• February 20, 2024

Top 3 major gold shots in WoT level 10.

Interesting statistics were published by the developers, let’s see why these tops charge gold.

Greetings, tankers! Wotpack is with you and today there are three “dozens” on the agenda, which most often shoot special projectiles in random. Gold shells account for about 20% at level 10. But everything changes depending on the mode (Ranked Battles) or for the period of the next marathon.

3rd place

British heavy tank for the Global Map, the main imba of the random is the T95 / FV4201 Chieftain. It has good alpha and high armor penetration with a basic shell, and comfortable vertical guidance angles and a strong turret allow you to effectively play from the terrain. Decent accuracy and fairly fast aiming make it possible to target enemy vulnerable zones. So why is he on this list?

The answer is simple – the majority of T95 / FV4201 Chieftain owners are skill players and extras. Gold in many cases allows you not to notice the enemy’s armor at all, and some of them ride a full BK gold. For the “elite WoT” to keep the average damage below 3,000 on it is not solid at all, but 4,000+ is the priority. Repeatedly, players with an average damage of 2k + are called crayfish.

At the moment, the tank has 58.91% victories and 3126 units. damage. Can you guess one tank with both of these indicators higher?

2nd place

The American assault tank destroyer T110E3 has excellent frontal booking, even the commander’s cupola without gold can be penetrated by few. An ideal machine for punching direction or holding a narrow corridor, so it often focuses on art. At the same time, it has very thin sides, so this vehicle has no room for error in a duel, non-penetration or a miss will allow the enemy to go to the rear.

During the assault, it is primarily encountered with armored straps, the frontal armor of which is not always penetrated by the basic 295 mm projectile. But the gold sabot caliber with a high flight speed already penetrates 375 mm, which is more than enough in most cases. For the last month wins 52.69%, and here average damage is rather low 2221 HP… This is the average among the top ten, which is a bit surprising for the second gold shot at the level.

1st place

The British tank destroyer FV4005 is the only one that really justifies the use of gold shells and deservedly leads this rating. The explanation is very simple – a basic shell with a high penetration does 1150 HP. damage, and a gold high-explosive fragmentation shell 1750 HP. damage. Even after the nerf in patch 1.5, in which her accuracy was reduced and the aiming time was increased, she is still a formidable opponent. It can easily swanshot a level 8-9 technique or remove about 70-80% HP of any “ten”.

But still, its owners do not have time to leave in big minus in silver. The FV4005 has a stealth coefficient of 0%, full cardboard armor and huge dimensions, therefore, extremely low survivability. Many go to the Hangar with 2-3 penetrations, so victories make up in March 51.62%, and average damage per battle 2293 units

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