• December 5, 2023

Top 3 LT level 8 in WoT

The most interesting in terms of performance characteristics and class gameplay. Effective at random and on the Frontline.

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and now our turn has come to the class of light tanks. At level 8, we highlighted the three best pumped LTs, which confidently realize their potential in random battles and, in the absence of pre-bonuses, will help to gain points in the LF.

Let’s start with the most versatile one, the gameplay of which allows you to combine both lighting options. LTTB – fast, impudent, like a sharp projectile! USSR Representative Combines a balance of firepower, survivability, mobility and surveillance.Armed with a fast-firing and penetrating 85 mm gun, the accuracy of which is not inferior to the LT snipers of Foggy Albion. The only thing that is depressing is the bad UVR, so you won’t always be able to play from the relief. A clear advantage of LTTB in comparison with other classmates is the presence of a rebound reservation, while its safety margin is not inferior to anyone. So he can boldly break into ltshek of his level, and take the French, British and Germans, and generally take a ram.

You just need to be careful with the “wheels”. They have an advantage in turret traverse speed and land mines penetrate 90 mm.

It has excellent power-to-weight ratio and high maximum speed, and its maneuverability makes it possible to carousel slow-moving heavy weights and tank destroyers. His vision is standard for a G8, which is enough for an active light, but it will be difficult to spot an enemy entrenched in the bushes with a stereo tube and mask. Stealth is quite good, so if necessary, it can also effectively play on passive lighting.

Among the “eights”, one cannot fail to single out the wheeled vehicles Lynx 6 × 6, which is the first in its illumination to receive two driving modes: normal (more maneuverable) and high-speed, allowing acceleration to 80 km / h forward and 60 km / h reverse. Excellent mobility makes him an elusive scout who constantly moves on the front line (because of the low visibility in the bushes you can’t stand + you can’t put a stereo tube). And good stealth will allow you to remain invisible to the enemy team for longer.

The second feature of the Lynx 6 × 6 is that the armor penetration by a land mine is equal to the caliber of its 90 mm gun. Therefore, he can penetrate most other scouts of the opposing team with full damage (it will be most difficult with the Soviet ones) and other cardboard equipment. As for the rest, the gun comes down very quickly, and the magnetic sight helps to shoot accurately in dynamic battles. Has the highest turret rotation speed and could shoot left and right if not for a mediocre rate of fire.

An important nuance is the complete absence of armor. The shape of the car is not yet as imbibed as that of subsequent models or the Panhard EBR 75 (FL 10), the body is still too prominent above the wheels. Therefore, you should play carefully, the probability of a shell hitting the wheels is not so great here.

Our rating is completed by the Chinese WZ-132, which, although a LT, stings like a ST. It is equipped with a 100 mm gun with the highest one-time damage among classmates and one of the best armor penetration rates (higher only for the British LHMTV). It pays for this with mediocre accuracy, aiming time and not the most efficient recharge.

But the stock 85 mm cannon stands out for its stabilization, so the process of transferring to the top-end configuration is quite comfortable.

He has practically no armor, only sometimes in the frontal projection you can catch a random ricochet. The view is minimal for the LT 8, but it has good mobility and maneuverability, excellent cross-country ability. Therefore, the speed practically does not lose, which is very useful for active reconnaissance. At the same time, he has a low silhouette, so the camouflage is better than that of the Soviet scout, so he can also give passive light according to the situation. The WZ-132 is versatile in use and is in all respects an improved version of its predecessor.

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