• December 5, 2023

TOP 3 most fun tanks WoT🔝 2 part

Tanks that combine interesting gameplay and a fun bend. Three cars that allow you to relax in the current randomness.

Greetings, tankers! Wotpack is with you and we continue our section “Most Fun”, top 3 tanks, which are created to get pleasant emotions from the game.

Let’s start our rating with one of the best gift tanks for Wargaming’s Birthday – the Soviet light tank BT-7 artillery.

The main feature of this tank is bomber with a mortar trajectory of projectiles with an impressive one-time damage of 164 units and in this he is unmatched at level 3. With one penetration, he can destroy most of the tier 2 tanks and leave single-tier opponents with shots, even in battles at the bottom of the list, he is able to snap.

In addition, it has excellent mobility, which allows the enemy to enter the rear or aft, and then the land mine will certainly fly in with full damage. BT-7 has art. poor accuracy, but fast enough aiming, as for a land mine, and at the same time a very fast reload of 4.5 seconds.

Let’s move on to level 5, there is a very interesting US tank destroyer here T67

It ranks first in the popularity rating at its level and this is quite justified:

  • imba by their performance characteristics;
  • easy and pleasant gameplay;
  • great for raising your personal rating;
  • maybe even good at farming.

This tank destroyer has excellent dynamics, so the high maximum speed allows you to take an advantageous position in the shortest possible time or change the flank if it “smells fried”.

The T67 features a full rotation turret, comfortable vertical guidance angles and excellent stealth. Together, these factors turn it into perfect ambush sniper, because he can lead in the sight of the enemy, without losing the effects of a camouflage net and a stereo tube.

With firepower, she is also in perfect order:

  • not ideal, but quite good armor penetration (mobility allows you to go from the flank);
  • acceptable accuracy;
  • very fast mixing;
  • high rate of fire.

Fly in the ointment in this tank – low turret traverse speed, so it is not recommended to engage in dynamic battles and cardboard armor, which absorbs land mines with full damage.

At level 10, the most popular “ten” of this year deserves attention, on average 82 thousand battles are held on it every month – French medium tank Bat.-Châtillon 25 t

It has dynamics comparable to light tanks, but it pays for it with weak armor and a small margin of safety.

For his appearance he received the nickname “Batmobile” in the game

The Bat.-Chât 25 t gun is distinguished by a drum-loader system for 5 shells with a potential damage of 1950 units. If it is the will of the VBR, he can pick up any “eight”, many “nines” and even some “ten” from one drum.

In practice, it is more difficult to implement 5 shells due to mediocre accuracy, poor stabilization and not the greatest armor penetration with the base shell (you can bend down on gold).

Leave comments, share your favorite tanks that you enjoy playing, and we will include them in the next selection.

The first part of the most fun tanks

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