• December 1, 2023

TOP 3 most fun tanks WoT🔝 Third part🔥

Tanks that combine interesting gameplay and a fun bend. Three cars that allow you to relax in the current randomness.

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and we continue our “Most Fun” section, in which we offer 3 tanks capable of giving pleasant emotions from the game.

By tradition, let’s start with low levels. The first we have today a German heavy tank of French origin Pz.Kpfw. B2 740 (f)

It is located at level 4 and differs not only in the preferential level of fights, but in the most preferential one, because it is always in the top, i.e. fights only against “fours”.

The Pz.Kpfw. B2 strong circular armor of the hull. There are, of course, vulnerabilities, but at levels 3-4, there are many newcomers who, when they meet, simply do not know where to punch or, in the stock configuration, they will not have enough armor penetration. He has one of the highest health points among his classmates. The armor does not burden him too much, so he picks up maximum speed quickly, and in general it is quite mobile, as for TT. At the same time, it is not deprived of maneuverability, it has a good turning speed on the spot, so it is not easy to tighten it.

In the game, the tank received the nickname “Iron Kaput”. Olds can still remember such a heading from the TV magazine “Pun”.

Besides good survivability, it has a good gun:

  • excellent accuracy;
  • high rate of fire;
  • large ammunition;
  • high armor penetration by gold (problems can arise only with the British Matilda at level 4).

Pz.Kpfw. B2 740 (f) literally made to bend over at random. The deceiving sensations from a constant top will not be an easy walk, because this particular tank can and should, like no one else, drag battles. He is quite independent and can completely decide the outcome of a solo battle, allowing himself to ignore his allies (who often do complete game at such levels).

That is why he is one of the leaders in the game in terms of the percentage of victories and is rightfully considered a sandy imba. He regularly collects medals such as “Warrior”, “Support”, “Steel wall” and one of the few who can take “Kolobanov Medal”

The car is a promotional one, sometimes it is delivered in packages to the Premium store or placed in New Year’s boxes.

Raise the level and at the same time speed up, because the next in line is a French light tank AMX ELC bis, which, even after rebalancing (after the introduction of the LT-10), is still one of the most popular Tier 5 tanks.

The main advantage of the Yolka is its small size, because even if standing still AMX ELC bis it can be difficult to get in. At the same time, try to find it, because such a silhouette guarantees excellent disguise.

The dimensions entailed a dense arrangement of modules, the absence of armor and, as a result, a low mass, so in no case should you go to the ram. But this also has an advantage, because the Yolka can squeeze right up to some tall tanks, which simply cannot lower their gun onto it.

Due to excellent engine power density AMX ELC bis Accelerates quickly and boasts good driving characteristics, which allows you to play not only in the bush “firefly”, but also, if necessary, give active illumination.

The second important nuance was the tower of incomplete rotation, which at first is difficult to get used to on LT. Given these features, on AMX ELC bis you can use the gameplay of a dynamic tank destroyer, because it has a 90 mm gun at its disposal, which will help to effectively cope with this role.

We conclude our today’s top with another light tank, but with a completely opposite gameplay – the American T49.

One of the most extraordinary and unpredictable tanks due to the ability to install 152 mm howitzer

Of course, the option of installing a 90 mm gun on it is considered more stable, because it has excellent stabilization, a fast projectile flight speed and a good DPM, but then it will not differ much from other LT.

The bomb on the T49 needs to be tasted, because the first impressions may be such that you want to get rid of this misunderstanding as soon as possible and forget the first few battles like a bad dream. This is a completely normal reaction to a large dispersion of the gun and poor stabilization, the situation with which will help a little to fix perks and equipment.

We recommend that you spend a couple of dozen battles on it, gradually learn to choose the right moment to roll out and hit a lingering enemy with a land mine. The excellent UVN will help to implement the weapon, allowing to use the terrain features.

T49 will give an unforgettable experience, because all cardboard equipment is a thunderstorm: Batchat 25t, Grill, Borsch, AMX CDC, Ninety and others can receive a 900 damage projectile from you, while half of the crew will be incapacitated (they You will be lucky if you do without arson, but sometimes with 1 well-aimed hit the enemy leaves for the Hangar). Many LTs will pass in front of an armored E100 or Maus, but not this high-explosive monster, he can always snap back.

Please note that the spread when turning the turret is greater than when turning the body, so we recommend that you first turn the barrel in the desired direction, and then roll out. This makes it more likely to hit the enemy and not receive damage.

Regardless of the choice of armament, the light tank remains a reconnaissance tank and the T49 will not have any difficulties with this, because it has a high maximum speed and excellent maneuverability.

The T49 is a difficult tank to master, but once you’ve figured out how to play it, you won’t want to take it out of the Hangar. There are not so many cars in the game that with one successful shot can not only set fire to an enemy tank, but also a chair under it 😄😈

The second part of the most fun tanks

Leave comments, share your favorite tanks that you enjoy playing, and we will include them in the next selection.

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