• October 3, 2023

TOP-3 best mods for Anno 1800E

Anno 1800 is an iconic game that has become a true benchmark for strategy games. Its concept is very confusing, the user is transported to the industrial era, where he has to conduct research on the continents of the Arctic and Africa. This story unfolds in the first two parts. In the game, you can observe a huge number of mods that can completely change the process, show the characters of the characters, look at the idea from a different angle. The review includes 3 good additions for Anno 1800 that help you look at the simulator differently or simplify the chores.



This mod can be best described as a collection that brings together various quality of life changes, process tweaks, and other additions. They help bring Anno 1800 to life in a way that makes the game look fresh, but does not contain simplifications that many people dislike. DLCs ​​include everything from sandbox mode to tons of decorative options and crazy stuff like Thomas the Dank Engine. This collection is as much a “tool” as the mod, because individual bits can be turned on and off either with the provided bootloader utility or through another manager like the one mentioned above. An alternative to this add-on was Tweaks & Enhancements, which also acts as a set of micromods, but has much less competence.



This is a popular example of a visual renovation mod, although its sole purpose is to create unique optical effects for tier 4 and 5 residential buildings for engineers and investors, as well as add variations for farmer and worker homes. There are many add-ons on the Nexus that simply offer new or alternative visual cues for things. So be sure to browse if this is what you need. We will bring you more Anno 1800 mods as new interesting projects emerge. Until then, go and earn some money in the game!



This is an Anno 1800 mod that offers a lot. You never have enough settings. If you share this theory, Tweaks and Enhancements Incipium allows you to change even more things during the game. Do you want to increase construction productivity, get faster ships, or increase the range for public and emergency buildings? All this can be done here. You can also remove royal taxes and incidents or expand the number of loading ramps available in your warehouses. The list of tweaks and add-ons doesn’t end there either, and you can check it out entirely on Nexus Mods.

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