragons
All debuffs in effect Deafens
Good damage to the head, chest and wings High travel speed

5 – Nergigante


Dwells in Wildspire Wastes and Elder’s Recess. This is a very dangerous Elder Dragon, which grows dangerous thorns in different parts of the body. The damage takes place at the moment when the spikes are yellow, when the black ones – attacks will be reflected. We’ll have to learn how to dodge in flight.

Weak sides Strengths
Heavy Thunder Damage Spikes on the body, can shoot
Low susceptibility to curses Air attack
Weak spots – horns and tail Trap immunity

4 – Deviljho


The only “rough” wyvern on this list that can be found anywhere. The best tactic is to shoot at the head, belly, and tail. She has a lot of health, you need to be patient.

Weak sides Strengths
Vulnerable to thunder, less vulnerable to fire and water Many skills and attacks available
Can be poisoned, stunned, paralyzed and sent to sleep Can attack from traps with its head
You need to aim for the head, belly and tail High degree of resistance to weakening

3 – Ancient Leshen

Ancient Leshen

The monster is dangerous due to its claw attack. Often stands in the Ancient Forest. It is better to join the battle with him together with friends. At the beginning of the battle, you need to knock down the stones under it.

Weak sides Strengths
High damage by fire, thunder and dragon Water and sleep protection
Slight vulnerability to poison Causes bleeding
Weak protection of horn, body and legs Teleports and roots

2 – Lunastra


The battle with this Elder Dragon will take place in Elder’s Break, Wildspire Wastes, or the Guiding Lands. The movement technique is similar to Teostra, but the monster is stronger due to the greater speed and range of attacks. You definitely need soft drinks and Heat Guard. Explosions and weapons with paralysis are effective against her.

Weak sides Strengths
Ice, dragons Fire protection
Susceptible to explosions and stuns Launches Area Damage Flames
Wings, head and tail are vulnerable Supernova

1 – Extreme Behemoth or Extremoth

Extreme Behemoth or Extremoth

The creature gave the players a lot of nerves. It lives in the Elder’s Break. It is worth going to battle only as part of a complete team. First, you need to crush it with stone traps. You need to attack with the front legs and horns. To win, you need to properly plan your roles, be patient, and practice.

Weak sides Strengths
Weakness in front of dragons Thunder and fire protection
Susceptibility to poison, explosion, stun, paralysis, and sleep Provokes bleeding
Weak areas – horns, claws and tail Summons meteor, lightning and comet

Which monsters have you already defeated, who turned out to be more difficult and how many attempts did it take?

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