• October 3, 2023

Top 15 Logic Games for Android

Logic games are traditionally considered a relatively simple genre with straightforward graphics centered on one or a series of puzzles. It began with rudimentary viral games like 2048, which over time grew into the more modern Monument Valley and Telltale Games (not yet out). With the advent of mobile devices, the number of such games has grown at lightning speed, because this genre is one of the most popular. Gone are the days when elementary graphics and a stupid idea were enough. The best logic games have a complex story full of events, high-quality graphics and unusual puzzles. We will talk about such projects.

This is an escape puzzle game. Players wake up in a bunker and their main task is to detect the exit before everything gets out of control. The bunker is full of rooms, each of which is full of mysteries. The player will have to keep in touch with the character’s sister. This is the best escape game from Glitch Games, although they have other similar escape projects, they are worth trying too.

It is a popular publisher with 4 quality puzzles Samorost 3, Botanicula, Chuchel and Machinarium. Each of them has interesting puzzles, unusual art style and uncomplicated game mechanics. The player will have to travel the world in search of clues, solving puzzles along the way, each of which has its own little funny story.

This developer has 2 good puzzles. The first of these is Slayaway Camp, in which a serial killer plays the main role. He has to kill people while avoiding the police. The second worthy project is Friday the 13th, which has a similar idea, but more than 100 levels. These games are definitely not for children and adults with weak nerves. Otherwise, these are decent projects with a high-quality combination of horror and puzzles.

It is a cross between Bridge Constructor and Portal. Mechanics Bridge Constructor offers to build a bridge from one side to the other, using different strategies and elements. Portal mechanics make each level more fun and challenging. In total, the game has more than 60 levels, as well as many references to Portal itself, such as voice acting. Someone will find it a plus and the presence of achievements in Google Play. This is a good puzzle game that requires a lot of logic to complete the levels.

Another popular publisher offering some of the most unique puzzle games out there. The first two are riddle puzzles. The game gives out a phone number and offers to find the necessary clues to find out the identity of the person, as well as what happened to them. The third project is a text game about a refugee. This is not entirely familiar, but a fun game. Many also love the Lifeline by 3 Minute Games series, which is a text-driven puzzle adventure game.

Before us is one of the most recent puzzles on this list, which successfully combines the features of numerous adventures like Myst. Players wander the world in search of a key, unraveling secrets and collecting pieces of history together as they travel. You have to play in a three-dimensional world with decent graphics quality and a large number of locations for exploration. A nice bonus of the game – there are achievements, and also many people like the minimal user interface and support for the Russian language.

This is a fairly common 2018 game that combines different types of puzzles, like The Witness. The player has different boards, each of which is a puzzle. In total, the game consists of 18 stages with different puzzles and a general plot. The third part is good in itself, but the previous parts are also pretty good, so we can recommend them for passing. Together they will present many interesting levels.

This is a unique puzzle game for mobile devices. The player’s neighbor does various strange things that need to be checked. Thus, you have to break into the house again and again, which is protected differently each time. The player must adjust the strategy according to the introductory and available tools. Previously, the game was on the PC and was in great demand there, now it has been adapted for a mobile device. By the way, there are also elements of a thriller and horror.

This is an original logic adventure game in which the story follows the life of Maxa, a high school student with abilities. Her superpower lies in the ability to rewind and replay all the moments of life. The procedure can be repeated until the desired result is achieved. The game has got excellent graphics, mechanics and a fascinating plot. There is also a cool prequel that expands somewhat on the story of the first game, although it is somewhat rougher than the original.

Both parts are considered to be some of the most popular puzzle games in the mobile environment. They are clearly inspired by the MC Escher app, especially regarding puzzles. The player needs to twist and rotate the pieces to complete the whole picture. The levels are relatively simple here, so a relaxing effect is guaranteed. Their fantastic exterior style deserves to be mentioned as a virtue. The second part is similar, both by design and by the length of the plot. They can be considered classics of the genre.

A somewhat dumb puzzle from Kirby with an adorable pink puffball that eats things up. The player can feel like a UFO, who performs different tasks for the village people. To complete each of them you need to solve a riddle. The game offers a lot of colorful heroes, interesting levels, versatile puzzles and even bonuses for passing.

The Professor Layton franchise is a puzzle game from the Nintendo DS. The developers at Level-5 have already released several parts for Android. This series offers an adventure full of puzzles and many cases of Professor Layton to solve. I like the game for its funny dialogues, as well as funny situations, which create a unique atmosphere of the series.

This is a well-known franchise that can be considered the founder of the genre of puzzle games for smartphones. Now there are 4 parts in it. The first 2 parts are already classics and must be completed. All the time the player is surrounded by puzzles and riddles. The third part offers a somewhat weighted narrative and different endings. The current version of the game is moved to the doll house. The common features of all games are: outstanding graphics, quest elements, thoughtful tasks. However, they are rather short. We highly recommend the The Room series for a walkthrough.

Fresh puzzle game with relatively simple mechanics and tasks. The main character will have to travel around the mansion and solve puzzles in each room, getting small fragments for the general story. There are 4 mansions in total in the game with a total of 144 levels. Players can gain special abilities like transport bombs. There are 48 special skills in total.

It belongs to the most popular series of puzzle games with two different franchises. The Cube Escape series offers a long series of quest and hidden object puzzles. The Rusty Lake series is a premium adventure puzzle segment that takes you to the same world as Cube Escape. They are constantly expanding, so if you haven’t played for a long time, there is a reason to return.

If one of the best puzzles for Android is not listed, write the game in the comments. This will help make the material more useful and, perhaps, we will add it to the rating.

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